Tuesday, 26 February 2013



You know this business with Nikon & Argos which actually started off with Very & Littlewoods catalogues has on this third tie around caused me to realise something!

I think I know exactly WHAT is going on and it explains many things in the media that have not made sense to me and especially with David Cameron and his sidekick George Osborne?!

It is deceptively simple and brilliant in its design I have to admit despite how bloody DASTARDLY and DECEITFUL it all is.

Most annoyingly is the fact that despite this knowledge and IF TRUE I cannot put it on here!! For the simple reason that IF TRUE it is the kind of thing that would make a great deal of powerful people want me to go away somewhere!!

AS mad is it sounds it is the simple fact that very few people would be privy to this knowledge and most certainly even explains how they are treating disabled people so badly currently along with jobless people too.

I always did think there would appear at some point some really stupid thing crop up that on the face of it seemed like nothing and even somewhat fantastical, albeit slightly, but that would actually be a piece that would fit right in to put it ALL INTO PERSPECTIVE?!

Hmm now my small worries about certain aspects of the UK have now grown in stature somewhat!


If I were to give it a name and title I would call it STEALTH AUSTERITY!!

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