Thursday, 28 February 2013


Well that is what my broadband should be called as it is noting of the kind, as stated before it has never been that great and the last few days it has been very slow and tonight it took me an hour before I could see a webpage.

Indeed I have been trying to get Hotmail, Amazon and Blogger up in the last 30 minutes and it takes forever!

It took over thirty seconds just to get this post edit page up and as I cannot do anything else and seem to have fatigue yet again for the fourth night in a row, despite a slow cycle to the dentist today, I am trying not to nod off while resisting the urge to use my laptop as a Frisbee as it is not down to the laptop, or the smartphone as a skipping stone in the nearby river?!

Quite how they can charge for this garbage service is beyond me and i keep throwing my head back in a micro sleep every time there is a long pause!

While you edit these posts Blogger automatically saves what you type and insert every 30 seconds and despite it being just simple text, or ASCII codes to those who are familiar, it has thrown up a problem saving message twice already and indeed just as I typed that it has disappeared.

Is free gold, money and booze being given away on line tonight or is it just my crap connection has got worse?

This is how T-Mobile went after a few months before I switched to O2 and their dongles before it lasted a week before stoppping altogether. The second SIM-CARD and then DONGLE they sent me both refused to work at all.

ANother occasion whereby I tell them where the fault is, they insist it is somewhere or something else only to end up taking days or weeks and then admitting I was correct in the first instance!! That happened with T-Mobile and then O2 and I do not know whether I have the bloody energy to go through yet another fiasco that will just be a repeat of the last two?!

I have long since known, or admitted by a T-Mobile engineer after a dozen conversations, that a data cable broke near my home and was supposed to be fixed and it now seems it had not been. I would wager it STILL has not been fixed and that conversation took place over two years ago now.

Astonishing and the error saving work message has just come up and gone fact ever since I have had a mobile broadband connection any time I write anything, blog post, email, web email etc I have to highlight all my text once I have done then right click and click on copy as if often bombs out and I would lose a great deal of typed text around 30% of the time or more.

Hopefully I will be in a position soon to go back over to a hardline and blow it these mobile phone firms until such a time they stop thinking of nothing else that signing you to a contract, stop being damned greedy and aloof and actually sorted out the service that they do not have while trying to sign every and their brother onto?!

Well along with everyone else then, eh?

Do you think they watch the news? I mean when you talk to these people from all these companies on the phone and no matter whether they are private or public you would never believe we were way over two years into the hardest times in living memory with no sign of anything improving would you?

I can imagine these people on those stupid refresher training courses they are forced to go on and being told...'do NOT mention the 'R' word! Pretend like it has not happened!' LOL.

I found it astounding to hear of the mention of the Bank of England considering venturing into NEGATIVE interest rates meaning that the banks would have to pay the Bank of England fees, oh how hilarious please do, to store their money as they are not lending it out and that this may force them to change that.

Well it is a bit hard when no one has any money and it must be bloody annoying to be told by the government via the media two completely opposing things...

No pensions so you better save and while you are doing that make sure you still spend money as the economy is fecked?!

They are requesting this of a ever growing percentage of people that have no money to do EITHER!!

Despite my outlandish claims that these government trade agreements, they are always outlandish to its been proven to be fact, where we just get shipped all the crap stock and sold to us at full RRP or at times even higher. Or when there are too many offered at half price.

Mind you I am assuming readers might think my claims as outlandish but I would challenge anyone to turn the clock back several months and if I had typed on here that Beef Burgers were made up of Horse meat and so were many other things as well as the meatballs in Ikea do you not think that would have been even MORE far fetched that just about anything I have divulged throughout this blog's existence?!

LMAO! I know I certainly would have done the exact same thing had someone said that to me I would have walked away think 'crazy?!'.

Now I am just using up time on this post hoping that the connection problem cures itself as I could not open emails in Hotmail using Google Chrome and it was pretty much useless.

Tomorrow I have a friend visiting in the morning and then I have to go out and do a couple of things to counter act the extra expense I have had to lay out for this camera by selling some treasured positions in a Cash Converter type store and NO, it will not be CEX! LOL. Well I hope not but I will make a few calls before I go out tomorrow that is for sure, lol.

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