Saturday, 2 February 2013


Well I will be a monkey's uncle!

A day after I get told I am going to Physiotherapy, yes well we will see come Monday that is for sure as I am NOT going to physiotherapy I can tell you, I am in my friend's Pet Store on Baker Street when I hear a commotion and a megaphone booking in the distance.

A protest march about CHASE FARM HOSPITAL closing down goes by, probably all made up of the cleaning staff not wanting to lose their jobs.

However there is some other kind of march going in in .... err March!

I did not think of videos or photos until they had gone past but I did take a short video with a friend standing behind me...

Would not surprise me if they are deliberately running all the hospitals into the ground, i.e. DELIBERATELY NOT DIAGNOSING and then blaming it on the way the hospital is run and that it is too expensive and therefore a valid reason to shut it down?!

The question is I think it is high time that NURSES and DOCTORS as well as SPECIALISTS that are employed by the hospitals now decide to stand up and be counted...

...because if I do not know whether you are KNOWINGLY doing this, and at least one nurse in Scotland has admitted being aware of these things, then I am DAMN SURE the rest of the public can only take a wild gander at a best guess.

I would not bet on your chances of coming out smelling of roses on that one!

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