Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nikon Coolpix L810 Half Price?! I think NOT!!

Well after attempting to purchase something else to help me in the pursuit of a small and measly monthly income I have lost due to totally inhuman and selfish people in the House of Commons I have gone for the walk to the shop and pay cash route.

This is because I did not want to get a repeat of what has happened via mail order catalogues and I went to my local Argos store.

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L810 only to discover after only 48 hours that they seem to have caught the Shop Direct BUG and want a piece of their action?1

Oh dear.

After a photo session where half my shots looked out of focus and the camera telling me they were IN FOCUS it now turns out this camera is faulty?!

It is also repeatedly insisting on focusing and then refocusing TWICE before allowing you to take a picture?!

It also came in an unsealed box but with an Argos Sticker going over the edge of the front end of the box now making me think it was returned as faulty, or much worse i.e. AKA Shop Direct?!

Well THIS is what I really should have done...

I should have held on and bought something better after a couple of weeks when my money next came in while holding onto to half of what I was paid but this is really difficult to do and comes with its own sacrifices, pains and anguish that lasts not two weeks but a whole FOUR!!

But what am I to do? I had already stated that there is something else I would much rather be doing and building right now and that would actually stop me feeling physically sick and dizzy too.

That is even more out of reach than this more expensive camera but this is what I am going to have to do and later this week, if something is NOT sorted out between Nikon and Argos...

...I will have to get a refund and go and buy one of these...

Which is what I wanted in the first place?! The Olympus SP-810UZ 36x Zoom I saw for £98 that I lost based on a stupid rule and staff and company you cannot trust...


Now I have ended up with something not quite what I was after but would have bit the bullet and lived with it if NOT for its several faults!

So a Nikon P510 Bridge Camera now does seem ideal for all that I require of it?!

Let us hope that IF & WHEN I do get one it does not turn out to be another returned and faulty item that some idiot has not spotted, re-boxed and sent out to the next MUG?!?!


This all actually costs everyone you sell this stuff too and you are not the only ones that want money you know, just that your all underhanded in doing it.

Had it occurred to any of you but by performing this trickery it might come back to bite you in the arse and in more ways than you can hope to think of?!

Have you learned NOTHING from what has happened with the BANKS, POLICE, NHS, MEDIA & NEWSPAPERS?!

Well I would suggest that you DO learn and you do learn quickly as here is tip about human nature and that is with each time they realise they have been duped they get angrier each time. On a grand scale of hundreds thousands that will eventually become tens of millions this is not the most intelligent of ideas!!


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