Thursday, 7 February 2013


Thought readers might get a bit of a kick out of this email I decided to send to Littlewoods as for the umpteenth month in a row they have done absolutely nothing and yes i still get the odd letter from err debt collectors.

I have not responded to them as there is absolutely no point and I believe that this entire blog is my PROOF that there IS NO POINT! LMFAO!!!


Dear Sirs

My Account

I have requested and requested over and over again to sort out this issue with my account. I have requested over and over again of Very to sort out this business of selling me a returned, faulty and damaged phone that is a NON-Uk psmart phone and actually from the USA of which I have proof.

I have been lied to by your parent company and I have issued you, Very and Shop Direct warnings regarding this and clearly stated that despite what you may think this will be a battle you will NOT win.

Unfortunately for you I played the game you wanted me to play but in so doing this I was actually just playing the game. My REAL game was actually something else entirely...

Now you and Shop Direct think they had worked out my game and stumbled across it but I am afraid to say you got this way wrong and whatever you revealed to know I let you continue to know. I have long since stated to you enough information about me and my endeavours, including those right on your doorstep, but instead yu chose to ignore them.

It was my intention to discover whether or not you provided a service or whether or not you were just a crooked organisation, or indeed OWNED by a crooked organisation.

Now you stumbled across the following...

...and so I wanted Shop Direct to do that. Because I was fairly certain that you would feel pretty confident that this YouTube video, there are now many others, would be all that you needed to worry about and I wanted you, or your owners, to think that!

I did tell you what I am like and along with that the kind of things I worked on but you took no notice. Like others before you I was well aware of a huge over abundance of arrogance, ignorance along with confidence and this just makes the processes far more easy for me... the one thing that goes in my favour is time and for time to work for me I need to have PATIENCE.

Now I am going to reveal a little something to you, as you have yet again not done a damn thing to deal with my complaint nor changed my level of credit as I requested...

You should also be aware that this will also have ramifications towards credit references agencies and especially those that you would be using.

I am also going to tell you that these divulging of my work is also done in a very planned and meticulous manner and in phases so I know who knows what and WHEN!

This far all major tabloids are well aware of what i am about to tell you. So does Michael Meacher MP, that would be for Oldham and not far from you, as does a Literary Agent playing very close attention along with a number of others of high importance...

...I did tell you beforehand that I deal with far bigger fish than you and in all honesty you were only commanding about 2% of my focus.

But as I have just been on and seen that my credit reference is EXACTLY the same I have now decided that it is YOUR turn to be divulged before I move onto others.

Also be aware that I have carefully planned this so that the subject matter cannot be removed and the GOVERNMENT have made NO attempts whatsoever to do just that as any moves to do this will only serve to be self-destructive to those that have it removed and as I have now commanded close to 10,000, so that is ten thousand, readers and ever rapidly rising faster and faster that any legal action towards me or my BLOG will command a great deal of attention.

Therefore i would strongly suggest that you read all of it and note its inception and that everything I state regarding it and its contents. It also serves to achieve several things at once and one of those is to provide MORE than enough evidence of all that I state!

This blog has been in existence since early August 2012 and despite the fact the cat is out of the bag and has been for sometime there has been no approaches towards me thus far. Also note that as there are indeed many videos, audios, scanned documents, screenshots and emails all to prove everything I have stated over and over again it is also not EVERYTHING and not even half what I possess. In fact the media do not have everything even though they received FOUR DVDs crammed to the brim. 

Also note that many of the subject matter on my blog, or rather the people i have gone up against, are and as previously stated far, FAR bigger than you are but that many ... shocking illegalities with such names as government, NHS, DWP, Atos, radicalised Muslims, the Police, Ombudsman such as the IPCC and a whole bloody long list of all other names of which are contained in my blog are receiving ever worsening and increasing media attention.

But like I said not to worry you have only had about 2% of my focus and I am sure the media will get around to you and your parent company eventually during 2013!

Really you could not even begin to guess with all the best minds at your disposal and all the legal people you could hire exacltly what my blog is designed to do and therein lies the beauty of it. I have also used many methods to avoid its removel by making it extremely difficult to find an legal reason to do so. It has also been designed that even WITH its removal that this would actually go in my favour my alerting the media to the fact that this reaction confirms guilt as it does to all people of the ten thousand that keep an eye on it form time to time.

I am not happy that a company can behave such as your and have everything tied up so that you can get away with it and behave like crooks at every turn. It was also extremely sad that i saved the lives of many people and even yourselves and you chose to ignore it. There was only one person that would eventually pay for that lack of care and ignorance and it was NEVER going to be me for I did not care whether there was a reaction or not.

You will note throughout this huge blog that the lies that you have claimed to me and to any company THUGS you have hired to obtain money that you are not deserving of and mislead a credit reference agency to do so are all contained therein for everyone to see that you DELIBERATELY LIED and attempted to mislead your way to obtain monies that were not yours to obtain. You might also note that my BLOG and the correspondences I made towards the Ombudsman I was also well aware would go nowhere and that the decision by the ASA to do an about-face regarding you only played into my hands!

Oh dear!

I might also add that is just one of a great deal of blogs and other webpages and that all my evidence and other material is stored in such a way that no one could ever get it all and is encrypted and stored in different formats in lots of different ways on servers and cloud storages all around the world!

I would rather this had been settled another way but it was obvious that you were not a company to do things differently and that your only interest was to acquire money and large amounts of it by very illegal and dishonest methods and the fact that you were so arrogant only forced me to realise that you had obviously had many other bodies tied up as being as questionable as yourselves as to their legalities of their actions and I only wanted to see who, what and WHY.

I have and therefore so have you, already have possession of my evidence and proof and there simply is no way out of it. the fact that I let you go on and on for n absolute eternity was necessary to remove any possible doubt or indeed any plausible deniability.

So before you decide what to do let me give you a little more food for thought...

...there are already a great deal of other organisations that are no doubt fearing both doing nothing or taking action because both will have a negative effect. Also consider that they would also all be aware that having someone ELSE take action may have a negative effect on THEM when they have decided no to.

The beauty of being a genius is that I am and can use facts and the truth to set out plans it would normally take an evil genius to come up with!

Good luck in your endeavours.


Martin Haswell BSc

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