Sunday, 17 February 2013


Well I have a great deal of posts and media content to add on my various blogs and my YouTube account but the last few days my broadband would make an old 56k connection look like greased lightning!

this happens every now and then and to be honest and I would say without a doubt that the Mobile Telecoms companies have a great deal to answer for.

I find it odd that 4G is being rolled out by some and about to be by others when my 3G connection takes several minutes to load a simple webpage and then fails several times. Leading me to to become frustrated and annoyed at 3 Mobile.

I get an All In One 15 pay as you go plan which includes all you can eat data but curiously and whenever I have gone over, say, 1GB it slows down to a crawl or fails to work a majority of the time.

Now oddly enough this happens with T-Mobile, prior to the EE re-brand, but with T-Mobile you knew from the get go that they would do this! Also this only included downloading and that getting a webpage up was still quick!

No 3 Mobile are doing this without telling me so that there All In One packages are NOT what they state they are! That is false advertising no matter which way you slice it...

Now even more annoying is that 3 Mobile, despite what I typed above, are not only the best one out there, out of a bad bunch admittedly, but also the one where I got the strongest connection. Well that is until they secretly decide I have eaten too much data for all you can eat?!

O2 worked for about ten days and then I could not get a connection at all and that was after T-Mobiles connection worked for a few months and then ground to a crawl altogether and I was not doing large amounts of uploads nor blogging and adding to YouTube?! Added to this all of those connections in this paragraph were done with a SEPARATE DONGLE, I also believe to be illegal and if not should damn well be, which I actually had to pay for?!?!

So quite what tricks they are getting up to I do not know but I cannot be the only one that has spotted that they are being manipulating, lying and changing the goal posts behind the scenes on this front. On the other fronts they do this it is common knowledge and had I known three years ago I would get these difficulties I would have blown-out mobiles altogether and gone back to a land-line connection!

It is odd when you think about it as if I say that if angered enough before I sort out a viable alternative I could approach solicitors, with the plan to find one I like and knows there stuff while having morals, with a view to suing them for loss of earnings?! Now there in itself is an open wide CLUE for you visitors to statements I have made previously. That is before I go and announce them all in a few weeks time.

Another clue? Hmm well do you think there might be anyone else throughout this blog with the evidence I have laid out that I could take out a legal case against for varying reasons?

What I was also absolutely shocked by is the prices for 4G available now via EE, or the T-Mobile & Orange companies that are now merged. I do not know what they charge in other countries but its extortionate for a service that is so late to the table in the UK that the table has now collapsed from oxidisation and rust that has affected the iron legs?!

I do not know whether this 4G pricing is just opportunism because the others are not close to ready yet I simply do not know and will not until such a time that all the companies have 4G on offer.

What I also do not know whether the slow down I am getting is possible more widespread and deliberate to make people flock in droves over to the 4G service whenever it becomes available?! So 4G arriving on three either very recently or the next few weeks would seem odd timing compared to the sudden difficulties I am having with 3G. Well that was typed out wrong as I should have said that 3G has suddenly disappeared and intermittent at best!

Is it just more evidence of large and greedy corporations treating the public as well as thinking the public are just a bunch of brain dead morons they can rinse of cash?!

Oddly enough I do not think it would be too long before that is exposed in the media too.

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