Monday, 18 February 2013


Well it seems that deciding to become a target a few months ago is sorting itself out finally after going a little bit wrong.

But then I was not there so I was shooting in the dark and doing this by text messaging.

Due to someone in my family I could see a flare up going to take place between one of my siblings and two others and both there two had voiced their concerns over it a couple of times.

Due to another member of my family who likes to think that her sore toe is far worse than your broken leg and will hope to find out that any affliction she has affords the slightest chance of death so that she can tell everyone there eventually became a problem.

Sounding like a town-crier but with tears and amateur theatricals she insisted she was going to be caught doing something by the council and made homeless. Despite the fact that she has an affliction that she constantly reminds us while in tears can kill her at any time.

This is also despite the fact that she considers herself a socialist in the literal sense too and despite the fact that I have repeatedly told her it will not happen she kind of forced a sibling onto several others, without thought for our lives, problems nor work and family relationships...

I was first and followed by a sister before talk of another brother before it was all over and the brother escaped this hardship.

She had her own friend who was a Social Worker that she had a plaster for every sore and so true and even quite an understatement.

In fact I can say that any partners, married or otherwise, that come along we have to try to give them a but of a warning without telling them all and scaring them off! Oddly this ALWAYS comes over as over the top and somewhat unfair and disrespectful of each of us. That thought towards us does not last long.

On every single occasion and indeed even only recently and even with us being in our middle ages I was told by one partner of a sibling that they thought we were over the top but after a year or so they now realise that we...were being kind and that the reality is far worse than they could ever have imagined.

The other thing they like to do is tell you about the illness that afflicts them when they have told you dozens of times before. This becomes laughable when you consider that I have just found out that the afflictions that I have suffered with which a many and painful and go back up to 20 years are all down to this disabling condition...

...but I get cut off because they tell me that what they have to say IS IMPORTANT despite us all knowing every detail and hearing it repeatedly for the last couple of years. Also I had spent all day hearing this and not explained my condition at all and after several hours and back at my home I tried to do this again but was cut off and actually told that I go on about my illnesses but they are NOT allowed to talk?!

Earlier in the day I was told her that I had a situation a few weeks back where I wanted to die and with her being, no WANTING, stress she immediately took it that I was referring to the amount of stress I was experiencing. This was a prime example of how she does not think as she is so eager to command, control and be the sole one whining away about her ills. Then she will turn and say 'its not a competition, you know' when there is no competition and she would hardly know as she never lets you speak. How can she decide if its even a competition when she cuts you off when what you have is NEWS only because she wants to repeat old news that is two years old?!

Her condition? Well provided that she is afflicted with it that would be mild Epilepsy or that is what we are told. She also has a very good job of twisting the facts at her constant attempts to turn siblings against each other. What she in fact does is actually CREATE a problem that she wants to solve when she does not have the capabilities to solve it. She complains no one thinks she is right about anything serious when she has not proved herself correct about anything in 20 years plus.

If you have broken your leg and in pain you are to forget that pain and rally around her as she is upset that you are in pain. Now this could not get closer to the truth when it comes to describing her and to be honest it is very much like Munchausen By Proxy but instead of hurting children phsyically so that she gets attention she instead will do just about anything else and even repeatedly attempt to cause rifts. She will even state to others while I am standing there, or any of us for that matter, that we stated something completely different to the facts to make it look as is she was being attacked by that person?!

Indeed she very recently said that all my siblings had told her not to come around here as I always have a go at her and she said this to me two days ago when the reality is three of use decided with each other that we will NOT tell her anything as she cannot handle it,well that is what THEY think anyway but I KNOW differently, and that she will 'do everyone's head in'.

The difficulty is that I yes I do not contact her but when she is telling me for the fifty thousandth time how bad this light headed things are, Jesus I have those along with everything else as I have stated on here repeatedly, that it is hard and I get annoyed as she knows you have had a confirmation about something or there has been a disaster and she will NOT ask you. Or at least if she does it is after about four or five hours of her and about 5 minutes before she is leaving.

Another example is that she tells me, who lives alone and has been single for 8 years, that I do not know what it is like for her having no one to talk to, who lives in a house with three OTHER people besides her!

She tells me for the umpteenth time that her DOCTOR, you know those idiots who are overpaid and do not listen, is suddenly a top Psychiatric expert and that it is all our fault her stress and problems and that she should cut off from us. What she does not know is I have been talking to TWO siblings about her saying this for 6 months and I turned and said 'so what are you doing here?' to which she replied she bought my birthday money?! I did not burst out laughing at this but I wanted to and I said to her that cutting off meant exactly that not with the exception of family get togethers, parties, Halloween or any other special occasions as this would be no different to what has been ongoing for several years, lmao.

She is under the impression that her reality is the right one and that everyone else in the world is wrong, including her social worker friend IF she still talks to her. My father went with her to a Marraiage Guidance Councillor years ago before they divorced and while that councillor was moaning about my father my mother was agreeing and saying 'see its all you, its your fault' etcetera, etcetera. She does not know that I am aware of this and neither does she know that I am also aware that when the councillor turned to her and started to get critical she stood up, refused to listen, told him he was wrong and did not know what he was talking about and walked out.

Believe me when I state that this DID happen as had it happened any other way and she had not been criticised then we would have repeatedly heard this over the years as she still insults my father and moans about him despite him being dead for ten years now. Of course it was he that told me many moons ago now.

