Saturday, 31 January 2015


I have mentioned a few times within the posts of this blog about my great grandfather being a test pilot who died after crashing in an Avro Manchester Bomber.

I have little doubt that this may well have been one of many things that visitors to my posts have or had doubted over the last few years.

Now I did mention there was a book?

One of the first things I ordered after receiving my PIP cash was that book that has sat in my favourites list, or one of them, for the past few years.

Well I made a little video of the book and poiting out my great grandfathers name within its pages and the book is called Test Pilots by Don Middleton ...

Here is a video I made earlier and more of my shopping videos to come afterwards and in later posts ...

My new CBoardman 29 TXC PRO Mountain Bike ...

Finally an audio player that both works and plays my FLAC audio files!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Now those...complete idiots that think themselves greater than everyone else on Earth and use swords because they can't afford a gas supply are threatening newsagents now?!


How fucking small minded and pathetic can you get? They really are now pushing their weight around and showing their true colors and I believe now there is just going to be an increase in frequency in these sort of things and terror attacks in Europe.

Maybe America too?

There was what's going to be a feeling in confidence based on ratios within a society. One other thing is the big TV covered events they love to target, as they were the London Olympics. Bit of curse there us a third one that those who actually think of everyone else as lower than dogs succumb to and price it is they that are litter than dogs?!

Now this would be signs of widespread weakness. Just like an animal no higher than a mere predator, like a dog or cat, they attack when they see weakness. As this involves murder I would put these things to them and then ask "Well does this sounds like an educated and a thinking intelligent peaceful species to you, or does it sounds like an animal?!" Lol!

The fact that they cannot see this and nor do that flying out there to be with the Islamic State not realise that it's not ask wine and roses?! Like that girl with a child who went out there and then claimed to escape with her life while being shot at with a child?! She believed in the propaganda they stated? What bloody propaganda?! They have been reported on enough times killing other Arabs and Kurds for feck sakes!

My God I know I have flung about accusations about the media but there is no argument when they Yadezi people are taking you what they have done to them! Our maybe they think the BBC journalists ask carry guns and his it to their heads to day this stuff on TV?

Don't be bloody naive, at worst your gonna get yourself killed and at best your going to look like a big bloody fool!

Now for those working out who and what I am... why would I warn you? Why would I tell you, help you to not be an idiot?!

Certain... types of people and other... groups of people will be running their hands together at the naivety of many Muslims and egging you on from their plush sofas...

"Yes, go on! This is what we want you to do, keep acting like that and piss off the working class Brits SSSI that eventually they will kick off and do the job we don't have the gonads to do!"

I display anger at people's actions and say a great deal of things, though what I say (which I have ever right to say) and what I think are two very different things. If you made assumptions... oooh. Not paying attention are you? Lol!

I believe there is something most sinister going on and I do not mean the Muslims who are waiting to take over Britain, oh no. I mean powerful people that know that the British public, almost everyone else who is not Muslim, week just form angry mobs and blood will spill. Well it will with the direction and actions you are taking, or not as the case may be.

Like a pressure cooker or kettle the lid eventually gives way to pressure. Pressure that build up continuously always wins in the end and a while bunch of morons who think they are clever and like to cause trouble and hate ate actually being manipulated!


Just keep on going... numb-nuts, do exactly what they want you to!


OK I apologise for those who ... umm ... may have been waiting? Lol!

The other night I had my landlord comeing round with a new washing machine as mine had packed up for daysd and I was buying, ooh little clue there, loads of new clothes to keep me from selling like a horses anus, lol. I had also ... umm mislaid the documents I had the night before and could not look for them when the landlord was here.

As for yesterday...I really do not remember. I have been busy on a shopping spree for days and getting a little...umm lost and confused at times as well as forgetting things.

In fact I have been thinking a great deal about my own psychology in all this as its all been a bit mad and topsy turvey but in a good way. However I did note that bloody news report about Amiptriptyline causing dementia?!

For those that have forgotten or do not know Amitriptyline is a drug that I did not want to take and instead wanted Pregabalin. I was refused Pregabalin by several Doctors, was promised it by Dr Kirkham who is a Fibromyalgia Syndrom specialist in the Orthoipaedic Department of Guy's Hospital but when the letter arrived at my...last GP neither the drug Pregabalin was mentioned and nor was the fact that he spotted something wrong with my right knee, put it to the test which had me surprisingly experience a sharp pain and shout out. Not as loud as I had previously thought but ... well the recording of that is on here. So is the letter ommitting mention of either the drug or the knee, good job the Fibromyalgia confirmation was on there as I would have become violent and knocked someone spark out.

I do not agree with violence or hitting any health staff, but when they lie and cheat about things and even those which can and will kill you then....they are not only NOT Doctors to me anymore they are not even human.

Several still practice within the NHS though!


I won. Well partially.

The DWP caved in and without any medical evidence whatsoever they agreed to pay me Personal Independent Payments and backdated it 7 months longer than several people insisted I would get. A year in other words!!

Umm I presume I mentioned in a post the phonecall I got from them two days after posting those letters I flicked through in a YouTube film? Told me it would be sorted in two weeks and I told my Doctor I do not know how they think they are going to get a form to him and him fill it and send it back in 14 days? Especially has he only has his clinic one day a week.

In fact I will tell you how good they are currently as after forgetting for 5 days I actually remembered to go in there and ask them for the Tramadol they forgot to give me. I left a little noted and as I walked out a kind lady came out calling my name and it turned out there was a prescription already there waiting for me?!

