Sunday, 3 February 2013


Decided I am going to do things a little earlier than I previously stated and I hope I do not end up behind bars by the end of the day but due to the way they seemed to have planned it I doubt it will be possible... but I have a few ideas.

It is a shame that they deliberately do this without a thought for the staff beneath them who will take the flak for their behaviour but then despite them being innocent, technically that is, they do tend to be these jobsworths that believe the crap that their bosses dish out to them which is actually them lying through their back teeth!

Still it will probably turn out that the individuals that deserve to have their teeth knocked out will not even come close to it...

...after all they are of a much higher life form than everyone else are they not.

I mean they do not have to take a dump like the rest of us, they do not require air like the rest of us while possessing much more in the way of brain cells and different colour blood!

These people sit upstairs playing games on their computers, I know I had inside knowledge, while front line staff repeat their crap like a line up of over excited parrots while the public scream, shout, threaten violence and even carry it out.

Well if your that narrow minded and that naive you only convince your bosses that they ARE of a higher life-form and appear brain dead and without a mind of your own and easily led like the Sheep that you are, so FICKLE too.

So in the meantime the meantime that i am going to attempt a plan of action here is a photo I forgot I took of the Chase Farm Hospital Protest March.

Who knows with a bit of luck and over the coming days I just MAY do these guys a VERY BIG FAVOUR... well an outside chance and depends how it all pans out. They were also given this blog address about a month ago, to a guy outside Chase Farm Hospital.

Maybe ... just maybe I might be in a position to prove my theory behind deliberate mismanagement but will depend on how it pans out.

That is Gordon Road on the left of the picture and I am standing on Baker Street outside my friends Pet Store. I had to hush him not to say anything to which he grinned, lol.

Eagle eyed visitors may spot that on the right hand side is the offices of a local paper and their was NO ONE taking pictures other than one woman with her own camera who is part if the protest?!

It seems local papers seem to prefer to sit on their backsides making money form advertising. Huh! Advertising! Money for old rope for lazy people that is!


It has long since apepared to be extinct in my eyes, maybe I will be surprised between now and April but I very much doubt it. After all they read my evidence and DVDs months and months ago and I stated there would be blood and trouble on the streets. The fact they have no quoted me or the theories and predictions directly does lead me to think that divulging this will stop the massacre. That WAS THE PLAN! But better for them maybe if I am not quoted and the blood on the streets DOES come to fruition?!


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