Sunday, 10 February 2013


There you are and after nearly blowing a gasket with Chase Farm Hospital's call centre and then told there has been no referral letter come through... here it is.

Even when they are right they are immediately proved wrong, lol.

Been thinking about this thing more and more lately but not with respect to me but the rest of my family...

A few things have been somewhat curious but what I can say here is that myself and two brothers suffer with painful backs and have done awhile now. Not sure of my sister in all honesty but we all have varicose veins and circulatory problems.

Of anything else they experience I do not know but I do know of one cousin that suffered from knee problems for years and I am sure if I remember correctly having a discussion about why it still hurts when I think they went through an operation on it to have a fragment removed.

I have had slightly dodgy knees for years until one time and pursuing an upset father, no was NOT me, my right knee snapped and I could not put any force on it for several days. Walking out of the question. Of late my knees are weak and more so in the summer and though they hurt when walking I am damn sure it is NOT the walking that aggravates them but instead the CYCLING! Many things have been an absolute bastard to understand over the years due to, on the one hand, a kind of delayed reaction with some things and one activity causing a pain while then attempting another later!

This is true of both knees and feet and even my back can act up when I least expect it and then ask myself why as I have done nothing to provoke any pain or seizing or locking up. Same is true for upper back and shoulders but I now know this is a delayed reaction, or constant weight at the wrong angle will bring it on quicker. What I mean by that is that the rucksack over one shoulder will have my shoulder freezing up in pain. Using both straps over shoulders and a harness across the straps it will take a great deal longer before its severely uncomfortable.

This is the most important page and I left out the other two, with my PASSWORD and other details and obviously also edited this page too.

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