Sunday, 24 February 2013


Right now.... OK I have been watching a few things for a while now and I am getting close to actually showing something to you all...

...but I cannot say what it is nor who it is just yet.

I need another 30 days at least before I can be sure of what I know and I have been keeping screenshots and have just taken one and have EDITED it in a rather dramatic way!

It has lots of ARROWS, I like arrows lol, and also a fair bit of text too pointing out the problems contained herein along with many contradictions. I have others from previous but some things take time and a building up of the data before you can show to the world beyond a doubt that some things are most definitely UP?!

I also need to make a call towards other users of particular groups of things to come here when it actually goes up, JUST IN CASE YOU UNDERSTAND, to see the editing and layouts I have done and they can then copy the images and use them as they see fit!

It also seems to tie in yet again with this APRIL 2013 whereby everything seems to come together and if this does turn out to be the case, or at least in a way that then becomes obvious to all, in all honesty it was NOT by design. Or at least not CONSCIOUSLY BY DEIGN at any rate?!

So will likely be around 5 weeks, just to be sure, called Part ONE and be followed by a part TWO 30 days later...if I am still on here by then that is, LMAO!

I will state the the numbers are becoming more bizarre with each week that passes and it will be intriguing...NO RATHER EXCITING TOO to see what comes out of this particular venture?!

These will be titled as above and A Dance With Numbers Parts One and Two.

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