Friday, 1 February 2013


So I suppose as the proverbial cat is out of the bag now it seems only logical to tell some more that I can...

I have long since stated and repeatedly so that my plans cannot fail and due to me having back-up plans to my back-up plans?!

Well this is true and it seems that this may have now been brought forward by around 6 months. A shame and it was this I was trying to avoid and why I have tried so very hard to work with others of late and contacted so very many people as well as campaign groups.

Any plans that has been carefully put together to meticulous attention has an ultimate plan that will inevitably involve some degree of self sacrifice. No getting around it and this is especially true when you realise that all the avenues that should be available have been removed. Any ONE person then becomes a caged or cornered animals and to expect them to act in any other way is ludicrously misguided and not someone who understand people nor the nature of the beast to ANY degree.

This I have long since known and or the longest time literally.

Now people of a particularly high intelligence would have realised this while keeping up with my ramblings. At least I would like to think that some managed to guess at this or at least within the ball park.

Ultimately I was striving to avoid my ultimate plans and only one living person knew of what I had intended to do, any public office workers reading this well good luck finding him as his lips are sealed!

Sacrifice is an odd word is it not and is something that most I know have grown ever more unfamiliar with. Now me it is something I am all too familiar with and it seems when people are naive and refuse to see what is set out before them staring them in the face this dogged stubbornness will require... A PUSH!

I had long since hoped that by April or May this could have been avoided and I had thought that there WAS a possibility that via Michael Meacher MP this was almost to hand. Instead I now realise that someone I cannot trust is well aware of this site and embarrassing to his party's selfish goals despite their repeated claims they have changed.

So I also receive this letter this morning and now I am waiting for Wednesday 6th February and 4 days before my daughter's birthday and 10 days before mine and i am not entirely sure what is going to happen. I do know that if it pans out how the letter states then Wednesday is not going to end well.

Only this ties in with the self sacrifice I speak of and have tried so hard to avoid suddenly forced upon me by a number of people.

Ultimately it will be my liberty that has been sacrificed and despite my long list of reasons why there will be that faction that will want to label me a villain, monster and make lots of claim to blacken my name and even claim of things I was planning that will not be true...

...hence this BLOG!!

In the end not getting people to do the correct thing and the honourable thing due to being self-obsessed of those that have God complexes, suffer from narcissism or even something that mimics an Oedipus Complex.

In other works that do not like to play together even though the battle would be easily won this way but there would be no need for them to sit atop their mount preaching to the disciples. This infers admittedly that they do not like anyone coming along that might appear to have far greater abilities and/or ideas than they have. These people tend to quote 'scriptures' that have no place in reality and actually do more harm than good.

I knew that this endeavour to try to work around this was going to be a tough one and somewhat lengthy. I had though and hoped that over time i could overcome this but had no idea how long it would take. Too long it now seems to appear?!

The government has done its job will instilling these factor into the human psyche so that they are unable to band together as they once did to fight a common cause. Though I had been confident that I could bring about the destruction of these walls I was also well aware I was racing against the clock.

Unfortunately someone just altered to the time so it is five minutes to midnight! With each minute representing a single day that is.

Well at least no one anywhere in the world can claim that I did not try and exhaust all other avenues that the government will claim I should have done despite them deliberately and slowly removing them over time so we cannot defend ourselves.

A little like they did with the DLA removing which, I am real sorry to have to point out, started several years ago while LABOUR was in power. At the time I stated that this is a new trend and even GPs were not aware of the plans but DID spot it, like Doctor Cody in Enfield. They had started to remove the ones that they thought they could get away with without being noticed and obviously had plans to move onto the next group and then the next. David Cameron only sped it up after promising to the Citizen's Advice Bureau he would improve it.

After all and as I stated they do not and have not for the longest time take several conditions as one individual and treat each exclusively as if the person is only affected by one. The current government admitted to CAB this was wrong and they would change this and they lied and gambled with peoples lives, many of which have committed suicide over it.

Now what many have completely failed to realise is that my own discovery of my own problem has and can legally blow everything out of the water, another thing people failed to realise...

My feet, knees, legs, hips, back, shoulder and hands are ALL the SAME condition so therefore what they did, along with the NHS, was illegal and the biggest and most immoral actions they could take while claiming to be there for the public you can ever hope find out about.

Over a dozen areas of pain and only ONE single condition that is Charcot Marie Tooth Disease!

At do honestly hope that many people start looking up as there is a great deal of things, info, data and opportunity they are missing that can change what they claim they so desperately want to.

As for me i am going to have to spend as much time as I can trying to come to terms with the fact that despite my good intentions my liberty will cease to be before very long.

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