Monday, 11 February 2013


Well I have been busy and I have another audio file to go up on here.

I also have... 8 or so videos going up onto YouTube and there will be a dozen more or so by the weekend which also happens to be the same day as my birthday, an odd coincidence of ever their was one?!

I can tell you that the Head of Physiotherapy had not only NOT heard of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease so knew nothing about it but I also had to spell it and tell her what it is... extremely annoyingly and is so often with the NHS and its staff and while on the third symptom working my way up from my feet she stopped me and asked me to tell her SPECIFICALLY HOW CMT affects me...

...I said look I have had this for years, as soon as I go beyond TWO symptoms I get told its too much and that you are only interested in a specific one. I have told medical staff for over 12 years I believed all this was linked and told quite categorically it is not possible over and over again. Now you ASKED me how CMT affects me and I am TELLING YOU that and I cannot help it if there ARE conditions that CAN cause a dozen symptoms?!

She also wanted to write the condition down and asked me to spell it.

She also asked me just WHO diagnosed me and I said 'I DID!' LMAO.

That will go up tomorrow and I must be methodical as there is a fair amount I need to do and many of my blogs have got behind and I still do not know if I am wasting my time or not on most of them, hopefully four weeks more should reveal this...but at least I am giving it a go and doing SOMETHING whether or not it is all just a big con, well unfortunately that will also be revealed despite me not wanting it to be the case, LMAO!!

Oh I also have to phone up and make the Neurology Appointment as it turns out that the Appointments department which is a big room of two dozen people are unable to make appointments it seems. Well at least I have been in there TWICE NOW and both times were unable to do it...

...oddly on the desk is an aware for excellence for 1998 and etched in crystal I think on a wood plinth. I spotted this the first time and wanted to ask where the others were and was it all down hill from that point on as there is nothing there from 1999 to 2013?!


Oh and she was the second physiotherapist in a row to ask 'what did they send YOU to ME for?!'

Oddly the NHS know nothing of this blog, well not from me anyway, and I will know soon enough when they DO know about it.

Now I have likely only HINTED at this previously but here goes... I have DISCOVERED Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and realise this is what I have, I will be a Monkey's Uncle if it is not this and cannot find any other condition that does such a good MIMIC of it with symptoms, but I have long thought that...

...the NHS have long known EXACTLY what I suffer with and this has been conveniently buried time and time again. After all I have been consistently lied to and to my face too. Accused of FAILING to turn up for MRI of my knee despite me stating that I did not get a latter and that the appointments department are notorious for mistakes.

...The way my NEW GP turned away to stare at his monitor when I uttered the words 'charcot marie tooth' and stated he did not think it that, only to then refer me to Neurology prior to my next meeting with him like he was forced into a corner.

In fact I now believe I have managed to lay all my traps out in a whole long line and I m fully expecting to be lied to to get around having to admit that I have a combined problem at all, let alone CMT, and that they had spent years looking incompetent and lied to me consistently.

I believe that the reason they came up with this idea was that if they are sure it is not something fatal they can and will get away with it. SO you could say I was somewhat shocked when I saw that Ennis lady stating they had done it to her and it turned out to be cancer?!

The truth of the matter is that if you play this game, and there is a lot of it about, it will lead to all manner of terrible, disastrous catastrophes as well as disillusion the public to cause a great deal more than a simple outcry, this I can assure you.

But these dumb-arses not only think they know better but they have also managed to convince the front line staff of this too...

...this will cause a backlash like nothing they have seen and at the present time we ARE heading for it and I see it every day and with each week that goes by.

If I stop it from happening by making people see then this will be fantastic and if I do NOT, well you read it all here first and sometime before it took place too...

...and you will also know that I tried in various ways to stop it by contacting and mentioning it to industries that could see what I do and then HELP. No names as yet but if they are reading THIS I can assure you they will KNOW who they all are.

So as I previously mentioned a crucial crossroads is now upon them and me. A juncture that before very long there is no turning back from and that the consequences of all actions may end up being bought to the fore and paid for in the most extreme manner possible...

...but then if I can leave my children in a public house and not notice they are missing for hours on end what chance do we have that they will prevent any possible and far worse tragedies from taking place...

...I mean it is not like it has happened anywhere else in the world, is it?



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