Monday, 18 February 2013


Now I will not show all the communications between us but I found an item I desperately require on Freeman's Catalogue.

Now as mentioned previously I had built up a credit limit that started at £550 with Littlewoods went up to over £2,000 with Littlewoods and then dropped due to the faulty, used and American sourced phone from Very I refused to pay for and they continued to ignore me over.

Now I full threatened them that if they approached a credit Reference Agency over this I would then deem it illegal and the fact that I have often requested that they PROVIDE the name of the Credit Reference Agency I will start to suspect them too!

Despite my many attempts to find one that I can contact without paying I have never managed to do this. FECKING CHEEK they can make false accusations and records about you and to even speak to them they want to you to pay them once a month?!

I also find it astounding that you can be refused credit when we are several years into a recession with no sign of coming out of it?!

Well all I can say is this, I find it extremely odd that you can refuse someone any credit at all, £300 in this instance, especially to someone who can not only AFFORD to PAY but IS currently paying as well as the over the top late fees I have incurred almost 20 of?! SO I have paid likely close to £200 in late fees on top of the £300 asking price for this camera that was never good enough for what I needed.

Almost bizarrely I have paid it off in a couple of months and that would amount to over £400 for my Nikon Coolpix S8200 which was probably refurbished as the box was tatty like the phones box, and despite about to pay that off I am not even in a position to spend the same amount of money again to get the camera I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT in the first instance?!


My god I have never come across an industry so full of snivelling and labour shy people so pathetic while being greedy and wanting to sit their making false accusations against an innocent person while the grand crimes being repeatedly performed by firms like Shop Direct go unpunished and deliberately ignored!

Amoebas have higher standards then theses pathetic slime balls!

Anyway, it was only a attempt to get what I really wanted instead of an older model I will buy for cash for just over £100 this coming Wednesday...

... so a little test and trap and on Wednesday night i will have a real surprising post to actually show you the huge differences I have been banging on about and about how bloody illegal and imooral it all is.

If you have not worked out this one I find it absolutely deplorable that this attitude that it is OK to rip off those that cannot afford it by selling them finance based on a product supplied which is NOT as advertised and with no COMEBACKS and ignoring the fact you have evidence.

Those that are rich not only have the cash but they want to pay WHOLESALE prices to boot?!

This is a touchpaper that will goo off at some point in the near future and the government will say how could we have predicted that?!' just like they did with the banks failing only THIS TIME I am actually on RECORD as predicting it and many other things. Well only because I warned them all directly and they fecking ignored me so here, talk your way out of this one you jerk-offs, lol.

I will explain more by Wednesday along with any email confirming or denying that they have or will inform me as to the credit reference agency...

...ask yourself this...WHY WOULD I WANT CREDIT?! LMAO!!! Well other than this time and i am not prepared to wait around while sending emails back and forth getting nowhere fast. No I will purchase what I need on WEDNESDAY and that is final!

But I will CONTINUE to ask these very relevant questions and let us see how far I get?1

Or...OR maybe in the meantime, and like almost every other thing I cover, something will crop up in the news in the next month?!



  1. Erm shouldn't you be on some sort of medication. Very chavish post and makes no sense at all. Of course a catalogue can refuse you credit and if you spoke to them the way you are coming across here Id have sent you on your way too. Grow up!

  2. Erm, there is more to it than just one post and a whole lot of evidence.

    ALthough you are the first person out of over 50,000 to do it on here and for the life of me I do not know haw someone can come on to one single solitary post and decide that they are right and the writer is wrong.

    The point of anything that I do, if you READ subtitles and details to the BLOg is that I already KNEW what was going on before I did anything. I also do not recall this post so I do not even know what it is you are remarking to.

    Also I was sold a second habd and USED phone by which was absolutely dreadful to type upon so some posts may be a little....OFF.

    But as this is done under my own time and for free I do think that anyone that complains has a bit of a cheek in all honesty. Also....well sorry to correct you but you said you did not make sens of it so how could you cast an opinion.

    I am sorry to dissapoint you here but had you read more about this and not a twitter sized paragraph you would never have put this comment so my advice is...

    DO not be so bloody lazy and read more, otherwise keep your opinions to yourself, lol.

  3. Here is another comment in total contrast to yours....

    Hello – I must say, I'm impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access. I found what I wanted in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Would appreciate it if you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Great job los angeles halls on NO SHIT...WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL

  4. Oh, oh, oh I never thought to ask?!

    You do not work for one of them by any chance?

  5. I had a thought about these comments the day after I posted mine and decided that...

    Despite having insults hurled at me along with name calling and insinuations, despite me being told to 'grow up' I will not do the same.

    Instead I have drawn a diagram to show the bigger picture that cannot ge had from a single post such as this one.

    A blog is akin to a diary so you have to FOLLOW a set of events. I would love to b able to get a whole film just from watching the clips of it or a whole book just from the synopsis as it would save a great deal of money, but it is not really possible now is it.

    Now this diagram is one of FOUR PARTS. This one is on the RETAIL side of things while the others have a box in their of the DWP, Local Government and Government as do the NHS. Each of these could have their own diagram which would broadly be similar to this one...

    Now I believe that answers any queries but just in case not I can tell you that at my fathers funeral there were in excess of 500 people and every single one of them will tell you that I AM extremely polite, genuine and helpful.

    They will also say that if I am that angry towards someone then there is a dman good reason for it.

    I also will NOT delete comments made on here as....