So this sibling, who is a problem in his own way but it is only he that pays for it for the most part, stopped talking to the three of us which was a bit of a misfire as I stepped in by text messaging when I heard that there was a huge kerfuffle in my absence and nothing to do with me. So I told him that I had told two other siblings that everyone that lived under that one roof, all four of them, were an effing headache and that we should all cut off from that house and everyone in it as it was seriously affecting our lives. Well them really I just used to get fed up within the hours of droaning on over the same things you are powerless to do anything about. Or the fact that despite no one being perfect in the world we are constantly reminded we are not perfect and we need to face up to that, like that first of all doing this is going to turn us all into Harry Potter with a magic wand or the fact that we all already KNOW we are not perfect and I keep telling her so.

Sometimes I think I am using the wrong language entirely and wonder if there is another world she hails from where all meanings of words are completely different to that used by the rest of society or that of the Oxford Dictionary?! Hmm I wonder if she is secretly running the government as they seem to be afflicted by the same thing?!

No there are reasons why I put this on here as it is fresh in my mind, the two people I could talk to, indeed there WAS a third, have all since died years ago and according to public offices, civil servants and government we are all to rely on this person who has the capabilities of driving you insane and winding up in a straight-jacket in a funny farm?!

Also as well as everything else I have put on here, and yes she does know it all trust me on that, this all is unimportant because she wants to spend several hours telling you what she has done a dozen, DOZEN times already and how terrible it all is for her.

No she does not ask about my daughter either but one grandchild is in Lisbon now and the fact that is a different country this gets used as another thing to attempt to draw attention to herself like I do not notice it!

Well that sibling that cut themselves off from us is now speaking to my other two siblings so that is something positive. Oddly they have been been quiet so i do wonder if yet again they have been making up their minds about the situation and getting it arse about face as per usual.

I told my mother that my sibling getting pissed and cutting off was to do with me and she got all cocky and all knowing bay interupting me and cutting me off to continue speaking and starting with 'oh yes I KNOW, he is really PISSED with you' so I interjected and said 'WHY?' then returning the compliment of cutting her off while trying to make her realise in a simple way that she constantly opens the gate without thinking. 'Oh because of what happened that night?!' she replied and I turned to her partner and said 'Peter? Was I there that night?' to which he said no and I turned and repeated to my all knowing domineering and attention seeking mother who loves to hear her own voice and said 'so WHY is he pissed with me?' to which she came out with a few things and Peter reminded her that I was not there.

She does not like that, not like making it clear she has nothing to contribute or being able to say that she sorted it when she was the sole cause of it as usual. So I told her I put myself up as a target and text the problem sibling and told him that I had suggested with the others to CUT OFF from that house entirely and that it was ALL MY IDEA. If I had not done so there was a tension building up and ONLY CAUSED by our mother that would have led to a face to face falling out between the problem sibling and the two others.

Also with everything that I have had going on throughout this blog I get fed up with hearing it so placing myself up as a target stops it form getting out of hand, I come across like an angry teacher slapping a few people across the wrists with my cane, sound familiar?

If no one speaks to me I do not really care as I am used to doing all that I have done on my own without any help at all from anyone.

Now I hope these last points have made this absolutely clear. Hehehe!

Now you see the thing about public offices is when they ar aware that you can be an embarrassment to them and becoming a threat that will be damaging to an extent that they will not recover from well they will plot ans scheme. in so doing they will come up with things to say about me, to blacken or dirty my name and make me look like something I am not. They will think that all they need is one single solitary thing to cast doubt upon me as a person will then have everyone disregard the rest of the truth I have uttered and they get away with it.

This is their way of manipulation and they see everyone as fickle.

The trouble for them is that I was already aware of that for a very long time. I also know better than they do and this goes for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, exactly what my relatives are like and whether or not any of them can be relied on at all. Also and just like that Ennis woman stated on BBC News recently, in a roundabout way, that I KNOW MY BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!!

Unfortunately some people will not realise that and some people may even still have doubts about what I say. Well you can doubt or even shout as much as you like that I am wrong but the same result will occur as it always does. I think with some it gets to the point where if they keep saying I am wrong that eventually and one day they will get it right and all I have to say is well of course you will!

You just might, however, have a very long wait?!

It should also be apparent to readers now that whenever I write these posts that I am well aware that there are, or will be eventually, a great many people that would all fit into various groups. So I have to consider those that are honest, decent and supportive people if indeed there is anyone like that out there. Also that various recipients of my tongue lashing facts will visit here plus the people belonging to various professions I hope to garner the attention of and hopefully some form of contact. Even among those I hope to help there are varying degrees of things to consider. Levels of intelligence for one and over confidence and misreading is another along with doubters and those that have set out on a path of immorality I am trying to show does not work and this blog should have proved that. Yes a great many.

Plus of course there is my family and I was told by one that they keep up to date but I seriously doubt it and have had no evidence of that.

I know for a fact my mother does not either and thinking about it I do not know of a single solitary member of my family who have ACTUALLY asked for any of the blog addresses, lol.

I have had loads of mates, acquaintences (those not green with envy of me for years) and even people I get chatting to for the first time out and about or in my friends retail store will request I write particular ones down.

This one will always go down along with one other out of the Orchids, Reptiles/Amphibians/Fish, British Wildlife, CPUS & COMPUTERS, Movies, Music, Astronomy or one of the others and I have still to start up another four subjects I love I have not covered to date?!

Confused? Yes well that make two ... MANY of us, me included! I never said it was going to be easy I just said it was going to be THE TRUTH!! LOL!

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