Thursday, 28 February 2013


Well here is the last email from Argos.

It states they do not accept cameras back, HUH?!?! But they are REFURBISHED?!

I had forgooten about this and it does state this in their catalogues but now I find this shocking but now wonder why and how they get away with it?!

Unless of course the cameras are SUPPLIED by Nikon UK under the agreement that they will accpet the Cameras that turn out to be faulty for REPAIR?!

Oh deary me Nikon UK!

Oh and note how they say about the SEAL being intact is the only way they will accept it?! Well that IS funny and maybe they WERE expecting me at that Argos depot as I had no quibbles whatsoever unless of course its common knowledge they are refurbished items and my mentioning it out loud sealed the deal?!

Oh and also note how they suggest that I open up the exchanged item with a member of staff?!


I burst out laughing when I saw that one!

I am always using my WAVE THEORY. Start off nice and provide enough details for a reaction. Not much happens then make some slightly bigger waves wait for the reaction. NOTHING then make a few series of ever increasingly larger waves...

No two ways about it, should have taken ONE email. Just checked and I have FIVE, 5, from Nikon and FIVE from Argos?!

No doubt their will be a 6th from Nikon but I will be ignoring and not replying any more.

Argos Email...

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