Now thats professionalism for you! That is what I would do...probably land on my face but it is what I would do, lol.

Now before I go ahead with putting the scanned documents in this post I want to explain that within this post is a detailed description of how councils use trickery for everything. Forget the parking tickets they are evil and corrupt and do it with everything right down to council tax and housing benefit. A quick example that is coming up in a later post...

Never paid my full rent, never warned me.

Told if I cancel and reapply they will pay full rent and I would lose a weeks money, I did and lost the weeks money and they still did not pay the full rent.

When I lost my DLA, Disability, they were wrongly informed, err Serco?, and put my rent payments down because I did not get DLA anymore.

I have a letter coming up that states once again they have been informed that I am now getting my Disability, or Personal Independent Payments which I warned you all was a trick, and guess what Enfield Council went and did?

Put my rent wait? DOWN!!

My ten day shopping spree for ... TOOLS coming up in part two...with some videos to boot!

Piccies ... then I am off to play Dragon Age Inquisition! Lol!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Here is a BBC report about a man who is an amputee victim who was refused Personal Independent Payments and an interview because he had a wheelchair?!

They said, and I quote here, that "he should have rid then about access issues on going to an assessment" which is to assess his disability?! Well fuck me, first off the clue is on what the assessment is fecking for and secondly I would have thought a wheelchair would have been obvious from the fecking firm he filled in when he out in the claim, you effing wasters of taxpayers money!

Don't these wankers even care who knows that they are imbeciles, liars and the salaries paid to them out of the public purse?!

How do morons and idiots get jobs?! How do so many of them work as front line staff or higher for the public services?!

I will let you into a little secret...

I have for a very long time longed for a team of reporters or investigative journalists to work on this and create a documentary about it!

In fact I have a long list of documentaries I cannot wait to see on TV!

Disabled Hampshire man refused benefits assessment -


Right you Tory idiots, let's get something cleared up shall we?

I have been hearing this 'benefit cap' term thrown around for the past few days. Are you fecking stupid?! Can you do simple arithmetic?!

Benefit capping? Seriously? After everything you have done your taking like this before a general election?!

Well all I can say is that you quite obviously are confident that you have fooled a great many native people into thinking that the trillions of pounds this country owes can be solved by a few billion that benefit scroungers take while wanting to sit on their arses?!

Because that is what human beings want to do. It's human nature to just want to sit on your arse in your house day after day, week after week until the curtains of life are drawn closed?

Oh and of course benefit claimants are the reason that the largest amount that's paid out which is housing benefit, yes it's their fault that the house prices fit to ridiculous levels and therefore so did private rent prices.

Sorry but your idiots and shite at maths and obviously aiming your shit at others like you? That is those that are naive and can't do maths because everyone else will know!

Of course this cap will force even note period out of cities and built to areas and this leads to even more stories about prior who cannot return to where they grew up! These areas will then in time become like others that many among the British public already complain about and are sick of. No go areas!

Hmm sounds familiar?

Oh and it does not encourage work you bloody moron. Jesus Christ man, what the feck do they teach at Eton?!

Election 2015: Benefit cap 'encouraging work' says PM -


For the love of God man, shut the fuck up!!

I cannot believe that with just a few months left of a five year stint that one again George Osborne states that bloody line I'm surprised had bit had him get hit from anything from an egg to a bullet!
"The recovery is on track"

Oh yeah? On track to where exactly? And at what speed? Because that seems to be something being questioned right now.

I was surprised to read two articles and one stating that the economy grew by 2.6% in 2015. Even bigger a surprise then this was that this was the highest annual growth amount since 2007?!

Err... sorry but I seriously doubt that enough that I would very money on it! I have often wondered if these little statements from these bodies are manufactured whether this be a sight exaggeration our a huge whipping whopping great lie?

In no time at all there was yet another article stating that the last quarter of last year, 2015, had seriously slowed. Umm...well... it was bad yeah but no different to the rest of the year from what I was hearing. Only a month or two ago the same idiots that reported this crap interviewed businesses owners who stated clearly that they are feed up with being told the economy is growing when 2015 had been their worst year since the financial crisis started?!

Isn't it funny that for bloody years we have been feed these figures by people that speak using lingos that make them sound like they know what they are talking about but of late these... groups news releases are all over the place and even contradictory.

I personally find it bloody nauseating hearing that twat spout the same effing shit month after month.
Hmm no... actually thinking about it... no, Mr Osborne? Yes, sorry you keep on stating that, matey! You keep talking to the nation like they are made up of naive people and idiots and that's who your trying to get to vote you back in? Personally I think the British public ate not as stupid add you make them sound when your talking about the economy.

In fact it will be extremely interesting to me of what is said in the few months after the general election. In fact this is true of whoever is voted into power because there are so many possible outcomes or reactions to the election.

If the Tories are voted out they tenure and the reasons why the list will be picked apart for weeks. I am sure David Cameron's parrot will have his bones picked clean over his repetitive musings?

If the Tories are voted back in and they prove to those of us who are intelligent that the country is made up of naive and stupid people...well I fear for the reaction of those who voted for anyone else other than them!

Rest assured that if you listen to anyone else outside of the Tory Party and indeed even in America including their Donald Trump the prediction for the next couple of years is not good. Quite the opposite in fact according to Mr Trump.

Many I speak to feel what I do and that is that something is bubbling underneath the surface.
The general election for 2015 will be one that I personally think will be historical in so many ways and regardless of who gets in power. This may be evident in the first hours afterwards or the several months afterwards?

