Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I just spent over an hour in my bath...panicking!

There are times in ones life when things occur that suddenly allow you to enter moments of clarity and my bath event is a case in point!

I am presently still robed up.

Today and after the visit from my friend I decided against my better judgement to go out and see two other friends to tell them what had happened in the last 12 hours and how I thought my friend was going to knock himself out on a small aquarium on a side table next to him, he was rolling around with laughter that much.

I thought telling them, as they are in Dire Straits themselves, would bring them some laughter too but before I went out I sent them a text that simply said 'I am coming round with a fascinating invention called a cardboard box?! But this is no ordinary box as it is Pandora's Box!!'

When I showed them the box the Nikon Camera came in and then showed them the fact there was not ONE but TWO seals on the box they understood. Then I hot them with what Nikon UK had told me and they said 'ohh Pandora's Box?'

After a discoussion about it and mentioning of BBC Watchdog, sorry i just do not trust anyone and even they now agreed that it is not just food but you cannot trust ANYTHING you buy form anyone today' I had a coffee and took some pain killers as my lower legs were playing up rather badly. No not my feet my LOWER LEGS.

I started to become rather light headed and ended up making my excuses and leaving and indeed I had told them I was going to go to Sainsburys and buy the Caffeine Free Tea Bags and they asked why and the remembered it affected my Restless Leg Syndrome.

Only I had not got very far when I wondered if I was even going to get a couple of hundred yards and the light headedness became worse. I decided NOT to go and get the Tea Bags and instead ventured home!

When I got here I posted the emails I had just recieved and sent and went off to take a bath.

While suspended in the warm water I started t experience something I had not done previously and from time to time I get this creeping feeling in a calf muscle which is NOT Restless Leg Syndrome. Often when I do experience this I get panicky as I think I am going to have one of those calf muscle locks ups that will wake up several neighbours and scared the crap out of many a family member over the years, some now deceased.

Only this time the feeling was slightly different in a couple of ways as...


IT was a combination of mild throbbing with a waxing and waning experience.

In other words it would throb but build up right to the point I thought they would go into spasm but then start going down again. I also notice that IF I lifted my toes it would aggravate this and it would head upwards in the intensity immediately.

BOTH LEGS?! This rising and falling of this throbbing, but never stopping entirely, was very new to me and I laid there suspended in the warm water now scared to move at all. I wondered if an attempt to get out of the bath just might set off a strong spasm in BOTH legs where just one is quite enough believe me on that score.

Basically I was kinda... SHITTING MYSELF and no I was not suspended amidst a whirl of my own excrement just petrified that the spasms I had not had for a couple of years, oddly since I upped all the painkillers, was about to make a dramatic return?!

The odd thing is that other than a spasm I used to get in my toe that ONLY occurred when I was awake the spasms in my calf muscle only ever occurred at night!!

This happened while sleeping at my grandparents house one night whereby I awoke screaming like a banshee and my poor grandmother thought there were burglars and I had tried to stop them and was in the process of being stabbed?!

It would have been a lesser fate!

I could not answer as they pleaded with me to tell them what was wrong. In these moments I am unable for the life of my to string out a single syllable!

This happened one night in my present home when my mother and a brother stayed and my brother was ordered at 3am to burst into my bedroom to find out what was happening. Again I could not get a word out until it died down.

On every occasion this would be around 2.30am to 3am and on every occasion it would only be ONE LEG!

So there I floated...staring at my lower legs and wondering if I could not actually get both legs go simultaneously ! The thought did not bare thinking about!

Whether or not this is connected to the light headed feeling I know not. But as it was new and by now a number of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease sufferers and possibly even Doctors who specialise in it may come on here I thought I would come down while it was still fresh in my mind and type it out and post about it.

After all every single post and for each subject I cover the information I provide just may help someone...somewhere?

Right now I am on my sofa with my laptop, stop stating the obvious Martin, and my legs still feel very odd but the feeling I explained above has died down!

But I may be a little nervous if I am close to falling asleep and I still feel anything?!


When I float there and realise I am possibly faced with a prospect such as this one and the many others that I can have shoved upon me in my life it is times like this when I think of how this blog started and why I am able to do the things I do!

Yes OK maybe my visionary nature into seeing the wood despite the trees is just part of it but I lost count of the number of times I was told, along with the number of different people that said it, to 'BE CAREFUL'.

Then I am in these moments have drastic possibilities and I remember why I am able to do what I do as NOTHING could compare with these things I have experienced over and over again. So I have conned and tricked some of the biggest names in the UK into divulging secrets or just stated things that show someone somewhere is up to something.

I say the above whether or not the people I speak to are aware of what is really going on or totally naive to it. Quite possibly when they are told to reply to me in a certain way, and not speaking to me directly, the arrogance that someone such as me could not possibly do the things I do or realise what is really going on is totally impossible, unrealistic and hugely unlikely. So they gamble.

But it is exactly that kind of gamble that I rely and and use against them.

What can they do that has not been done to me already?

