Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hmm just for the record, and in relation to a previous post, I have an intense pain in my right calf at the top just below the knee joint area. It would seem that I kind of over did it yesterday trying to get to a store to buy an item that would help me with these blogs. Oh well I just hope I do not get a lock-up as it feels like it might now and then.

OOOOOK! Right well I have jumped up and down in the past about people that do not want to take any amount of time doing absolutely anything or indeed thinking about anything else except for those VERY things that they should NOT be spending too much time doing or thinking about.

Delegation is what I have been on about and what no one seems to be doing very well or could be argued that the ability is being FORCEFULLY removed from you without you knowing it.

Well for those that can concentrate and focus on something else for more than sixty seconds without being repelled away because of the lack of bullet points and sound bites I decided now that it was high time to place the noodles on the hob on number 3 heat.

Many things have been said by a great many people throughout the Internet and on TV. But are a many things I have been trying to say placed into bullet points for those with a limited capacity to pay attention...


The ONLY section of people that this country's government is NICE TO are foreign born people of a different skin colour and that is only because THEY ARE BEING FORCED TO by Europe and the Human Rights people. Human Rights only applies, according to them, to people of a different nationality if combined with a different skin colour.

Will there be anyone the government is NICE TO, other than the RICH of course, if we LEFT EUROPE? NO ONE! LMAO!


Personal Independent Payments replaces Disability Living Allowance so the word, or term, Disability is being removed from the nations conscience, or psyche, almost as if an attempt is being made to erase the word DISABILITY from existence.

Do you think this is a first step towards excuses to be harder on other factions of society? After all if they manage it with people suffering with disabilities then you are ALL FAIR GAME! So before long it will be OPEN SEASON!! LMAO!

There! Hopefully this will grab the attention of those who lack it and hopefully the doubters.

Now I will leave this up for a simmer for a few days while I sort out a few things, work on this painful calf and do the back stretching I was asked to. Oh yes I did go to Physiotherapy yesterday and the lady in question does seem very nice and extremely genuine with wanting to help. Well for now at least.

No the above short points need to sink into the Psyche. So yeah some things can be made into bullet points for those that want to make noise but have the inability to listen or read for more than 5 minutes to things that can make them see the light or help them.

Go figure, and you wonder why the government even attempts these things and its because people on the whole are PREDICTABLE. Do what I have done for years now and be unpredictable!! ;)

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