GDP figures: Recovery on track, says Osborne -

Monday, 26 January 2015


I am quite stunned presently.

Despite all that I have witnessed both personally and in the news has been shocking. Yet still I manage to be shocked.

Here is yet another case, will I presume I have boot covered this one, of both covering up and allowing evil things to go on. In the report below probably the most shocking is someone doing jail time and being reinstated as a teacher at the boarding school in Worcester. A school whereby a humongous amount of abuse was going on. Not just going on but carried on for a long time. It turns out that many of the first abusers are dead, well there <em>is </em>a surprise. But it also turns out that more people have come forward claiming to have been abused and one decade of investigation has had several more added to the point that abusers are likely to be alive?!


Is there nowhere in the UK where there had been a humongous can of worms by depraved, evil, idiotic morons that was bound to come out one day?!

It seems that the section of society that thinks itself a cut above the rest is rapidly proving that an ever growing number were anything but?!

I already an aware, though I cannot process it, of how high up it goes and who in government was involved. I was both surprised to see one on TV other morning talking about her beloved Tory Party as well as the studio having her there! <em>are </em>aware, TV News networks, that there is an investigation and endless claims of abuse, a paedophile ring in government at the time your guest was there and it's mentioned enough online?!

Jesus Christ!!

Wonders never crease.


Another 'I told you so' and twice in ten minutes! Lol!

I told everyone I know long ago when I started over 4 years ago and once after a comment of 'Your bit James Bond!' and annoyed by this I answered 'no James Bond wishes he was me!' before going on to say '... and you say I watch too much TV... which is funny for someone that had a living room devoid of a TV!

I had many people... or egos would be a more accurate description who works day all manner of things when I started. This was fueled by the fact I already had a large number of jealous people lying shut me in an attempt to degrade my goals reached or abilities in the past. Awhile before I started my serious involvements with MI5 and GCHQ though brief they may have been.

They also stated that I would not get anywhere.

That those I attacked would not give a shit, read 'be phased' regarding my attacks. Find out if this was right in 24 hours.

That I would not get anything beyond the rules laid out...err, read about that one in twenty four hours.
Hmm I wonder if a reader from here had done me the greatest of courtesies by making an effort to prove true that which I have already explained. It's not like the movies?! Lmao!

Oh of you did? Thanks. Well if you didn't... thanks anyway! Lol!

So someone pretended to be the head of GCHQ and got through to David Cameron?! Lol! My Good God... you really cannot make this shit up?! Lol, in fact that could have been a title to this blog? 'You Cannot Make This Shit Up....Dossier'? Lol!

I actually laughed out loud when I heard that after a few seconds he put the phone down, no doubt remembering the fiasco with the fake Queen phone call and of course an election coming up?!
Not that I think it would do him much good?! Write the opposite as a matter of fact...a shame he did take as he may have stated something like..

"Oh fuck the terrorists...these are the names of the private companies I have told the NSA/CIA I would listen in on so that they can perform a hostile take over at the most financially  beneficial time while we sell more of their sub standard returned electronic goods through Argos, PC World, Shop Direct and B&Q!"

Now that would have been so very cool and would finally get everyone believing in me and the knowledge I possess become much more widely known at a much faster rate?

Though in all honesty this may well happen in the next few days or few weeks? You will have to wait for that post of revealing things in the next 24 hours or so.

Hoax call to David Cameron prompts security review -

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Now here is a BBC report and one of two I am covering that refer to things I have... well referred to previously, lol.

After 20 years of taking drugs like Oemeprazole and Lansoprazole, among others, it was only when 7 years ago when I started vomiting without any warning that I discovered Oesophageal cancer. It was only 3 or so years ago when the first Doctor commented on how long I had been taking these drugs and that I should not be doing so for so long. In case you wondered I did get sent for my second camera inspection after the vomiting started, or endoscopy as it's formally known as. It showed nothing... or so they said and as I discovered to my horror several years later is that they do indeed lie and falsify test results even if it's something.... deadly. How is that for a sobering thought?

Today they are talking about how heartburn can mean or lead to cancer.

Yet another one of my numerous subjects once again appearing in the news?!

Well... they do have a lot of catching to to do? No, wait? They have a lot of covering up to do because just as rise responsible for the big arrival have now finally realized... history can and will catch up to them and I have made absolutely certain of this.

Welllll....I say big arrival but in essence it is no more than tokenism in the attempt of doing one of two things....silencing or labelling? Unfortunately I have all the exits well and truly covered. This will become clear in 24 hours and I am posting a letter upon leaving the house to get on a bus...shortly. About an hour. So tonight should be OK to start uploading in preparation for that blog post.

The tokenism claim is easily described when the time comes and if an attempt at being bought... well, lol, I'm somewhat disappointed in the initial offer, so to speak.

Heartburn 'possible cancer sign' warning -

Saturday, 24 January 2015


Yes will here is a BBC report with a recruitment video for GPs?

Well we all know why that is? Hmm but then maybe not?

Sometimes you just have to see way beyond the obvious and look at other possibilities.

Now as you know I an responsible for several GPs, I simply do not know the correct answer and locally is definitely one and possibly half a dozen while nationwide could be more?

Well the people that have caused all the damage, told all the lies and forced Doctors, GPs and Nurses to cheat patients are still there. In every respect... quite unfortunately. Still onwards and upwards... until people get it. Because turning a blind eye or accepting official lines is how they remain there cheating you. Because collectively you let them!

