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Here is the latest email where the seem to have forgotten certain... facts.

What follows this screenshot of their email is my response and the PHOTOGRAPH I sent them.

It really does get frustrating when you join up the dots for these people and its not enough, then you add and join up MORE dots and continue this and then they forget about the dots from the first two DIAGRAMS.

That is outright and clearly EVASIVE.

Dear Martin Maco


I am not even going to read beyond the first paragraph to need to reply and explain in even easier terms for you and this time I am supplying a PHOTO.

I had stated at an earlier point that the sticker beneath was littered with the word VOID. So in other words whoever placed the original sticker on there had intended for the item NOT TO BE RESOLD and yetthe sticker was covered over by Argos' sticker.

NOW! I shall re-explain WHY this is important as IF I was running a HQ that was a representative of the Nikon brand I would...

1) Want to know how this happened...

2) Stop this happening again because...

3) I would be extremely concerned about what the kind of incident would do to the Nikon brand which is highly regarded around the WORLD, not just the UK, for precision engineering and quality and also that if Nikon Japan themselves knew NOTHING about it they would go crazy of they ever discovered this.

The reasons I gave, like counterfeit no matter how unlikely, is neither here nor there mate!

It is what will be done with the brand name and the world is a much smaller place today as local and national newspapers are not companies biggest problem as the INTERNET is global!

In fact if anything questionable is going on I can tell you with certainty that whoever set it all up I would not trust to look after an Hamster as they are obviously bloody incompetent. I have had several goods in my house many I still possess that came from questionable sources and have an email from the manufacturer of a faulty smartphone I purchased from Shop Direct via and Motorola themselves confirmed that the phone was originally sold via AT & T in America!

That is just one example.

The camera has been returned but I have KEPT evidence of its possession and have a whole series of detailed photographs of it and the seals. I have now opted for an Olympus and as far as using it and getting pictures it has been pretty impressive I must say and I decided against the P510, which is a shame.

Now when I was in the store returning the camera they did not even know about me, very odd, and exchanged it no hassle but I knew this all along and THAT was NOT the point IN THE EXERCISE!

Now I will repeat what I said to the lady in the store and let us see if it sinks in, unless the Nikon Brand globally is now a completely different company to what I remember?!?!

"I have a bad DISABILITY and it is quite debilitating and there is a delayed reaction so when I am messed about I end up paying for it and I have done for three days now which is why it took me so long to exchange it in part (I did explain this to YOU & Argos). Your customer services called me and spent 20 minutes speed talking about how they do not sell refurbished products but I know that it is. I have contacted Nikon HQ UK as well as Nikon HQ Japan as this is very concerning but right now it only seems to be me that is concerned about it. I am afraid to say that it will not stay this way over the coming months. My friend who visits drops me an Argos catalogue every so often and him and the whole town where he lives where everybody knows him all shop at Argos and yet he suggested I try to save money (as disabled people ARE treated like low life forms presently even paralympians) by BUYING a camera of eBay or Gumtree and do you know what I said? 'No a camera is a fine and intricate piece of engineering and the lenses are coated in a film that allows more light to transfer through to reach the sensor to get the sharpest images. I would rather go to a name like Argos and buy a product by Nikon so that I KNOW WHAT I AM (BLOODY) GETTING."

Broken down and joining the dots for you...

1) I have wasted money on top of what I spent on the camera as well as suffered a great deal of uneccessary pain.

2) I have only been issued with apologies, and I can now see them being FALSE ONES, by both parties.

3) They have failed to appreciate the simplest implications of all that I describe and two journeys in pain and I get a walk around the building looking at boxes when I was fully expecting at some point Nikon UK contacting Argos and despite what it says in the rest of your email this is shooting yourselves in the foot.

Now as far as I am concerned this is now over for me but I can now assure you it is far from over for you and Argos and I have told them the same thing. Do you know they even asked me when I had the Olympus SP-820 if I wanted to buy a Sandisk16GB Ultra Card at £20?! I said no lady I already have one of those I had bought for this Nikon and I paid £10.49 for it from Amazon and without the 30% off?!

Now let us say that a third party was privy to all the emails that I have from both yourselves and Argos? What do you think the wider public would make of it all?

Now as I stated I have exchanged to camera and this for me is now over and as far as all my suspicions are concerned it is now 'out of my hands' so to speak and I cannot say any more than that.

Thank you for taking the tie to walk around your building.


Martin Haswell BSc

So the word VOID means nothing to Nikon UK despite the fact that in their own admission Argos are an authorised dealer?

Does not know who put the sticker on and does not care.

Argos even asked me when I exchanged if I wanted to buy an Memory Card at a reduced price of £20 and I said I had the same car indoors I bought off Amazon for the offending Nikon camera I bought for £10.49 with NO 33% off?!


Mad World!

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