Friday, 8 February 2013


For people suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome and some, if not all, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

Well after some trialling I knew I could rely because I would never simply keep up the routine, which would then lead me to a number of conclusions, I can now offer some advice based on my own findings.

Now I have just told a friend of mine about this stretch that I do because he has a leg that he says...and I QUOTE "I do not know what to do with!"

He said he would ask me as I seem to have looked into many things to do with muscles due to my own problems and I said it was kind of bizarre. Sounded like Restless Legs Syndrome but he suffered from it while seated. As far as I know and believe me I get it pretty bad but only affects me while lying down IN BED and at night when i am TRYING TO GET TO SLEEP!! GRRRRR!

Drives me to distraction as to why it DOES THAT.... ooh sorry...

So I told him that I had been given stretches to do and that these were kind of the opposite to what I had been told to do for many years now that I am now aware only made my condition WORSE. It is quite possible that this will be easily proved later in the year. If true it is easily proved to be true that is what I meant! Haha!


I went on to say that before I had even reached home that day of the appointment I had already figured out that the stretches, or more correctly FLEXING, i was told to do was... well RUBBISH and had worked out a better one!

I have been doing this from day one and there has often been times where I forget for a day or even THREE to perform them and is so doing that I get more positive feedback from my legs that this technique does have several effects.

Now what you are stretching are muscles located on your lower legs in the region of your shins which would be Tibia, or Tibial as I do not know EVERYTHING despite people thinking that I THINK I know EVERYTHING... I think.. ooh I have a headache, and two others whose names escape me. I had already used techniqes to stretch these for years but not of late and my new one is much more effective. Basically you sit on your arse to stretch, lol, but more importantly your arse is on your heels and your feet in a Plantarflexion position, toes and feet pointing down so lower leg appears in a straight line. Now do this so that your foot arches and shins are flat against the floor with legs touching and sit on your heels...

Just So!

You WILL feel it stretch or it does not need stretching, lol.

Anyway ... what happened with me is that when I did the stretches there were several things that started to improve. I had initially thought this might have something to do with the Regatta Shoes and Memory Foam Full Insoles I got from Sports Direct?! It now appears to be purely down to these stretches as I had real difficulties again and then I did the stretch a couple of nights ago to show a friend and ended up sitting in this position for longer than I normally do. The next day while I was out I felt a SIGNIFICANT improvement and immediately so to that of the last few previous days.

Now sitting like this for just 20 seconds should do the job over time and even just 3 days a week should suffice, with the exceptions of a few with particular complications. I always want to do things on a daily basis myself and so soon realise when i have forgotten to do them and get annoyed with myself and that doing them daily has a much speedier effect to boot.

Note that anyone familiar with NIGHT SPLINTS will note that this stretch, that literally gets on the nerves that are the cause of the problem in some, if not most, CMT cases and RLS cases too!

I will note that the RLS did flare up initially as it is these muscles that act up during Restless Legs Syndrome that are being stretched and they did not like it one bit.

NOTE: I know as a MATTER OF FACT that certainly in my case CAFFEINE affects Restless Legs Syndrome!!!

NOTE TWO: Out of two dozen GPs and many texts I have NEVER seen this referred to and often told no one knows what causes it.

NOTE THREE: It is entirely possible that it is NOT CAFFEINE in ALL CASES but indeed it may be something else or some other kind of stimulant, and NO Taurine does not count apparently!

So there is a very effective stretch where you use your own body weight to do the stretch and you can still watch Top Gear... I mean Eastenders, SPITUI!!

Drink decaffeinated Tea after around 4pm, to start with and remember this includes Coke! Coca-Cola i mean or any energy drinks containing caffeine... actually JUST READ THE BLOODY INGREDIENTS!! LOL!!

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