Monday, 25 February 2013


I am a bit annoyed with myself as I just had a strange thing happen with my new Nikon Camera bought from Argos and in all honesty I cannot quite remember a message that came up on the screen.

What happened was I was trying to get some close of shots of my orchids and it was refusing to focus repeatedly while actually telling me each time it was in focus?! AGAIN!

All of a sudden the zoom started going in and out, that is a bit clunky too if I am honest, and then I thought 'Is this thing about to switch itself off??' and I glanced at the screen which was black and in writing was some bizarre message before it went out. Ooh thats nice, give you plenty of time to read it then?! I should have written it down while it was fresh in my mind instead of uploading and resizing photos but it was something like...

Watchdog mode time out? (Definitely 'Watchdog', 'Time & 'Out) were in the message!

Or something very similar and I have no idea what it means and I have not had it come up on my other Nikon in the years or more that I have owned it, despite a battered box and suspicions of its origin!

This is a real shame and I wonder if ANYTHING can be bought in the UK at present without it being substandard or something entirely different to that labelled like all this horse meat for beef garbage?!

A shame also because it is a nicely built thing and I AM familiar with the software and operating of the camera.

Some shots taken with my OTHER NIKON... Out of all one was blurry and it was difficult angle for light meter, I KNEW THIS! NOW MAKE NOTE OF BOTTOM THREE PHOTOS!

I will keep both cameras on me for several days now to see if I can get movie or pictures of the L810 doing its things, lol.

Added to this it has taken me god damn ages to load onto here a few photos at 30% their original size?! Whether this is down to my crap mobile broadband or Google I do not know.

Next THREE taken in sequence with the L810 and NO iffy angles?!



Actually reason why I took these shots was not for the blurry pictures, LMAO, no it was for what I referred to previously...the remnants of that ARGOS STICKER!!

Oddly and for a brand name like Nikon I should have been even more suspicious than I was when it said these cameras NOT covered by the thirty day money back thingy?!

But you know there comes a time when you think that your going over the top and it cannot be that widespread and not all bad and then TWO companies come along in a matter of days that go and prove you wrong! Hmm or is that RIGHT?! I don't bloody know.

COme to think of it is that TWO companies, or is that THREE COMPANIES?!


You know the people behind the new trickery might beg to differ, even the ones that gave the go ahead for it but a simple meeting with them face to face and a couple of questions to each and it will soon be shown who is right and who is wrong!

 All I wanted was a fecking working camera that does what I want it to?!

NOW I HAVE TWO and TOGETHER they do not cover it?! LMAO!

I would bet I have now laid out in excess of £700?!?! That is all I will say for that for now, lol.

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