Saturday, 2 February 2013


Well this is somewhat weird and not expected and I am simmering with rage on gas mark 2 literally because I am completely baffled by a letter that came this morning.

Baffled because I was not expecting an appointment letter for at least another four weeks and as many as six even. Indeed I STATED to my GP that I estimate a 6 week wait and he said yes. That was err a week to ten days ago.

So I have a letter but before that I am going to put up a previous letter from my GP I put up recently...

This clearly states that he HAS referred me to Neurology and I stated that I asked for this at a previous appointment and that he refused and stated no CMT. Only now it is ooh hmm yes quite possibly CMT here is your referral and make sure you tell them you suspect CMT.

Now both HE and my PREVIOUS GP knew all too well of my thoughts about being FUCKED ABOUT deliberately by the NHS and my feelings towards PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.

So would anyone like to take a shot at explaining the letter I had this morning?

Now I can tell you that I want to go up there but do not know if they open Saturdays and it does not state what days, well why would it?! To see I feel anger is an understatement right now especially as...

Out of the blue and for the first time in two years I have had 2, in as many weeks, letter from the TV Licence people?!?! TWO! It also clearly states on there that they have not contacted me in TWO YEARS!

Anyone hazard a guess as to why all these organisations have decided to act and/or act up at the same time?

Funny is it not that I give this blog address out to someone, an MP called Michael Meacher, and now I am being bombarded with all kinds of ammunition it feels like I am being struck by HEAVY ARTILLERY.

I mean no money Wednesday will also mean, for those not figured it out, that my Rent Payments will also stop so attempt at forcing me to being homeless... my guess is these inhuman excuses for human beings but nothing more than blood sucking vampires are well aware of this blog now and have not succeeded in finding a legal way to shut me down so all bombarding me to drive me nuts, will not happen, stop me affording my internet connection, wont happen, even make me homeless to shut me up.

Of course once they realise I have no connection this blog can disappear by illegal means and I would not notice and therefore not do anything about it.

You can forget the months stated on the letters, or at least the first one at any rate, as these arrived about a week apart some ten days back or so.

SO now I ask myself who is next?

No point in all the crooked outfits working together unless they ALL work together?!

So let us make a little list of who has yet to fire off their projectile weapons...


1) Police

2) Certain Local Councils

3) Bailiffs

4) Ombudsmen though I cannot really see what they could do in all honesty as they do nothing anyway.

5) Home Office, lmao!


7) Shop Direct ... hmm private ...

You must realise many of these are being scrutinised in the news and as I stated most of what I have spoken about for several years now has on occasion cropped up enough for people to notice and started noticing over two years ago!

Note to enemies... you gonna use the Heavy Artillery you had better use something a bit more substantial than sheets of paper!! LMFAO!

Here is one why do you not take me to COURT?! I would not only WELCOME that but I would RELISH THAT!

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