Friday, 15 February 2013


It is very weird to some but to me it is just obvious.

Now sometimes things are obvious immediately but I may not be entirely sure and other times I need time for certain facts to become obvious.

I have liked to be involved in a great many things and with a genuine reason to the last couple of years to put a great many theories to the test.

Throughout the short life of this blog, a little over 6 months now, I have said a great many things and have started a great many things. As bizarre as they might appear and without not much handed over to back it up what I did fail to tell is that this was deliberate.

You see often when I spot something I will throw something 'out there' then move onto the next thing or subject but will pay these things a great deal of attention. I will watch the numbers and see what they do. I will try to figure out the reasonings behind the processes of the things offered to us and the incentives they ensnare us with. But if there are dastardly plans afoot and the perpetrators are not to be trusted it will not be long before I realise.

Now once I do realise and I think it particularly bad 'sport' then I will figure out a way to try and highlight these things so put or set certain things in motion while keeping...RECORDS! Perumatation mathematics, combination mathematics and the various averages, like means and median, I learnt during my time at Middlesex University and I was adept at spotting patterns before I even went to college to get INTO University!

Over time and little by little the idea was, or at least one of many of them, was that whatever I claimed, spouted or ranted about would... eventually come to the attention of those that read my blabbering posts. This could be all manner of ways and be directly, indirectly or via the various news media channels.

Instead of me doing this with a few friends and family I would do it on a grand scale, so was the wish of my late friend Ken. THAT is what I have been doing all along and still am today!

Now it just so happens that more and more become targets as I go along. It just so happens that the names seem to get bigger and bigger. I have no problem with that at all and the more the merrier is all I can say to that!

Now I am normally presented at times with various numbers to do with all manner of sources and one particular set have been...SUSPECT. Recently events came to be that I was able to alter the very things that affect these numbers and the numbers have not been affected that much and indeed have a negative connotation to them now which is quite impossible... I have taken some screenshots. But that is not all I have done as before I checked these SUSPECT figures tonight I put a great deal of things in motion. Indeed I have been at this a number of days now and I have not actually doubled nor trebled the numbers that influence those presented to me but I have altered my own numbers by a factor of twelve at the time of typing and this will be closer to TWENTY by the end of the coming weekend!!

So I have a screenshot and the numbers I have altered are plain for ALL TO SEE if you simply work out where to look. If you know not what I refer to then I can assure you that a look around and it will not take long for you to work out to which numbers I have referred to that I have indeed altered?!

Now I hope you followed all that?! LMAO!!

NOW! These numbers have been suspect for a very long time and I am already aware of the possibilities along with the possible excuses and I am afraid to say to those that could turn out to be the culprits I have all the possible excuses shredded and placed into the garbage bag. In fact I did many moons ago!

The numbers are dancing to the wrong tune and a month from now some explaining will need to be done and in double time too!!

But it will not be me you have to explain to either as around a month after that it will be the public, your customers and the NEWS MEDIA, if indeed they have not been bought off as most I speak to seem to think, that you will need to answer to.

A word to the wise though, if indeed someone wanted to buy off all the news media? Well you could not quite simply. There would be no way you could buy them all off?! Hmm now that I think about it I suppose it would be possible if all News Groups were owned by few enough people?!

A shame no one owns the Internet though?!


Hmm really weird as four weeks time will be middle March and right on top of new financial year in April. Now it will likely take a month for everything that is going to change to sink into the public consciousness and this is provided there has not been a dreadful announcement, or even several, by that time?!

Considering all that and any likely sleep reducing news and by then what I refer to here, all that I state, the numbers that have been on here and elsewhere where I lurk on-line will be...pretty large and growing larger.

Now if it comes to be that it will be a real shock to the public at large facing the realities they have only heard about, the ones that they have at any rate, there will be a fair old kerfuffle I would imagine.

I for one am not looking forward to the shocks the public are going to get but I am looking forward to the possibilities that will be laid out before me when the end of April comes around!

You can take THAT to the BANK... hmm on second thought...


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