Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Well I only hope that item I had my eye on for days is still for sale...

...otherwise I have to get something inferior which I will not do because I LREADY HAVE SOMETHING INFERIOR!

Or I will have to pay more money to the tune of £40 for something slightly less inferior but will still be of help ... jesus but its £40?!?! Forty quid more!!!

Not helped is this bloody stupid headphones rule whereby I cannot get the £50 to £66 advertised that they pay?!

The item I want is £98! The item in Argos slightly inferior is £140. In Tesco in Ponders End they actually have for sale the same item I see for £98 for...wait for it...£186, which makes no sense as its been replaced by a far better model, and one I really DO WANT, for £199?!


I will explain all this later this week when it finally comes to its conclusion, or if the one for £98 has sold and I have lost that extra benefit?!


This means that any and all work I have done towards getting PAID to replace what I WILL LOSE IN APRIL and what I HAVE LOST ALREADY is being scuppered again and again...


Weather does not help either but I cannot blame them for that...quite unfortunately!

A real shame I cannot get what I really want! Would be sooo helpful!

HUH!! ACTUALLY my number one priority would be to build a new PC RIG, which also itself helps me with my various webpages in ways you would not believe. But that is also scuppered by them and had already been scuppered by them for several years previous...


Odd do you not think as I am trying to do what they STATE ON TV they are ATTEMPTING TO DO and get people into work that are disabled when the reality is, well I might as well just go ahead and say, that they have indeed been IMPEDING my attempts to do EXACTLY THAT and have been doing so at the most convenient times for the last few years!

Well with a bit of luck all will be over by end of April or May so not long to go now?!


  1. Your a joke. Maybe they are corrupt but this poorly written, frustrating read isn't helping your cause, at all.

  2. Hmm and you rude.

    Well the simple answer is do not read do not read it and carry on living with the rest if the blind and naive.

    The long answer is, other than the fact you're the first negative comment out of 30,000 plus, is it us Blogger that is a joke as I an very busy, have 13 other blogs to write, just been to two appointments and have two more next week.

    You also fail to realise that, as you put it, this is NOT MY cause and I find it odd that someone who had difficulty reading accuses someone of but being able to write.

    Oh and one last thing, I said Blogger was crap...

    If you read FURTHER you would realise that I have been sold a refurbished American and faulty phone and combine that with the fact that the Blogger app has no spell checker.

    You see the saying 'a little knowledge us a very dangerous thing' exists for a reason my friend.

    This was never meant to be war and peace and I think the home is on you for complaining and whining about something that is not only informative and helping you but also FREE.


  3. Ooh yes and along with this being more popular than 13 other blogs and much happier and popular subjects by a country mile and only over thing now looks like a joke so I have to ask myself... do not happen to work sure any if the accused do you?! Lol!

    I mean 32,000 victors and rising by just under 1,500 a week it was bound to happen that a higher up in the hierarchy our even just a jobsworth, or as I like to calm them knobsworths, was bound to visit and leave a comment.

    Did expect something a but more constructive and a challenge if I am to be completely honest and open?!

  4. I used the dreaded phone by the way as I am out helping out friends in their shop while they have important meeting with their bank.

    So any mistakes our typos really are not down to me, lol!

    Now I think they have been intelligent enough answers for you despite the 400mg of Gabapentin, 200mg of Tramadol our that my body is still not used to this amount and I need to be on 900mg a day but if your my GP them you SHOULD KNOW that already, lol.

    Oh yes there is one other thing too. If you read the latest posts you would also know that I just had an ultrasound on my whole groin and on the side I get pain there was no hernia but a largish black area and a small one he could not explain and kept on looking at it and then shed me to stand I the hope to work it out and as I explained to him it happen to be the area that hurt as it was hurting like hell.

    But more to the point he then scanned my other side and discovered ANOTHER hernia, you know the ones that kill you, and the groin was supposed to have a mesh placed in it 5 years ago. Oops!

    So if you are my GP you have seriously screwed up and I did warn you that the medical records you have me are FAKE!

    Bite the thing about long term records are that you can have two types of evidence. Medical letters, appointments diagnosis and everything else that goes back twenty years, every meeting and appointment going back 12 to 18 months recorded oh and one last thing....a while long just of witnesses!

    Hmm maybe I failed to mention that bit?!


    My next meeting with the GP is going to be interesting as people give themselves away with their body language so let is see what happens?!