Wednesday, 20 February 2013


So whaddaya know?!

Now the DWP seems to have had a change of heart and cancelled my benefit, either that or they are far more incompetent than even I thought they were as the letter stated that they cannot pay from the 30th January and everyone knows they pay in arrears!

So on digital banking this morning I had intended to transfer the money from one account to another, as they have ignored over 6 requests to pay me into a different account, so that I can go and buy an item that will help me with this blog.


I guess they do not want me improving my many blogs?!

You know it is funny everything I have ever done all my life always seemed to go wrong and that includes the plans that looked like they could not fail. I used to tell me grandmother it was if I had some sort of BAD LUCK CURSE. I was in my twenties when I told her that and of course she thought me mad. After several years though and after one event she reminded me of me telling her that and said 'you know what? As mad as it sounded now it really DOES seem that way?!'

So hear I am with these blogs and on a day I was to buy something to help me improve them in an attempt to make s small amount each month to help me replace what they illegally took from me with Disability Living Allowance, remember they are erasing the word disability from the DWP, only to have them take away all my money altogether.

Odd that they would do that two weeks late and on a day I was intending to buy something?!

So now I have to go and fulfil my earlier threat I indeed made to them when I fully informed them and others of this blog! Of course I will be fully kitted out for the occasion too as usual.

I am not leaving the building until the money is in my account it is that simple. Of course they could decide to play hardball and become physical but that is their choice.

You see I believe in an Eye for an Eye and breaking the law and being illegal is a matter of morals...

It is often said and joked about by many a member of the public that the law sees people who steal money as worse criminals than those who intentionally hurt!

Sentences handed out by judges for various crimes has become a god damn laughing stock over the many years past!

So here we are whereby the DWP & Atos have been STEALING money from the people by way of lies and trickery that is tantamount to fraud and what happens?! Well you know the answer to that of course, NOTHING!!

Now I have had one lot of money illegally stopped, DLA 4 years ago, and now my other payment has been ILLEGALLY STOPPED!

Now I will go down there and explain the situation and ask someone in the building that it needs to be sorted out today and that I need a cheque or direct payment into my account. It is not hard is it not? If they refuse to do this or the DWP refuse I will refuse to leave the building AT ALL until the payment is received.

IN the end they will NOT be able to close the building or will have to FORCE me to leave and that is the point it will get somewhat tricky. I will refuse to leave and if they lay hands upon me to force me then I will defend myself but would have already given them PRIOR warning that this would be folly and not to do it.

So I will likely end up hurting someone...

...let us see who the law punishes most...

THE LIARS AND DEFRAUDERS or the person that hurts someone defending himself?

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