Friday, 22 February 2013



Where I can see The Witcher for £20 second hand walk around the corner to The Game store and buy it new for £15.

Where I had seen Sherlock Holmes the night before for £9.99 in Sainburys on Blu-Ray and then see it in CEX for £12?!

I do not know how they do this and a staff member in a Cash Converters store I got speaking to said he is hearing stories all the time and does not know who they get items in on the day of release nor does he understand their pricing system either and thinks it something to do with this exchange thing they have but... uh-uh.

No I sad there is only two ways they are doing this and both are illegal, either directly or indirectly so to speak.

If I see that guy who does not like me I tell you this much, he will WISH I had only called him names after he has met me. God this country really has gone down the pan!! LMAO!!

Further to my statements about losing that item and the headphone fiasco well I have a few things for you to see, I did not name them in that post but I will now.

Now this is the branch in Enfield Town who manage to acquite things like brand new Apple iPhones on the day of release despite them NOT being an official Apple Dealer ship, which most store would be taken to court for in an instant.

Well after complaining to their head office it seems I have now been banned by staff and falsely accused of being an abusive and insulting person who called someone a fat bastard, or words to that effect as they did not state.

So here is the email and a picture of their webpage where they STATE they BUY the Headphones I went into the store with but got turned away...

Oh and here are MY EMAILS...

Response to me being a liar and abusive towards staff and being barred, sod being barred place is a rip off and illegal anyway, lol. I complained because I dragged myself there under false pretences based in their WEBSITE! You cannot buy brand new headphones for £66 that have a retail price of £150 so advertising it is stupid as either they are

1) Advertising for people to go and out nick the stuff for them or...

2) Getting them from somewhere and NOT PAYING DUTY ON THEM?!

Hmm that second one sounds familiar?! LMAO!

Part One of the email that I typed out as I got home in alot of pain and could have been avoided if NOT for them advertising for goods on their website?!

Part 2

The follow up email where I wanted to retract what I said as I did not want to get anyone fired with the economic climate the way it is...

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