Right then... I want to ask you one simple question as the last line of this post. That's it and then you can go off and think about it when the pets that be have not got you chasing your tail so that you don't want to know because you naively believe it's not in your best interests. But cab you say the same for your children? Your elderly parents? Oh yeah, the question ...

Who is easier to manipulate into cheating the public while they keep getting impressive salaries ...

... the older, mature Doctors that have been on the NHS registry for years or decades ... or ones that are young, wet behind the ears, foreign and desperate to be in the UK?!

They have a hell of a lot of cancer patients to now lie to.

Food for thought as always dear readers, food for thought.

GP recruitment drive film 'tackles outdated stereotypes' -

Friday, 23 January 2015



I have not been on here and posted much.

I do have good reason.. err reasons... lots of reasons!! Lol!

I started something big had happened and was happening and... well it did! Since it did... (Tuesday) I have been very busy and one hell of a rush for the days and today being the third day I had to show it down... a lot.

Now I did buy some shoes at the start of the week I've had my eye on fit a fair old while. These have a trademarked name of 'Ortholite' in them and well... in case your not aware I have issues with both my feet which is a bloody hindrance especially when you have hip and knee pains too, throw in a thoracic pain and singer now and then and it's... well can be drastic at times. However... sometimes new shoes can have a very good effect. And sometimes a very bad one. These ones have had about the best effect I have known and being made by Hi-Tech and buying them in TK Maxx instead of getting shoes in my favorite store of Millets is something of a gamble.

So the rare occasion occurred, or instances occurred together where I was rarely busy for a few days. Not all days every day, far from it but a great deal busier than usual. Doing things. Exciting things.
Do not worry I have already prepared a reply letter I will post up and I have already typed out the post about it. It will need a couple of edits and I need to take a series of pictures as will add videos for YouTube.

I need to film several things as well as a few more over the coming days.

There will also be a while series of things being filmed and photographed over the next 6 to 8 months. In fact if I have the right sort of Spring and Summer weather this year will rocket for sure.
I can't do some of the things I am now able to because there is a... temperature restriction. Quite literally.

However the busy times took their toll and within 24 hours I found myself out of it and falling asleep earlier than usual. 48 hits in and I did not even get to finish seeing Family Guy and American Dad!! Then 72 hours in and I'm flaking out on a friends sofa and I'm in pain and I several areas too. Getting up and sitting down now hurts and had done for... well awhile at any rate and over 24 hours, likely 36.

So I tried to slow I did slow down.

Slowing down is something I wish I was good at but am not. In fact my extremely short explanation I give when asking about my Fibromyalgia is "My head goes a million miles an hour and my body wants to do a few feet an hour! They literally pull in opposite directions!"

I have also been meaning to drop in a note to my GP Surgery as I did not seen to get any Tramadol?! I did, however, get a phone call from Boots chemist which I thought was a local friend until I rand the number. I then thought I must have been told that I had Tramadol waiting for me I had forgotten to go back for? So in between two different tasks I popped in and it seems they were eager to surah to me because of my raised blood pressure and the Ramipril I was on.

In the conversation I mentioned a few things about the NHS and this blog. She became the second person within a chemist to show a keen interest. Many times I have raised eyebrows in the past.
Any hoot, I was soon back on my way.

Even my orchids and fish have been neglected among the furore that had lasted several days. Me being hyped up with my head spinning from it all had not helped, lol. Even others have noticed I have not behaved as I normally would with the things going on with me right now! "I thought you would be round here showing off..." was what I was told today while chortling with laughter. I laughed too and told him that desire it being just three days I am absolutely shattered and in pain.

Doing is all I have done and playing I have yet to do!

Hence if it is like this then it's easy to see that it's been difficult due me to do everything?

A Fibromyalgia sufferer may have issues... shopping? I have read this with some sufferers and I too have had this deteriorating memory for a few years now. Lucky it's deteriorating slowly and hopefully it will cease deteriorating at some point? Fingers crossed!

Being forgetful while shopping just happens and no matter what it is you so for! However... one of the things I did, yeah I can divulge this little nugget for now, was blow up my PC. My computer I mean and yes it blew up... well OK it popped. Due to adding... done thingssss and some stufffff! Lol! Well I guessed that it had to be the power supply unit though never had one fail before. So while picking up things I... picked up a Corsair 750W PSU which was on special offer in Maplins.

Oddly if you check my computing blog and my YouTube videos of my building my PC Yuh will likely here or read my stating that I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be replacing the power supply unit before very long.

Week it took me a few months longer than I thought to purchase an Sapphire Radeon R9 280 graphics card and I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition for about 20 minutes when the pop and then black. Fiddling around with the internal connections and I was sure the PSU had popped.

Despite the PSU being cheap it came from a famous British company that were seen by my add knowing what they are doing. So I am rather surprised that they sold these. Because at 650 watts I did not even come close to that even with the new graphics card! The leads were crap too and both not long enough as well add not enough connectors.

The manufacturer of the PSU is Ace and I bought it from Scan who also sold me a PC case with a dent in the back! This was the first thing I bought that was non-electrical to be...questionable in its sourcing. Well a friend did buy a Barbecue from Argos that had several screws and a shelf missing. Lol.

Anyway the PC is back online and I only have a couple mite things to do over the next three days. I also have to send off a letter in the post before I publish the letter.

I really don't like publishing things off I have not posted or better still not been received by its intended recipient.

I typed out the letter on Monday 19th January, so for days ago and I have not even printed it out just yet. Hopefully I will do it over the weekend?

