Friday, 1 February 2013


Dear Sirs

NR 74 68 64 D

You are highly likely to already be aware of my name.

I am contacting you to inform you that I just had a letter to state that my Incapacity Benefit, which I knew would disappear in April this year anyway, has been cancelled TWO DAYS prior to the letter arriving without proper use of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and explaining to me what will take place instead.

So I can assume I have yet another letter of lies and deceit that is now on show to the whole world along with a great deal of other things.

I can assure you that Michael Meacher MP is well aware of me and that he had a House of Commons debate mentioning the DWP and Atos and Margaret Allen-Dominickzak as an example, a woman who was going to take her own life one night until myself and two other intervened.

I previously also repeatedly over and over again warned that going up against me was foolhardy and that defeating anything or anyone based on tricks, lies and deceit was just all too easy for someone like me.

This was repeatedly ignored through over-confidence and downright arrogance. I did warn against this.

Now despite the fact that I have repeatedly informed several departments of the DWP as to the reasoning behind non-compliance they have elected to cancel my Incapacity Benefit with two months to go, hmm CURIOUS, and already being in receipt of my reasons. Your Organisation really does put some kind of emphasis on the old saying 'Pot Calling the Kettle Black'.

Now I am not going to state the main detail here but I have replied using the standard second class postage paid envelope, something I am rather proud of doing while chuckling to myself, and that does let the proverbial cat out of the bag so to speak. I fail to mention it here as I want the latest set of information to...GESTATE.

Also the fact that a BBC journalist has requested details and I have given them the same thing I have sent your organisation. Something I have told you over and over again I have been working on for sometime now but my warnings ignored oddly enough as the warnings of the repercussions that will be inevitable and inescapable once the facts were known nation wide!

I have TWO BOOKS and am also in contact with a very large Literary Agency who very recently became very animated and broke their silence!

So I strongly urge you, the DWP, to take serious note of my letter when it arrives and I will make sure as I always do that plausible denial come the middle of the week is completely and very easily removed as even a remote possibility.

I also strongly suggest that once reading the letter I have sent you act and make great haste to do so. It still will not save all involved but it may lessen the damage and damage limitation is going to be the buzzwords for all public offices during this year of 2013 and this I kid you not...

...though if a certain divulged piece of information is researched in full there will be no doubts left in anyone's minds.


Marin Haswell BSc

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