Sunday, 17 February 2013

THE BEST LAID PLANS... Hail to the Reveals Part 2

Well I promised more enlightenment but in all honesty the figures I checked on are still not doing as expected...

...though while cycling today I think I may know why. If true a very clever way of conning users but more worrying for them is companies they have deals with as if true they are conning them too.

Now as a company that has gone that extra mile to come across like the Golden Child of companies that portrays itself as fair and does charitable things it has been caught out a number of times recently on scandals and up to no good. There is also an anti-trust issue the details of which I cannot recall and are not important right now anyway and an action they did that raised more than a few eyebrows.

Now for me they have made themselves look really suspect and obviously were arrogant and far too confident in their own abilities and size that they have shot themselves in the foot! Whether they have started to realise this yet or not I have no idea.

But that is for a later date along with my other big reveals, will slightly bigger than average say, lol.

Now I did promise a kind of reveal about the plans so I will say this...

Before Christmas 2012 I stated a great deal of things regarding my pans to SOME members of my family along with friends. Now some members of my family are not very good, or just do not want to, at listening. Even when they do they seem to have a real problem with grasping of the straws even when it come to the obvious with some of them?! But some DO take things on board...

Now as I stated to some prior last Christmas I had a series of plans and yes it would have been nice if something would have worked out in my favour last September, nothing to do with my BLOGS nore YouTube account either, but thought it unlikely. I did hope that something would work out in early winter, due to it BEING winter, but thought that was a little hopeful too! That was to do with this blog and...

There was also the possibility that as the visitors to this site grew and grew that there associated jobs and careers would become more varied too?!

So that I would end up eventually collecting all kinds of professionals as visitors like say ...

1 - Solicitors

2 - Journalists

3 - Literary Agents and/or Book Publishers

Of course there could well be others that I have not even considered too?!

The ones from the above that would contact ME with interests would be, for me anyway, the ones out of the mire 'worth their salt'. A collecting of the salt of the earth kind of professionals you could say and not like those I have previously corresponded with directly?!

This takes several chores away from me as I have enough to do currently and in all honesty I have NOT approached any of the above for some time now, well prior to Christmas that is for sure.

Now along with that I also have a back up plan that comes into play around April to May that is a pretty much dead certain. But if other factors and plans had pulled something off I would not need this plan but still may have done it for the 'hell of it' as it would be a bit of fun I have not done in many years. Totally unrelated to anything on this blog I can assure you.

Of course the odd peculiarity is that the Financial Year comes in April too and by that time I would have had another 8 weeks (12 to May) of all my blogs and YouTube accounts not only GROWING but with all the added content between now and then...

This ties in with the fact that Spring will soon be Sprung and the media content I have been gathering together would not only continue to grow like it has but will grow much faster indeed than it has done!!

NOW?! This coming week I have decided to take the plunge, and gamble so to speak, and do something that is guaranteed to not only improve all I have said but will INCREASE it too. That takes place around Wednesday this week and peculiarly because of a set of circumstances I had not expected recently. So this taking place this week is also dead certain too.

Of course there is STILL the matter of my daughter too and in all honesty I have no idea what has been taking place. I assume there is another approaching Court appearance at Liverpool High Court, which would be the second High Court appearance and 5th, I believe, overall. Oddly this is likely to be around April or May of my estimations are up to the task.

So this is what I told people as regards to MY plans but it just so happens that it ties in with the warmer weather, people under the cosh become more PRO-ACTIVE at this time, the end of the financial year, the numbers on my blogs and YouTube when this happens and my other back-up plan.

Throw in my daughter's case and the fact that one or moe of the above mentioned professionals may have been in contact between now and then and you can see why I have referred to this April all along.

Also I mentioned sometime back that I could not really get going with some under my focus as I kind of had to let January go by and this was due to something my PREVIOUS Dentist stated to me two years ago?!

Yes OK the numbers, if true, on my blog does not seem to quite match up to that despite the utter shock people get when I tell them the current numbers, some now want to do their own blogs and that includes the techno-phobes?!

So yes I have been confident all along because I know it will all happen eventually but what I had no way of knowing or estimating was how long it would take. The one thing I do know is that in April and May there will most certainly be one thing that will happen that will be beneficial to me in a big way and this will help all the other things to take place in the months to follow.

Of course after April there would be no problem at all with divulging it all on here.

I will add that there is mountains of stuff, photos, subjects and news clippings I have simply NOT got around to posting and talking about. Still the dates are all on them and the reasons and thoughts I had at the time are still rolling up and down inside my noggin.

So they will be posted up at some point in time on here, but right now I am busy elsewhere.

I also have my meeting with Neurology on March 18th so sensible to do the reveal after that too!

Hmm now those earnings...

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