What point is living a life if not doing something honourable and to be remembered by?

Try to set an example.

It should now appear crystal clear to all in just those few emails back and forth between Argos, Nikon and myself?!

These were just a few emails over a few days, other things throughout this blog went on for a bloody great deal longer. If I can do that in just a couple of emails over 48 hours what could I achieve with a month? How about a year? What of a decade?

So over time I had hoped that the thousands of visitors I now have that even the ones hardest to convince will just now see the light.

I knew this from day one and I was well aware that despite everything there would be numbers of people that will doggedly stick to their beliefs and that it would only be in the very long run would they see.

Of course some will flat out refuse to believe and do this after reading very little indeed and this I can do nothing about. I can only keep showing, keep recording, keep making videos, keep scanning, keep tricking but using the truth to do so and hope that in time people do see.

While immersed in the warm water and thinking of these things it occurred to me, even while faced with a terrible pain I am unable to describe, that what I had missing in the length of the life of this bog is a situation that could occur that could closely fit into a sound bite for those with short attention spans.

It occurred to me that this business with Argos and Nikon might just be it. Despite my fury at settling for a camera not quite up to what I needed it for receiving this faulty one was very frustrating to begin with and I lost a series of photo opportunities, or got bad ones, but may just turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The emails are there and they make no sense, everyone I know realises this even the people who themselves were non-believers in my theories up until a year ago. The very people I fell out with pressurising me to contact BBC Watchdog over this!

Well as I explained to BBC Watchdog in the email I had started this blog quite some time ago and it was INTENDED to be a stealthy move against those committing the biggest crimes against the public and even humanity. I had planned it so that it would hopefully stay out of the gaze of those I attacked long enough that I had enough people that had visited my blogs, and other webpages, that it was then too late to do anything about the blogs and other sites with kicking off a viral storm that would spread around the Internet and around the globe!

Of course there were possible pitfalls beyond my control here and yet it was these possible people that could visit I had been trying to reach out to since August 2012 when I started this blog. front line staff that did not know what was really going on. Some would be brain washed jobsworths that would not possible think their organisation or employers capable of such things...

But other smart arses might have recently suspected something or indeed suspected something for quite some time?!

I have referred to these people all along and for the longest times and repeatedly so...


Some of these people would not even have realised it at the time while others may have already considered possible actions they could take. Much of it relies on conscience and it was this I had tried to appeal to?!

I am honest, honourable and good and despite how I may sound at times I believed others were out there that either WERE the same or longed to be. Do-gooders you could argue.

Yes my posts have certainly twisted and turned along the way but I never claimed I was anything more than human and I would play on frustration, sorrow and anger among other things in the hope t illicit emotions in the readers.

There are also the obvious ones too and I recently provided a diagram to that effect. The trouble is that when you strive to make a difference and you know you are correct in your line of thinking it is first off proving it and as I stated getting through to people who seem unusually harder to convince but its is a long process.

There were lots of possible avenues when I started all this and I was well aware that others would present themselves. In the long run when you have tried every avenue and you still hit brick walls despite the evidence you have provided and still nothing seems to happen in certain quarters these avenues become more questionable over time.

I referred to doing things of an illegal nature if I was forced to or indeed had to. I hope and do believe it would not come to this. Many that read it might have misconstrued what I was referring to but that really does not matter because I am well aware of what I refer to...

You see everywhere in my posts are very bad things going on throughout the UK and these things are ILLEGAL and at best IMMORAL and therefore should me ILLEGAL! I mean we have enough bloody laws and many of them are just plain stupid. So how can these grand things go on without being investigated or even reported on?

Would this not then give the impression that breaking the law is OK? Would you consider it a possibility that a fair faction of the public are already thinking along these lines? People talk to each other and as more and more people get cheesed off and talk do you think that the number of people in society thinking the laws are not worth obeying might grow?!

What happens when these groups reach certain numbers that as a collective they feel all powerful?

Now ask yourselves exactly WHICH LAWS will they cast by the wayside? Will common sense prevail when they decided to do this as a collective?

If so then just WHO will they target? Who will they see as the villains?

Now I am no expert in the subject by any stretch of the imagination but I would wager a rather large bet that the very beginnings of revolutions start this way?

A revolution is no different to a mass protest other than in numbers that the protesters cannot be stopped!

Then what happens?

Despite my own revulsion towards the people that think up and carry out these dastardly plans I do not agree in killing people. Well other than those than kill and torture children as there is nothing more dispicable with doing the same thing to animals following close behind.

But wait, pain and suffering is pain and suffering so the next obvious steps are adults and then disabled people?! But this is already happening to disabled people and deliberately and knowingly so too!

Now all the clues I could ever possibly give are all in this single solitary post!

Despite many misconceptions about me that may have occurred throughout the life of this blog I was not in a big rush to... correct any of them. I wanted readers to think whatever they wanted to. I did not xare what they thought along the journey as it only mattered to me what they thought at the end.

Where is this end?

I simply do not know.

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