Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Darn it, forgot this one and it is now 48 hours after actually recording it?!

One for CMT International UK this one...

They had told me in an email that the NHS were bad with CMT and I am here t teach them a thing or two that everyone else completely misses.

There is no such thing as 'BAD' there are only 'BAD INTENTIONED' it is that simple.

Your own book states that there are surgical procedures, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and many other forms of help.

Now I have attempted to show for a great many different things listed in this blog that there are indeed conspiracies going on and you need to forget about thoughts that the word CONSPIRACY normally brings to mind.

I have been to 7 physiotherapists and two of these have been heads of Physiotherapy. The one at Whipps Cross Hospital wsa the very person whose remarks and row on the phone with NHS Podiatry led me to realise there was a conspiracy going on in the first place, as did TWO letters from NHS Podiatry.

Well you told me that the NHS are bad at it and I will state categorically it is turning a blind eye to it deliberately... is yet another person who is in way above her head with me trying to catch me out and never even HEARD of Charcot Marie tooth Disease. asks me what it is and how it affects me but cuts me off after giving her the second symptom and to cap it all asks me how to spell it?!

Remember the previous posting lists a huge number of symptoms I have made it absolutely clear is VITALLY IMPORTANT to all this and then some. Along with this IMMEDIATELY following post and the one where I reveal nearly everything I planned this weekend are the KEY FACTORS as the evidence I gathered enough of against but one will then vindicate any others that left some naive still with doubts ans those I have precious little of in reality.

Plus I put the idea out to all the BIG GUNS that you are concentrating on me and fear me when you should be looking at each other. One person taking action in secret can make any of the others look guilty.

So who wants to take most of the blame along with most of the media attention to all this?

Any takers??? LMFAO!!!

If this particular recording is not clear I have another I made using a second device and I alwayys use TWO.

Indeed this is recorded in WAV using this one before being converted to MP3 and uploaded to different cloud storages.

Oh yes and I note that they are making noises now of the fact that the government is inept at IT and under staffed to do with cyber-crime?!

Now yet again something I talk about and cover so what are the chances this has come up due to me, this blog or BOTH?!


Long may it continue!!

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