Friday, 1 February 2013


 Dear Liars & Tossers


A word to the wise, the use of bad language is nothing compared to the illegal and immoral things that you and your organisation have been guilty of!

Secondly I promised you that I was up to something and as Michael Meacher MP recently mention it in the House of Commons and that there will now be further debates on it and it is becoming more mainstream media news…

Due to the BBC now requesting contact by a great many people. About time to.

Oh and thank you so much for telling me this morning that my IB was cancelled the day BEFORE?! What was this? Sour Grapes? Finally realised that you cannot beat me and that you now want to play even dirtier than you did before?!

I bet my rants and raves must have driven you to distraction? Well I am writing now to let you know a little tiny bit about what I have been doing for all this time, in fact I can tell you I have actually been at things for years. Only for the past 6 months I have been very public about it I can tell you that and there are way over 7,000 people that have been made aware of what you have been up to.

I have had a blog and a number of other websites directing people to my blog. On the blog I also have media in the form of scanned letters, documents, emails, photos, recorded audio and even video. It is also not the only place either.

I am also widely known now to a whole range of campaign group manager who have had my details for many months.

Also in the 6 months my blog has been live people have been copying and storing the evidence I provided as I request the to do so and they then distribute it to other people to do the same.

I also, among many other things, have a YouTube account too. All I ever needed was for a certain NUMBER of people to have seen and viewed THE TRUTH and after that the demise of the perpetrators would not nor never be stopped as once it was widely known to all the battle would then be won. Despite me thinking that this milestone passed by months ago I decided to keep it secret and build it up and unknown to all that I am divulging the truth about.

Now I DID TELL YOU that you was but merely one target and that other are far bigger?! Well here is the BOG and you can see for yourself, all the lies that your organisation told along with and BACKING UP Atos is out. It is spreading now and there is no stopping it….
Right now onto the matter of the cancellation of my Incapacity Benefit as well as the Disability Living Allowance that I should have had years and only had for THREE!


Despite the best attempts of the NHS to refuse to treat me I have kept on and on and even after a recent disagreement with my GP where he said I did not have what I now claim to, well I was right and he was wrong! Or should I mention Ms Ennis who was fucked about for years and told nothing wrong only for them to realise they were wrong and SHE HAD OVARIAN CANCER! NICE!!

Met with him two weeks back and he said he had heard back from Podiatry, after hearing from back specialists, and that he was referring me to Neurology after previously refusing to do so and that he disagreed when I said that I now KNOW I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease?!

So a lifetime of pain and the possibility of pain and then death is perfectly OK while evil people and organisations like you can SAVE MONEY while preaching to the rest of the world how to be CIVILISED?! You people should be put against a wall and shot in all honesty and you have pushed enough people so far that I really would not be surprised to see this happen in a year or two, I really would not. The fact that people killing themselves over your actions has a knock on effect to everyone around them. When that happens to enough people you’re well and truly buggered every which way but loose, you really are. I personally am glad that neither I nor any member of my family are associated with organisations such as your in anyway. That includes the Police!

Oh yes I have been fighting the OLD BILL too, still they are nothing but a bunch of over confident but in reality thick tossers.

You will find as you peruse my now infamous blog that many of the people I have battled have been appearing in the news media over the last couple of years?! That is no coincidence I assure you and I was working on all this long before I STARTED the blog and indeed I could only go live when I realised it was SAFE to do so…

…you see I have been SAVING peoples lives and not taking them as you have done so at the end of the day who will the public chose out of the two of us? NOT YOU!

Oh and as for my Incapacity Benefit being cancelled yesterday? Well if the money is not in my account as per the usual day and time I will enter my local Job Centre, oooh maybe I should point out I know about Job Centres lies too, and I guarantee I DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING UNTIL AI AM PAID WHILE DRUGGED UP TO THE EYEBALLS!!!

AS you do not like emails I will tell you this, by the time you read this all that I stated above and along with a copy and paste of this LETTER would have been LIVE on my blog for 5 DAYS!!

Oh and several media organisations are reading the blog and watching my YouTube Videos and to top it all I have had contact from a rather large Literary Agency both in a business level and on a personal level based in the region of Marylebone Road in London?!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to ANY correspondence!

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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