Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Well after a arrival noted via digital banking I decided it was time to end the fiasco with Argos and the Nikon Camera.

I had emailed Argos about a possible exchange for something higher priced and had emailed them two days ago and again a day before that. But they had gone eerily quiet and I guess they knew I had not been neither fooled not convinced.

To my surprise it was a very painful process and I had a short list of two cameras. One that Argos stocked while not stocking the other and the second was in PC World 100 yards away.

The Argos model was the Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ with 40x zoom and a programmable mode giving SOME manual controls. The PC WORLD one would be the Nikon P510 and the one that was top of my previous list before I saw the Olympus.

Once there was a time when getting such a shoddy deal would have had the store compensating you with a discount over the extra expense or a free case, especially as the one I had bought for the Nikon was now useless as the Olympus was way, WAY bigger and left a two inch gap between the zips when in the case!

I failed to realise this until I got home so then had to order ANOTHER ONE. I recorded myself while in the store too and took a photo of something that had slipped my mind in all the kerfuffle. Boxes of Nikon L810s right behind the collection counter on the shelf. I had thought that was odd when I bought the Nikon but thought nothing of it.

I took the new Olympus out on the same circuit I did with the Nikon and no problems whatsoever other than the batteries supplied surprisingly running out 3/4 of the way round. This may have been partly my own doing.

Should not have done that.

Had planned to pick up a football as requested by physiotherapy for my back but I got tired and went home instead.

This happens from time to time but has happened a great deal if late and for the last three days running?!

I just wanted to sleep once I got indoors and that is something else peculiar with me too. Like my grandmother when she was alive we was alike in that when we was up then we was up. Sleeping during the daylight hours just never happened. Up until several months ago this was beginning to occur but very seldom. In the last few days feels like a daily occurring thing. I realise now its the fatigue part of CMT but I call it a bloody pain in the arse!

Its that feeling like crap feeling I have reported having several times previously and it is worrying as I felt like I did sod all in the last few days but it is obviously still took much!

I guess I should be grateful as I do now know what causes this, no thanks to the NHS in any way other than a look of shock on a Podiatrists face that, unaware to me st the time, would lead to the link to CMT. Well its still a pain in the arse and now more frequent but at least the dreaded stress of not understanding what the hell if going on does not occur any longer. Than f...the stars for that as the increase in frequency does leave new run down and tired so some things will...get to be briefly until I recover from the fatigue.

I did not switch the laptop in when I entered the house. Therefore I did not play Skyrim. Hmm I don't think I did, lol, took buggered to be honest and I did go upstairs put on the film Hellboy but went through periods if sleep while it was on!

Even now I am slowly typing this using my phone and eyelids are heavy. Definitely need to sleep well and I have an appointment with Dentist tomorrow and, I think, appointment with Physiotherapy on Friday and getting to them had been part if what had been stressing me out while fatigued.

God damn it! Lol.

The other stressful thing is the extra cost if this camera and will be several days before I have managed to counter the extra outlay despite it being only £130!


Right off to sleep...again!

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