Monday, 4 February 2013


You now once in awhile I am proved I am not infallible and never am I more happy than to be proved that today!

However I am still unsure whether I am just a dumb-ass or I was just ill informed, but the letter is up here so you can go see if I am that dumb-ass or not. However in my defence it did not help when i received that letter from the err Job Centre in Glasgow informing me my money was being cut off two days prior to receiving the letter!

Still a dumb-ass is a dumb-ass and the DWP STILL need to be dealt with even IF I have already started that process as there is no organisation in hostory MORE SKILLFUL at losing half a dozen correspondences in different formats than are those of public organisations and the DWP especially!

So what I did manage to RECORD today is an interesting few pieces I will link up here...

Of particular note is that...

1) In the first one I am in the CALL CENTRE of Chase Farm where after realising she wrongly tells me I have the wrong letter she then states that they have received NO REFERRAL from my GP, which reminds me I need to look up the date of the letter he sent before I groan about that to him, fair IS fair, lol...

2) A receptionist in the second recording responds to my statement where I thought I had been REFUSED NEUROLOGY, which seems to have gone astray anyway, and sent to PHYSIOTHERAPY INSTEAD, to which she states something along the lines iof she would not be surprised/put it past them or something like that. Thought it was funny. An ever so silent WHISTLE?! ...

3) In the THIRD recording, well all just edited from much longer files, I pop next door to speak to the nice lady who had previously told me I had a back problem after each time checking my back and X-RAYS. Once she remembered me I asked her about the fact that the MRI showed nothing, and that I was there as I had not realised that it was SHE that referred me to the Physiotherapist and when she she remembered the MRI was clear I simply flashed the front cover of my book on Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. She raises her eyebrow and with a smile tells me that she would NOT normally see my again nor would she be informed by Neurology of any possible confirmation of Charcot Marie Tooth and that would I go back to the building and let her know as it is something you do not see everyday...

Interestingly while popping into my friends store in the way home to tell them I have not had to thumo anyone to my relief they question me about the legalities of my posting these audio files and also ask me how I can just go wandering around the hospital speaking to whoever I want?!

I said I first of do not really care and would rather not have to do this but not left any choice though some might not like it that are OK there is not much I can do about it. If they did not like the system then they should have been more pro-active about doing something about it.

AS for wandering around speaking to whomever I want I said, why? I will walk around and speak to whoever I want to, I can converse with these people and it took all of 2 minutes to do. I do not need diagrams drawn out for me I normally do that for THEM! lol

What they did not know is that had I found out I had been refused the Neurology appointment I would NOT have left without finding the office of the person responsible and hammering on their door for a shout down regarding morals and corruption.

This is because I am NOT prepared to be put off any longer and they have had over ten years to sort this out and diagnose me. So not may problem and that is how it is, nothing less and nothing more.

Now Michaelangelo was a master sculptor with no rival in Renaissance Italy and he would start off with a block of Marble and slowly chip, scrape and smooth away at that block to get to 'the truth' which was the vision he had inside his head.

Much as I love Fine Art, yes no blog on that, and the Renaissance era along with the Pre-Raphaelites along with Impressionists and more recent like Edward Hopper sometime their philosophies are  closer to everyday life than you might think.

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