Saturday, 2 February 2013


I must say a very well done!

Though I have only had three organisations contact me and one of them twice I must say it was very clever. There are several ways here to actually shut me up and remove me as a threat but to remove this blog, illegally, they must first remove me.

The only ways to do this is either make me homeless or put me in a position where it is highly likely I will end up in prison. Then and out of the way they can do what they want with this blog and I will not be in a position to stop it!

Or being homeless might make it nigh on impossible too!

Now they have managed to perform things in such a way as to do this and I cannot see a way out so check-mate to them!

Cancelling of my Incapacity Benefit will cause me terrible trouble and also make me homeless.

Sending me TWO letters about the bloody TV Licence is to make me angry...

As is the NHS switching over from the Neurology I was referred to, to the Physiotherapy Department that know damn well and is well documented that this frustrates me to no end!

They also know that the front line people will be cocky, talk down to me and stubborn know it alls that know nothing at all. So my frustrated conversations to come are highly likely to have me get angry, security guards set upon me and me hospitalising several of them.

All this because I had to go and give in and tell one little MP about this BLOG?!

The speed with which they reacted is impressive I must say and a shame they do not work with such speed when it is members of the public?!

So if I am locked up or homeless in the coming weeks I will make sure it is headline news and therefore WHEN people GOOGLE ME and they find this they can then see that the whole thing was an elaborate plan to get me out of the way as well as this blog?!

So when I am out of the way you had better make sure you get rid of this blog damned QUICK!!

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