Thursday, 7 February 2013


Well I do not know really what to say about this but I had two letters about me complaining many months ago to a department I cannot find anyone who knows about, including many disabled people, replying about a complaint I made many, MANY months ago.


Well after that phone call from them and a previous letter, nit sure I posted the letter up here, today I get these two. In all honesty when I complain to people it is to specifically cause a reaction in the hope of this knee jerk to cause something. I do not really expect a response that takes so long to arrive about a complaint that I cannot even remember what it contained. Therefore I do not know what to say about it.

To me it is not important as I did not and do not expect anything to come from this department. If an avenue presents itself then I want to know what it is and what they do along with why I have never heard of them nor been told about them and as is the case on this occasion why no one else seems to have heard about them including that of disabled people every one of which feels hard done by and lied and cheated by both the government and Atos and now you can add the DWP to that list.

You see I am really using reverse tactics against these public offices as well as using their own failures and lack of common sense and decency against them...

...they are quick to quite things that are common sense when NONE of their rules are based on common sense. I know why this is and I have not, as yet, specifically stated this nor listed them in anyway.

So yes I can say a great deal and its all based on the truth and facts. That is this one thing I am proud of that I can do this and do not need to rely on lies to do it. That is why it has worked and continues to work and will continue to work until its ultimate end.

If the government are going to use tactics and lies to explain about money wastage and state that it needs to be done I have and will continue to highlight even bigger wastages based upon what it either illegal, immoral or other underhanded ways that dwarf in comparison that they are trying to save by destroying peoples lives in the hope of keeping the way of life they are so desperately trying to cling onto. Even if after three years it has become abundantly clear to all but the most incompetent and naive people that it simply does not work any more and insistence in pursuing this just prolongs the suffering and mistrust that will not return and will, and have no doubt on this, have VERY dire consequences in the not too distant future.

Oh yes and to think that I have not noticed deliberate tactics of diversion of the public and media's gaze at certain ... events would be completely wrong. I have noted the topics of late and well aware of what this is...

...despite my ramblings and frustrations that no doubt gave them the confidence that this diversion and attempt to gain my focus onto other things or just anger.

My secret is I am angry and am always angry and have been for a long time, so I can and have a great deal of control over it. I am not devoid of emotions and if I was this blog would NOT exist, another drastic mistake and miscalculation on their part...

...but make me angry and I can USE this ire to my own advantage and one simple outburst along can be focused to achieve a great many things in a number of hidden corners of society.


So exactly WHO is fooling who?

Here are those curious letters I am not really going to place any focus on as I think that the points I have made here over the many months I have been posting things are more than obvious and speak for themselves in a rather loud way.

They have also been told about this blog too so these letters maybe another knee jerk reaction to reading through it.

The real reasons and answers may become clear over time but I am not going to exhaust any amount of energy in finding out those reasons. I make valid points, I am honest, I have done what is required of me and even when I have not I have repeatedly done what is required and explained myself.

There are no traps nor plans that can work against me and it is that simple. I know this and I am not bothered. The longer they all take the worse it gradually will be for them and that is the reality that they simply cannot grasp.

Their diversionary tactics only serve to be self destructive and this level of destruction that will come about grows exponentially with each and every month that goes by. This started for me a very, VERY, VERY long time ago and the blog started only in August 2012. I am sure the viewers that visit here can but only agree that just the length of time this blog has been on-line is a very long time indeed and still it continues, still it grows in number of posts and its subject matters along with proof, audio, videos, scans and all manner of other things besides.

The longer it continues the stronger I get, the more viewers I reach and the weaker each of them become. Added to this still little bits of shocking details via investigation I strongly urged should go on seems to be bringing to light a great many things. Though only 5 hospitals being investigated os way off the mark for me if I am to be honest and believe things to be far more widespread.

In fact I told a great many of the big tabloids a very long time ago that despite the exact locations of MY OWN personal issues it is my belief that if they looked at any of those organisations locally they will discover the exact same things right under their own noses.

I had initially thought that all my FOUR DVDs had initially been ignored though I did maintain to many that it would take them many months to work through them all and then many months to investigate. It now looks I may have underestimated the length of time this would take.

May be my ramblings about the media were a trifle unfair?? Except maybe News International that is.

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