Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Well there is a surprise?!

Several days ago I had a series of letters and two of which really had me frustrated and angry. Yes there was a third but I do not give a monkey's about them at the moment.

So I had to come up with something to see if i could change the outcome of them both. One turned out to be my mistake, or at least so I am thinking currently. The other was a bit more in your face and to the point. So I put a few things on here and I sent off a letter to the DWP and its Ministers and I did something I would not normally do had I not given in and sent this blog address to Michael Meacher MP...

...I gave them this blog address! Th cat was out the bag already and suddenly almost to coincide with that a wave of an attack on me you could SURF on suddenly appeared. But all the evidence is on here so I gave them the address and I emailed Ministers and told them they had better read the letter when it arrived.

Of course any visitors was reading at what lengths I was prepared to go and I can assure you I would ALWAYS make good on my innuendos! LOL. However making good on my innuendos can and would cause more harm to others than it would to me. In fact it could be perceived that if I was to carry out my threats, well PROMISES in reality, that this would NOT be good for them.

I am kinda relieved that I did not have to go down, end up getting angry and having a series of cocky jobsworths carted off to A & E because they ignored my warnings not to place any hands on me. That could have got very messy.

Now it is Wednesday morning and my normal money is in my account?!

So the plan seemed to work and the only thing people need to realise is I always plan things so that they have several possible outcomes and all in my favour, or should I state the British Public's?!

NOW ... it is entirely possible that IF they were not beavering away beforehand to take this blog down then judging by the fact I have been paid they are most definitely doing that now. I still maintain that this is an extremely difficult thing to achieve as I have worded everything very carefully and still state that what I have here is the TRUTH and that anything that is not I always quote that this is my estimations, too bad for them I am rarely wrong, lmao.

Also there is one other thing, I can and DO have the right from here on in to approach a solicitor to counter act any legal attempt to take down this blog. Oh dear, now what I hear you think out loud am I talking about?!

What indeed! Well for the answer to that you have to know the answers to several things, some are available to find and some are not. First what do I want, second what are all my plans and lastly and most importantly ... what do I PERSONALLY want above all else?! There are probably others and this are the main ones. This may also alter over time too so that others get added. That is the beauty of it all it is so UTTERLY DYNAMIC. It ebbs, flows and meanders as if water feeling its way to the land in its never ending search of the freedom of the open ocean. Be like water my friend! If the land changes the water meanders to find an alternate path but its destiny is always the same.

Catastrophe avoided and this is post, if you have not worked it out by now, is for the follow up catastrophe! Phew!

As I said there is ALWAYS a way out! ;)

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