When I have done this I will upload some pictures, videos and some  documentation that will enlighten and hopefully help others?

I just need to get some household items to help me with keeping the house clean and stop my from poisoning myself as I assume now that's what has been going on with me. What with the tests not showing anything up, other than my cholesterol and blood pressure being high yet again.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Sayy whaaat?!

Let me just get this right here?

The UK government is the most transparent in the world?!

Jesus, their supplier does some seriously good shit?!

Now I am not a band drummer... I simply tell it as it is and I have recorded a great deal and know a hell of a lot more. Sorry but that is bullshit. No I will not day that the UK government is the last transparent. Because it simply would not be true. Nor would I say that they are in the bottom ten... Hmm maybe they are but not bottom five, certainly not.

However, when I see reports like this it annoys me and disappoints me at the same time. Because on the one hand it's like they want people to say... ooh well all that stuff they found out about and anything we don't is OK then?!

Secondly how the feck do they know what every government in the works is like?

Added to that how the hell do they think they know of everything that is going on even in the UK only? They are hardly going to reveal what they have lied about, are they?

It is stupid. I cannot believe someone was paid to sit in a room and come up with this idea?

On a final did for thought for this... well does that therefore not mean that the UK government are just better liars and at keeping secrets than anyone else?! Lol!

Also if everyone else does indeed have a government worse than ours...well my heart goes out to each and every member of the public in each country. Jesus Christ! You poor, poor bastards.
Hmm is that why everyone in the world is coming here to live? Well those that are not trying to get to America for some strange reason. Obviously all think they are going to hit it big in Hollywood? Lol.
My good God I wonder what the next survey of a survey of people who did a survey on other groups of petiole who did surveys is going to say? No, wait? I need a stiff drink, lol.

'Most transparent'? My Good God what a laugh! I would imagine there are a long, long list of governments that are seriously pissed off by this?! Or will soon be pissed off. Rather unfortunately President Putin, North Korea and most sadly China will not be in a position to say anything regarding this. Hmm a lot of African governments too I imagine and many on the middle East. No hang on here, I am having trouble because I just think of more so I quickly tried to think of those that are probably quite transparent... and I struggled, lol.

Oddly I would have said the Scandinavian countries along with possibly Germany. Oh no I imagine Italy would be as about as transparent as mud. Probably Greece too?

Despite the fact most Brits feel the French don't like us but don't seem to know why I would have thought France's government was transparent?

Lately it's ask for a bit confusing and the lines very much blurred.

However the smaller and less powerful the group the harder it is to be transparent. Hmm yes that's just occurred to me and likely why the English, I won't say Brits as I don't know, are more at each others throats and knives pointing at each others backs... where the foreign groups in the UK help each other it in many ways. Borrowing cars and bands to each other... and how to fill in benefit forms because they're is to long a wait to see the Citizens Advice Bureau? Lol.

UK government 'most transparent'

Monday, 19 January 2015


This is not the something big coming...that is still coming it seems. Will be this week and it states tomorrow but that might not be the actual date.

Anyway this is not it ...

I mentioned before that I had been playing my first online game and it is very suspicious in thew way it plays. On mentioning it to one UBI Soft they came out with something extremely annoying and not really been a problems, well in developed countries, for a couple decades. Maybe one? I cannmot remember. But it was 'lag'.

Now Lag is when your connection is slow. Basically what happens is your connection is getting the data to map everything out you can see late. Think of it like lightning and thunder where the flash is the static letting rip but the noise comes so many seconds later?

So if someone is running across your line of sight and you have some serious lag then despite the fact they seem to appear in front of you...they are already gone.

This was a serious issue when everyone was using dial-up modems with a 56k connection. Even when ADSL came out it was still an issue. However when broadband came out...BOOM! No issues unless your lied to about your broadband. Yes I do have some issues with my 3G broadband connection but bizarrely the issues only crop up on some things and with some devices it worse than others?!

My web surfing on my desktop computer that has a 4 CPU core and 8 GPU core (general computing for CPU and Graphics and Gaming for GPU) and surfs pretty much OK. Oddly my supposedly super fast Advent Tegra Note 7 tablet with its nVidia Tegra 4 chip having 5 cores is slow and the Amazon App is bloody useless, often given me a blank screen when I select an item. Bad business because this is costing them a lot of money! You would think they would get that right? Well its not just restricted to my tablet and the same occurs on my Moto G too?! Surfing the wb is a bit slower on the tablet than on the desktop.

Now heres the thing! I am afraid this is topsey turvey and I have known for some time now that something is wrong and deliberately so. There is a damn good chance this is to manipulate people into buying another device for the latest service. Oh yeah and I might as well mention that 4G is crap apparently according to fgures I have seen and there is a new modem chip coming out in Samsung phones later in 2015. Most tech journalists seem to think this will ber called 5G!

I did state that this 4G and the pricing, by EE mainly, was decidedly iffy as well as wrong. I am rarely wrong...oh it does happen trust me on that but the majority of the time and am normally in the ball park somewhere.

Anyway I asked some very ... awkward questions about their pricing as I keep getting hit in the face everytime I start the game to give them, ANOTHER, £20 for things that are only cosmetic and you wont notice. Well that is until you kill someone and they get shown who shot them and all the toys I have when i did that?!

What the FECK UBI Soft? Was this designed for 5 year olds?! Lol.

Plus I hate this pay to win crap and am already giving tyhe industry a headache over this which will only get more painful over the next year or two. One stupid arse developer stated thats the way its going?! Translated this means "We want to be far more lazy but increase the millions we already have coming in!" It also is a problem because they are no longer games anymore. They just are not!

