Friday, 15 February 2013


Actually I just had a little look at the figures and I have altered the numbers by a factor of TWELVE right at this moment and in a few days will be closer to a factor of twenty.

Now as other figures actually rise along with those figures then the RESULTING figures grow exponentially along with it.

Indeed the figures should mirror, at the minimum, the original numbers I watched and should even be higher in their respective rate of growth. It seems, however, that this has turned out to be the exact opposite in reality.

Will be very interesting to see what occurs in four weeks time and then four weeks after that?

I hope my suspicions are off as it is not beneficial to me at all if I am correct in this instance, indeed it will be a real pain in the arse if I am honest!

Though it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise it just prolongs everything for a few more months which seems to be that bloody attitude I whine about so often, hehe.

Today I was out looking at some things for the first time in a couple of months and though I was completely unaware of any... changes in the last few weeks I had looked at things that would HELP ME improve a whole range of things that I am up to!!

Now the odd thing is I had looked at these BEFORE Christmas and thought that I might be able to plan on acquiring one before very long. I got to a store today and looked at some interesting items that would improve what I have started is so many ways and I thought surely now and when I check the numbers tonight I can say to myself, 'oh well not in a few weeks but next month, or the month after that?!'

One device I wanted was half the price of the other and at £270. Was a better and more famous brand item too!! But despite all that I have done it seems that I am not being presented with figures where I can work out what I can do and when just yet, despite the fact that there is a VAST over abundance of irrelevant detail and numbers presented along with the only ones you are interested in.

So after over two years of hard graft and spending money, and being over charged and even conned and defrauded, I still cannot... estimate a time I can improve things at all.

I started these things with a genuine and god's honest way of making my way through life and it genuinely is the only thing, or I should say THINGS, available to me right now that I could afford to do under my own power and steam. Well WHILE I STILL CAN that is.

However it seems that Rocket Science and Brain Surgery are a walk in the park compared to achieving this and I am starting to believe I chose the WRONG organisation to do that with...

...especially as the have been in the headlines doing illegal things and being taken to court by a whole list of companies?!

I did think they were too good to be true in all honesty and their now aloof attitude towards users has gone the same way it has with so many others before them.

Such a shame and i long for the days when it will be different!

Still there are those two sets of four weeks to go yet, maybe I will be proven wrong and jump up and down celebrating?!

We can but hope?!

I would love to name names to you but this really is the best and only way and i hope the people that read this understand that. Naming names with just my estimations to go one would have only served to have this blog and other places blown into orbit by the powers that be.

So I kind of had to 'muddy the waters' so to speak. Give impressions of what I was going to do and then do something else. Make it look as if some names had gone off my radar while posting things on here I was actually compiling completely different things offline.

Think of it as a kind of bobbing and weaving I just HAD to do to stay ahead of the game as it is not only the good honest folk that would be looking at this site but the dastardly liars, schemers and politicians perusing this blog too. Probably hoping for one simple way to shut it down without causing a backlash that would go on for a decade. I do not have to guess this is the blog has been out there for some time now and with all of the above.

In case you wondered the answer is no I have not nor never had any contact from any of the above over this blog to date. Mind you I say that but I have to admit to not checking my emails tonight?!


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