Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Now you realise I cannot prove what i am about to type and I certainly cannot think of a way of proving it but...

The UK is in such a bad state that even people in wheelchairs are being kicked repeatedly in the never regions.

Despite the figures and mumblings in the Houses of Parliament the Dynamic Duo persist on their current path despite the wining from others.

We all know that these people decide on this big overseas business deals?!

We all now that despite losing our AAA credit rating in the UK, yet they still a patronizing to the public over this, we were one of the last countries to lose it, so not that big a deal to me.

We also borrowed a lot of money from other countries, some of those likely to be suffering themselves now?!

So how about this...

The UK Government forces UK retailers and stores to buy the faulty refurbished crap from all over the world at FULL PRICE and sells it to its naive public, or so they think, and over time and a certain number of years the losses that SAID countries and companies would have made over these products diminishes. Remember I said LOSSES and not PROFITS which could mean in the current climate the difference between surviving and FOLDING?!

If my current and latest Nikon Coolpix L810 had worked faultlessly it is possible I would never have remembered that Argos Seal over the box and snapped away for months quite happily and not made the link to Shop Direct and its Very and Littlewoods Catalogues?!

That is what I meant be being deceptively brilliant, of course I could be way off base here completely or it could be something slightly different?!

Well all these politicians have all these meetings about overseas trade and business and I have always wondered what in the world they could possibly talk about, outside of military supplies that is.

Or as I thought of it, yes we will take all your crap a full price and sell it to the dumb fecks while we will make money charging criminally large interest on it all and then insurance on top of that.

In the words of Del Boy ... 'Its a win, WIN! YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE?!'


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