Hmm a comparison?

Right if your fron anywhere in the world and your into football, if your American you can think your American foootball if you wish. Let us assume you all have a team you supprt avidly? If you do not imagine that you did, or something similar.

Right now think of your teams arch enemy? My team is Tottenham Hotspur or Spurs as I like to call them. Not the American nasketball team, no. Their arch rivals are Arsenal. Manchester United's change a fair deal and was Liverpool but more Manchester City of late.

OK now the big derby is coming up? Your all excited and your in the stadium or in front of the TV waiting for the teams to appear when they announce that your team has to play bare footed while the others do not? Fair?

If it is not fair does it remain a game? Quite simply, no.

Angrily I tried to explain this to UBI Soft and I had already pointed out that I was shot in the head behind a wall that I did not even peek up from?!

Also and jusy yesterday I filmed a seqence where my team was being thrashed, I ended up with awards at times like this because I get more determined. Me and a  team mate was in a room and despite the fact I had thought and hoped the game would be tactical, well it IS called Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms, instead everyone just runs around shooting people. Well how it works it someone shoots someone else who then gets shot, respawn and repeat. Sometimes if your lucky and focused you can get what is called a Kill Streak together. But this particular time we are in this room. There is a squad team mate and an opponent. I have shot the opponent several times and so has my team mate. While gtting frustrated yet again at the effing physics they insist exist in the game the opponent jumps down so he is lying on the floor. I am still shooting him as is my team mate. He then manages to shoot me and kill me and then my team mate?!

When you have been tactical and managed to remain hidden, worst if your right behiond someone and shoot them in the head, shoot someone a few times and then have them turn around and shoot you dead?!

Effing stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It is incompetent and I did use that word. In fact the whole game has you believing that your actually getting your arse kicked because he has better armour or weaponry. So you then buy some things to get up to their level and its fair...or so you think, lol. The reality is very much different I am afraid to say meaning that you just spent a load of money on things that were merely cosmetic.

It does not end there are there are...well all I can describe is colured items of both weaponry and clothing somer of the designs based on games like the different Assassins Creeds and Splinter Cell among others. Now if you saw what they were asking you of these items its incredible. Three or four times the price of the standard items. They have a slight improvement in armour defence or damage to opponents over the standard items but it will be neglibible. In fact this is true when going up from one tier to another in the weapons and the improvements are only a fraction of that jump in the specs.

Without working it out I am sure some items cost about the same as a full price full game? Like Dragon Age Inquisition or Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, yes, yes OK the latter was extremely short I know! Lol.

So the price of a whole game for a single item within the game?! Now consider there are dozens and dozens of items.

This to me is trapping kids into hading over stacks of cash. Not good.

I more or less said this to them when I complained and I stated "No wonder you give the game away for free?!" Lol.

After I typed out a post about the big event that has just occured I then attempted to log on and got a message, now they have had about £50 out of me, that my account was suspended?! Lol.

But I made a couple of transactions yesterday and I also do not cheat. I hate cheating because as I said earlier it is a game, like chess. You work out the puzzle and find a way to win while looing at some nice scenery along the way. Plus you can have interactions and discussions...inteligent ones I hope when I get around to it in a few weeks time?!

Anyway here is a screen shot after my accusations of them cheating people, well kids, out of money, lol...

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Something is most certainly coming...

No details. Have documentation to be produced at a later date but something appears, or I'm told is deficient coming.

This... event has occurred ahead of time and will lead on to a while long list around two dozen long of many other things coming... and then some.

So expect an announcement in the coming days that will lead on to dozens more on each and every subject I cover?

No exaggeration. Certainly no joke and something... many things are definitely coming.

Guaranteeing some very, very big changes and it's still January 2015?!

So over the conning days watch this space.

Whey announced I will have rafters of spaces for all peering eyes to watch!


Well I am sorry to have to say that the writing was on the wall with this one.

Now to me it seemed like a good idea and I for one was very interested in it. But it was taking longer and longer in the experimental process. It stated to get bad press and then there were the antiques claiming they looked stupid, as did the Neanderthal man to his friend when he appeared with the first ever footwear.

Good I hate narrow minded people... err which should be obvious by now on this blog alone, lol.
Then there was the price and I even saw a pair... err sorry, saw one in a CEX store and even there the price was...laughable. Even if that had been a new price it was still way above laughable.

There is nothing really rocket science about it...nor is there with Oculus Rift as Google and their cardboard proved...well in part anyway and Oculus Rift could yet show some surprising things? If not and it was an over paid piece of trash... well one of my most favourite, sarcastically speaking, companies for seriously ripped off and in so doing played right into my waiting hands.

That had been happening a great deal over the years and seems to be speeding up of late. Then one by one and little by little they each in turn realise.

Rather unfortunately, though not for me, they still fail to realise the intellect that faces them and either continue to disk to me like an idiot or a young child or perhaps ate completely incapable of finding anyone with the intellect high enough to converse?!


I said it twice previously and I will say it again... this year of 2015 is going to be one hell of an eye opening and event busting year, mark my words on that one!

Not only an I planning on suddenly boosting many things but I will be divulging many things and many more will be playing into my hands.

I also intend to plunge some funds towards doing a few things I simply did not do these last two years, all that from March 2015 onwards. Finally!

Let's just say I have a very good...feeling. ;)

Back on topic... I think that Google has in recent times shown itself to be extremely bad at a great many things it thought it was king of the world at!

