Wednesday, 13 February 2013


My laptop has been uploading three videos for the past few hours onto my YouTube account.

This time around a change to the former and not to do with gaming in the worlds of the Elder Scrolls and Crysis series, among others. No a return to filming of bird watching in my garden with that Blackcap and a fair few Goldfinches.

Now while it was uploading these things, which are ALL part of the big plan and directly linked to all this on corruption, I was out of the house.

Now this primarily means that my laptop was on, as well as on-line, and therefore my PHONE was here too!

Now I am going to say that I have just got in and am rather fortunate due to three things when I left the house and the first of these is I unknowingly took my WALLET. Secondly I unknowingly took my OYSTER CARD and thirdly I was REMINDED to bring my WALKING STICK.

I dare so a fair few that read this would already realise exactly WHERE this is going and I am explaining exactly how narrow an escape it turned out to be due to a curious set of circumstances and some surprises thrown in.

I had a friend here and it is Valentine's Day before too long, yes like I would remember that?!

Now as i am telling him about some notes I made about Charcot Marie Tooth from the book I now own and how naive and thoughtless people are and how this book explains it to he remarks about going to Waltham Cross. He asks me if I was going there for anything and I said ' no mate I have no money at the moment' then I thought about it and said 'look if your asking if I want to tag along while you do something then yeah, I do not mind' and we eventually leave. As we are about to leave he says, don't you want your walking stick? I reply that I had better bring it.

I take no scarf nor my fleece ummm thing that goes round my neck. I take no gloves nor do I take my rucksack.

While up there and inside the shopping centre he ventures into a card shop and I tell him I will be down  near the centre. There is a jewellers there that have Seiko, Citizen, Rotary and Skagen timepieces I always like to look at, even if I like Omega Seamaster Watches. He is quite while and I return to see him still browsing but when I return a second time he is in a very long queue?!

While pacing up and down I am confused by slight stabbing pains in the soles of my feet! I am confused as the day before I had not been out the house at all and had not dine a great deal the day before that, other than hospital, friends shop and home in a couple hours. I had done the stretches I had spoken of and despite the fact that they have made certain things more bearable there have been... other downsides, oh OK PAIN, to this and I do not know presently if this is constant or just from getting used to it or indeed until the stretching is finished.

Eventually I am standing outside the jewellers when I realise he is three feet behind me and I turn and say ahh your here. He then startled and says 'oh bugger me I was looking for you and your standing right in front of me?!'

We go back outside and he says he is now late to pick up his wife and son, I was not aware he had to do, and I tell him that 'well we can go now if you want?' and he replies 'yeah? Cheers Mart!' pats me on the shoulder and turns and leaves. I then think 'oh I am not getting a lift home then and turn and walk away. I then think 'OH SHIT!!! Wait a minute I have no money and probably nothing on me whatsoever and its bloody freezing and I am a 40 minute walk from home?!?!?!'

I turn but he is gone!

I am now in panic mode and scanning the people and horizon and remember we came though some curious back way into Waltham Cross market I was not familiar with. I also had to do something embarrassing and actually ask him if he could give me £1.35 for the bus fare. I was pretty sure my Oyster Card was in my pocket and I retrieved it out to be sure but I could not see him and nor could I think how to get back to the car. I did not think I needed to in all honesty?!

He was gone and I was now panicking and the wind was damn cold and we had remarked about this when we arrived. I had also realised the night before that my delayed reaction or ability NOT to feel the cold or indeed intense heat and pain was NOT the case today!

I walked until I saw a NatWest Bank ATM and thought I would check my bank account for any cash thart may have gone in unannounced and realised I really was clutching at straws here. I remember thinking that the chance that the online things I had been doing with the twelve blogs and over 50 YouTube videos may have done enough to actually initiate a payment but no. However I did have that £6 plus in there but not £10 to get money out! I tried to get ten pounds but a message said only tens and twenties. I retrieved my card and then went to the double HSBC back in the square. This did not show £5s either but when I DID type in £5 after choosing other amount it DID give me a single £5 note?! I was SAVED!!

I was damn lucky but imagine how idiotic I felt after queueing up to a surprised cashier and WH Smith's and then the Post Office inside to get money on my Oyster only to be told TWICE they do not do it and when I go outside confused realised those massive stickers on the window only LOOK LIKE Oyster Cards signs, thanks a bunch WH Smith?! Blithering idiots and tricksters.

I then find the 'other' shop that people had mentioned previously, as my ususal one had the very frequent and very long damned QUEUE?! Only when I went in and gave him my Oyster Card and said 'just see what is on there please' I had my money out and expected him to say nothing to 20 pence but I was all aghast when he replied "£1.45"

What a doughnut and I got outside the shop and stood there relieved and wondering how in the world that there was £1.45 on the card (buses in London are £1.35 on Oyster across the board and regardless of length of the journey, BLOODY ANOOYINGLY). So my sense of utter relief was entwined with real confusion at how I managed to be out and miles away form home and escape this...


The fact that this had started off explaining how that people who had know me a long time had been naive and not stopped to think, kind of puts on irony on the situation that helps me prove a great many points to a whole bunch of organisations all of which I attack on here.

People can make mistakes and not think and look very naive. It is NOT rocket science, as an idiot likes to put it. Anyone can make mistakes that put people in a difficult situation that goes from bad to worse and no intention of doing it deliberately.

Now I know when I tell him next he will get very embarrassed over it. But people make mistakes all the time and happens to the best of us.

But my point is this...

If he can make mistake while out shopping and being rushed and under stress then what of the people, umm well like me as I was there too, who are out and about as you are now mostly and on a daily basis FORCING them to not going to make mistakes...

...oddly I had JUST said that to my friend moments before he deserted me. He was treating me to a few oddities from a food stall who does good value items and I had started using the two guy recently and as I suspected my friend KNEW THEM and them him.

Just so happens that after being deserted it gave the the necessary material to quote all this and oddly I also went into Lidl's and bought a Cucumber, Red Pesto and Brie with the change I did not know I had?! So borrowing money form Steve got put off for several days.

So I came back with more material, some food and my uploads were all done?! Well TODAY'S uploads were all done and overnight tonight and for the rest of the week there are over a dozen more uploads to YouTube still to do?!


Some interesting notes for Charcot Marie Tooth Disease as I finally got around to READING that book, well the majority of it, I have now owned for... ohh go and look it up on here! LMAO!

After that there is a kind of revealing post that does some explaining that will shed a great deal of light onto... well almost everything really and without revealing anything AFTER this post it should just about explain all that I did and why I did it the way I did.

I will post the CMT immediately after this and the REVEALS on Friday coming.

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