Thursday, 21 February 2013

ITS 10.30AM

Yes it is very shortly anyway, idea of post title idea came from an old album I have and many of those who are or were into Pink Floyd will be familiar with Roger Waters The Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking.

I digress.

well I am up and there was no cash in my account when I checked and...DAMN IT IS THERE?! WOOHOO!!

Anyway, after a terrible few days and feeling rather il last night and with the only food I ate was something kindly bought for me by my mates wife while hanging in their shop.

This was not the cause of my terrible sickness feeling last night. This was a balance based sickness feeling and as I stated rather like I had consumed too much alcohol, bloody chane of it would be a fine thing?!

A little dizzy this morning but better thank god. Oddly trying to do things on-line last night and that was after attempting to play Elder Scrolls V Skyrim both of which became impossible before very long. This does happen often but normally does not get that bad.

I must admit to now thinking of the VAGUS NERVE and my HIATUS HERNIA!

The routines of the normal day for me are absolutely plagued with difficulties and obstacles the majority of which and acting singly and solely would render 90% of people unable to get out the door, some out the bedroom even! That is a fact.

Death would be more comforting to me than being limited in this way so I try to work through it or around it somehow.

Anyway... I have just finished receiving a series of pictures by the only person in the world I can trust and they have collected and amassed into rather a large number!

Now was planning to spend March gradually posting these images with my own short sound-bite takes on them, of a naturally insulting tone added to each.

They are of course the return of the screen test series and many things I have referred to of late that may have sounded...'OUT THERE' have not been noted without acquiring said 'evidence' of the publication of subjects I referred to.

However there are so many it is highly likely that the whole of March my not be long enough, now that I have placed them all in their respective folders?!

Each subject has a great many to work through and the upcoming Screen Test List is as follows...
















Now before anyone gets too excited, this includes those listed above, do not take that list as being in the order of publication as it will not be.

As I always do these will be in a predetermined and specifically selected order of my choosing and by deliberate design!

I am laos going to keep my remarks to each witty, sarcastic and to the point. The intention being that it is intended to make you THINK about each one in turn.

Also and fully intentional is the fact that these 'SUBJECTS' may well be months old and up until recently but it just another methodology rolling around my noggin' and a test to see if posting all this in a matter of a few weeks will keep it all fresh in the mindset of the readers as they move onto another subject?!

You see I have wondered whether or not there is a deliberate spacing towards the release and publication of each thing so that you forget the last utter shocking thing you read about.

Therefore I want to see what reaction there is when these are posted in quick succession?!

Call it scientific research of a kind! :)

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