It had also bought a long list, a huge understatement there, of technology companies it then proceeded to ruin.

It has very literally reduced to a quivering mess things like Blogger, Android but it's own affiliate advertising network GAF, or whatever it was called after misleading me into thinking I was mere weeks away from making money on my blog from their advertising?!


YouTube is... Hmmmnnngg OK wish I guess but not without is stupid issues to that it ignores it's users regarding. Treats it's users, like almost entirely everyone online all of which don't have the first fecking idea about IT or the Internet, like idiotic retarded children.

Here is a tip to each and every bloody moron in a big company who thinks they understand both people and the Internet...

When you create a leaflet to be included within the pages of a local newspaper to be posted through people's doors your not rude are you? You don't ignore them do you? Your full of what a bloody wonderful company you are, some made up bullshit about how good you are, how eco friendly you are and how you would live to hear from people.

So how is it that once in the biggest window in the entire world and seen by the entire world you get out so very wrong and basically the message is... Your ask just little people, we don't want to talk to you, we will make it impossible (or so they think) for you to contact us, we will save money on printing manuals to go with our refurbished crap because it's all online, despite 90% of it wrong and posted by idiots who desperately want to be or feel important!

Despite attempts to get through to our thick skulls by individuals of a high intellect we will continue to ignore them and give it the attitude that we are superior in every way including intellect despite completely missing the obvious warnings conveyed to us?!

Add an old Scottish mate of mine would say ... "Bloody numpties!"

Anyone need an Android? I know I do and I do mean an actual Android! Except... you can bet your bottom dollar that they will program it to lie, a la Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I don't fancy ending up as dog chow or being ejected into orbit!

You just know that despite the countless writers, series, documentaries, cinema movies and books warning mankind about this those with money will think what they always do that when they want the rules bent it's OK because it will happen because they have all this money?!

Obviously having money turns you into a blithering idiot.

And as it turns out no longer able to run a bath, let alone a global company or a country!

Funny how ask the tech journalists went along for the ride and now see the obvious writing on the proverbial wall. Just two days ago I read an article, in Micro Mart I think it was, whereby the journalist said that this year of 2015 Google Glass will take off but that he remembers saying that last year. Well wrong, wrong and wrong again, lol.

Google calls end to Glass experiment

Friday, 16 January 2015


What the fuck is it with the BBC and the News Media in general?!

Are they fucking stupid or do they think that we are?!

I don't give a monkeys uncle that 'Don't Give A Shit' Cameron is talking to President Obama. 

Probably means that we have to bend over a barrel with our pants down to the Yanks again?! Oh no wait! They are 'sharing' expertise on how to prevent radicalisation of Muslims?!

I'm sorry, what?!

Since when as either of them been an expert on becoming radicalised, let alone preventing it! And exactly who in either the UK or the USA are experts on preventing the radicalization of Muslims?!
Oh and would you reckon that it could be fairly safe to predict that if anything actually does get dive at ask it will be a over way street with the Yanks getting everything they want and us left with our pants around our ankles?!

Maybe it's a mistake? Maybe the BBC are just having a bad day and made kits of typos?!

Maybe the world is full of gullible idiots?! Lol. Native idiots?! Week they do believe on these all powerful deities that cannot even manage a single appearance outside of pieces of toast and skirting boards?

'What? What do you mean that last one was an episode of Father Ted?! You mean he has never appeared in a skirting board? Well no doubt he has appeared in a while rafter of things?!'

Lol, now if you don't mind I've been awarding from side to side thinking of this two and the way the new media gets doughey eyed and I'm yelling Hughie!


Ooh I just realised? Maybe we have rib or of bullets and Obama is going to give us dive for free?!

UK and US in joint anti-terror push

Monday, 12 January 2015


Yeah, good luck with that Mr Pierce.

You have proved that those that like to have the biggest, bestest and self proclaimed greatest ideas of governing the country still do not have a clue about computers or the Internet. I tried to earn not just your government but the previous government too and did so for years and have spoken about this on here so many times I got fecking sick of it, I really did.

But all you get is rolling eyes of the worst patronising attitudes and holier than thou speeches time after time when not one single person could ever state anything in your own defence and they are probably still being patronising in their most uniquely air-headed way?!

As for Macguire and Pierce, you seem like intelligent guys, why don't you start highlighting what is wrong and coming up with an alternative? Why do you Ajay's have to bring it down to party politics? It's why so many tabloids and TV news groups also found themselves caught with their pants down.
Because news today consists of whatever reality shit is on TV, whatever white soaps are on TV, what gossip their is on someone that means jack shit in the bigger picture and just like America it's all down to belong to the parties of 'Wrong & Wronger'?!


I sometimes wonder how much further down that the country had to get, or the world even, before those that receive salaries based on this shit stop and realise that there are actually contributing to the demise that gets ever deeper?

What went before was wrong. What is now is wrong. So how do you explain to the people how going with Wrong or Wronger is ... well wrong?!

Christ?! At least they both agreed on the majority of Americans having a very blinkered cure of the world and that they correctly stated that a vast majority, like 90% of them, don't own passports!
Wonders never cease.

I do wish the party politics crap can be dropped from so many things it simply does not belong and is now five years into pricing year after year, why this is.


Will this is one announcement that I never thought that a certain bunch of people within the NHS would ever have the balls to make while still sitting in their made up jobs sticking the life out of patients?!

Now they are doing this quite literally!

I simply cannot believe it. It is stunning and it seems my work add far as the evil corporation guess is done.

