Saturday, 23 February 2013



It is damned cold and miserable weather! Making my way home from Tesco with only sugar I ate a bag of chips, not crisps lol.

For the first time this winter my right hand felt the cold, eventually, head gone bright red and stopped working.

Now I have finished the chips the hand has a glove in an I am using my left hand and thumb to type out this post?!

It its taking my minds off the pain in my feet and the biting cold I was feeling in my right hand!

I have been asking myself if the weather will warm up at all and if Spring will ever arrive?!

Two outside fingers in my left hands now burning from the cold and I have to answer what the temperature is our weather my nerves were actually just getting the signals back rio my brain NORMALLY for once?! Lol!

They can feel free and take a leave of absence every quiet of they so wish, lol.

No matter I am in my front garden now aft long last.

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