Sunday, 24 February 2013


Oh I am having a whale of a time with me picture EDITING?!?!


This has nothing to do with the previous posts regarding cameras, lol. No, no that is just some other crap that seems to be becoming RIFE in the UK I need to sort out and hopefully will be to my satisfaction and NOT a couple more wars to add on here and another couple of HUGE NAMES, lol.

No the other numbers thing I have referred to on here, A Dance With Numbers reference.

I am having a great deal of chuckles as I edit the pictures and just putting around a little sarcasm and as I add notes I kept realising I was getting the numbers too low, lol.

I did that several times too, hehe.

Now I have to do the exact same thing in about 28 days time and then I have to edit the whole thing and put in some pointers and other things. I am not fussed about it and it is very rough but very clear too and that is the objective on each occasion and to make it CLEAR!

I have also been increasing and will do a great deal of content just about everywhere on all the popular blogs, of which there are SIX, plus a couple of others out of the TWELVE that have been somewhat...NEGLECTED of late.

So one way or the other there WILL be a pretty big announcement, not the biggest mind you but big that comes later on. Well I say that but really I do not know.

It can go one way or the other and in BOTH instances it can be HUGE I guess?!

Indeed and far more unlikely but still POSSIBLE it can go BOTH WAYS?! Err I think?! LMAO!

Right I am off to slay some dragons and will post more across the blogs over the next five days, each and every day too!

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