Monday, 4 February 2013


Hmm now here is something I never thought of doing and am so annoyed I did think of this previously?!

I AM an IDIOT and as you can see NOT infallible either!

Now here are three screenshots from a website I have been on for a number of years now and the web address is ...

I never really tell many people about it and do not use it a great deal but every now and then I get an email from it as I did today. In case you are wondering... Yes the bloody sad pathetic Africans pretending to be English or American women even go on here to con money out of disabled people!!

Once in I realised my disability had been down as 'other' since I was a member because I simply did not know and have not known for the 12 years since it started to really cause me problems. Of course some things I experienced I now realise is down to this go back 20 years or more but had not realised these were due to something and most GPs, whenever I mentioned it, would just roll there eyes or hand out pain-killers and such like.

EDIT: A-HA!! Found that device I mentioned in the last POST!!

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