Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I did state previously that the best camera for me really was the Nikon P510 or the Olympus SP-820UZ and these have a 42x Zoom and 40x Zoom respectively!

Now the P510 has bee superseded by the P520 but not much of a difference for me to want the newer version and the zoom is the same.

However it has come to my attention that the one I bought, the Nikon Coolpix L810, has itself been superseded but I had assumed that the newer version would have the same 26x Zoom power as the L810.

Only I did discover, and completely forgot with everything going on, that the ZOOM has increased in power to 30x?!

Now I had initially wanted a 36x zoom or better. I settled for a 26x zoom I had hoped had worked out a bit better than it turned out but I was OK with it.

So the question now is that the EXTRA OUTLAY I would lay out for the L820 would be a lot less than say the P510. But it is 30x zoom to 42x zoom.

Annoyingly the Olympus is 40x zoom compared to the 30x zoom for the Nikon L820 for the same extra money?!

However I do prefer the Nikon name...STILL for the time being.

BUT... I can find the P510 locally for £250 in PC World and NOT ARGOS, the latter would have made life EASIER.

ALSO...I cannot find ANYONE, other than Amazon, that does the NEW models of Nikon L820 nor can I fond anyone that sells the Olympus SP-820UZ, which came out awhile ago now, but I CAN FIND the older Olympus SP-810UZ I was originally going to buy from CEX (which annoyingly started all this thinking, needing and wanting) for £98 and yet in Tesco in Ponders End, Enfield they have ot labelled at £186 for this 36x model despite the rather stylish, in the pictures, SP-820 Model being £200 on Amazon?!


Just found out online that the L820 was release in January 2013 and THAT is the benefit of buying this one, there is a far GREATER CHANCE it WILL BE a NEW CAMERA?! LMAO!

Going for the P510, albeit in yet another nearby and big name store, I cannot help but think I will just end u with another refurbished item sold as new to go with the Nikon S8200, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, Mororola Atrix Smartphone and the Nikon L810 I will be returning shortly when I am fit enough to do so.

(though I am starting to think that the faulty Nikon might just be more valuable to me staying here instead of RETURNING the offending item?! As placing photos, documents and all else up on here has yet to garner the reaction I would otherwise have expected and maybe a SECOND item in my possession my do the trick, despite losing a great deal of money and loss of use of a camera and a critical stage for ALL my blogs?!

NAHHH I am not going to do that!!


God I really do hate shopping for anything I want, REALLY I DO!


Meanwhile and felling like crap Eon Energy want to phone and speak to me about another silly payment setup when I had already explained all this to them and that this camera should have been purchase over a year ago and will HELP ME with this and the other blogs, along with my YouTube account and OTHER SITES.

It seems spending money to make money does NOT APPLY when you have next to nothing, well I am assuming to be honest. When I am up to answering the phone to them, and they DO KNOW of my blogs as I gave them all the web addresses, we will see if its just hand out their hands time again or some level of understanding?!


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