Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Well here you will see the latest and umpteenth email from Nikon HQ UK.

Note how he treats me like a disgruntled customer and yet after all these email not a SINGLE MENTION of contacting Argos, one of the biggest names in retail around, to find out WHERE they sourced these cameras from?!

Evasion of a problem is tantamount to an admission of guilt in my book and always has been and the best they can do is check a few boxes. Astonishing as how they think that this is not even serious enough to even contact Nikon HQ Europe about?!


Dear Martin Maco

First off you assumed I contacted Nikon Corporation HQ to find out if my item was counterfeit.

I am afraid to say that you are putting for too much emphasis on this merely being a consumer that wants his item sorted out and instead missed the point that I do not really care that much as it is, as you stated, easy to sort out by simply getting a refund.

No the point is that something far bigger, serious and more troubling is going on in the UK and I have seen it before and it is troubling not to mention highly illegal.

I do not think it was wise to insinuate that it is impossible to counterfeit products, even YOURS. Fifteen years ago you might have been quite correct but many extremely good counterfeit products have come out of China in recent times. I could counter your argument by saying well how come Samsung can now make cameras? Sony were never a camera outfit yet they do today. It only takes enough MONEY and a country to do it in. I am surprised to be honest that you would even say that.

No I contacted Nikon because they are a brand I have long adored and I think their name will be brought into disrepute because something is widespread in the UK and though I have not explained it fully to yourselves due to the lack of concern your HQ in the UK in all honesty. I also think there is something far more widespread going on in the UK and have evidence of other firms doing this kind of thing with 2 other big name retailers and two OTHER manufacturers. I just did not expect it with Argos and Nikon if I am honest and I think it is a shame what is now going to be done with these big names.

After all I did tell you there were TWO stickers on the Nikon box and you openly admitted that it should have had no stickers at all on the box. This means that the SECOND STICKER is not Argos' nor is it yours then just WHO placed it on the box in the first place. It really is not that hard to work out but your HQ is not concerned about it at all over than running around checking some boxes in the building.

You never once in all the emails mentioned anything about even emailing Argos to find out where they got this item from?

I wanted to inform you but immediately got worried at your lack of concern, likely as your supervisor, who may or may not know more than he is telling you, has told you to deal with me in a certain way.

Of course there are other paths to deal with this other than the Nikon HQ and the Argos Customer Services and I do believe that if there is something highly questionable going on and crime committed it should be exposed and stopped.

Unfortunately you, or your supervisor, failed to pick up on this being my concern and have responded like I am just a screaming customer wanting my money back. Well I could have walked to the store to do that I do not need to email you nor Nikon Corporation to do that but after several emails to and fro we are still in the starting blocks and THAT is what I have referred to as worrying!

Also consider this, I buy  Nikon product for durability and expertise of manufacturing and it is made, as you so eloquently put it, made to exact engineering standards by top people in their field in Japan.

But both YOU and Argos have repeatedly remarked about having it REPAIRED by someone in the UK?

That is not what someone who buys a Nikon item wants to hear.

The obvious answer is that if Nikon UK HQ are not reacting in the correct manner then that implies something bigger is going on. That is why I contacted Nikon Corporation in Japan, I have deal on business terms with Japanese before, and I have had an email back from them already to state they would get back to me.

I do find it odd that you would also ask to let you know IF I heard back from them or not too and sounded condescending if I am honest, or sarcastic.

If you so wish and at your request I can send a screenshot of the email to you.

By the way other than the fact I am a top expert in several areas of science and other areas the BSc after my name is for Applied Computing so yes, I know my way around a computer, electronic devices and the Internet before Nikon even had a digital camera on the market, I know this as I knew a man who paid £7,000 for the very first one when I had a lowly Fujifilm.

Now I DO hope that make my position abundantly clear as several email seem to have failed to get the message across.

If this is down to your supervisor and he is an annoying idiot then tell him I said he is bloody incompetent too?!

You see I tend to view evasiveness as an admission of guilt and that is why I contacted Nikon Japan for answer and I am VERY hard to ignore. But do not worry about that as I am sure in the coming months you will realise this as a fact all on your own without any help from me.


Martin Haswell BSc

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