There is nothing left to talking about, whine about our argue about. It speaks for itself that your paying for dozens and dozens of offices throughout the UK that do nothing but seen to think they are mute deserving of your hard paid taxes than those suffering from cancer?!

Really, what more is there to say? Nothing. Well not to anyone with more than six brain cells working add a team that is. In fact that's suddenly their problem all over everywhere, the UFOs in owe that is. They actually think that we are actually more stood than they are? Or that they think the majority (or enough that is) of us are? Because their answer to the fact that the people of Britain have become completely feed up with their lying is to nor only lie some more but to be more patronising towers us in their speeches too?!

Keep up the good work! Your on exactly the right track! Just keep it coming and keep on going!
No, no it's not the right track for you but it is the right track for me!! Lol!

Keep on rewarding yourselves and not the people you were setup to serve in the first place. Keep in showing just how utterly fucked up and all backwards the UK, it's government and it's priorities are! More to the point your showing the rest of the world you not just America's pussy boys and guess thugs but your also showing them that we as a country cannot be trusted. So we'll get no money at all and you will then court everything so that you still get paid. Only by then there will be next to nothing of the Police forces and tens of millions of angry mobster Brits?! By them someone would have worked out what all your addresses are by then and likely posted them online?!

What you don't think do-gooders cone in different flavors? From the ones thinking themselves warriors of God but only disciples of the devil to hackers from Anonymous up to groups of angry IT workers or hangers that know you have ripped everyone off?

I would not want to be in that position for all the tea in China, so it had better be sure it was all worth it?! Lol.

Cutting cancer treatments?! I mean, REALLY?! Are you that fucking thick and heartless?! New balls, please! I mean new staff and organisation, please.

Cuts to cancer treatments announced


Well whaddya know? Yet another hack against the good old US of A and I have a sneaking couple of suspicions going on in my head now.

One is that this will now continue unabated, admittedly this might now seem obvious?! Lol!

Second that the friends of the good old US of A might now be snickering away thinking 'see what it feels like? Not nice is it? Even worse when it's your supposed mates!'

Hmm there was a third thing... but as is so often the case these days ... it's gone. Just as many years of my life have done, lol!

Anyway there seems to be a picture emerging and in fact I am now wondering whether it might turn out to be the case that several emerging picture start to appear almost simultaneously? Probably all very bad things too.

You know the trouble with trying to keep a lid on things is the pressure will airways build up to too great an about. Sure you can change it for a better lid and keep the issue in but eventually it's inevitable that instead of the pressure blowing the lid off and spilling over the rim but instead the next weakest point becomes the or edges of the pot and eventually... Boom!

What worries me is just how many of these things the morons that have run this country for several decades have gotten wrapped up in without our knowing?

US military's Twitter account hacked



As human beings we are a funny lot.

Well apart from all those that see themselves as a cut above the rest of the human race for stupid reasons that have not basis in a normal world? Lol!

It is funny how we don't like having nothing to do, will not for to long anyway. Even then the environment needs to be a relaxing one for us to sit around and do nothing for very long. To be more accurate in this regard, well I guess some might need it explained among many other things, we need something that soothes. Think of it as the opposite of stimuli.

As a species there is simply no way around things. Yet I am constantly surprised at how morons that are many to be intelligent people.

But at the end of the day when it all cones down to it there simply are no way around simple facts. Yes the levels of stimuli needed on each person varies greatly based upon their intellect but the process and the end result are always the same.

I realised this as a simple fact a very long time ago and before long realised it was a vastly overlooked and ignored fact when people wanted to whinge. Sorry. I meant when people wanted to cover their mistakes and idiocy and then whine about some innocent party and the get a list if people with no minds of their own to say 'yeah, man! Let's blame themmm dudes because we can't be arsed to find out the truth and if they are wrong it's their fault'.

Yes. Oh, but no. Ignorance was never really an excuse. We have all been guilty of it, yes including me. Shamefully. Except I realized my own mistake and started asking questions... a lot of questions.
I am at my own loss... not times than you might think. I get no pleasure by way of things that others do. I don't like many things on TV and it's mindless drivel these days anyway. Almost as if it's been designed to brain wash you into an entertainment firm that can help mask other things? I am sure many a crazed conspiracy theorist had said as much and no doubt a lot more. The fact is that they do, do these things the only question is if they indeed are designed? If you know the cure already then why bother with the details? The least known ailment we have is that we are affected by the most. The common cold. But because it dies not kill we just learn to live with it until they find a way of wiping it out like other ailments?

Mention of an exciting killer like flu on the news reaching our shores and the TV is watched like a hawk with every word scrutinised. Because it could kill and suddenly this we are normally agreeing with who love blaming innocent people everyone now dies not want to believe. Because now it's your life on the line and not someone else's.

This is not Christian in anyway shape or form but the west I'd supposed to champion Christian beliefs because of the morals they hold? Hold true? Well not from what I have seen.

In my time on this blog I have done several things...

1 I have explained my symptoms but only in part

2 I have shown how these were ignored by the NHS and the DWP with the help of the former

3 You have seen my predictions that I won't get any help or support of any kind but will get a lot of lies and bullshit that you have paid for, that's not anyone jobless wasting your money

4 I have not panicked though I could have done. I have not made out I have lived in fear on each ailments, but I could have done

5 But others may live in fear, especially when residing their blood pressure had been up for months and even this was ignored and I warned them this was unusual, once again at Barnet Hospital... pooh guess what I am going to post up here? Remember the posters at Barnet telling the public they ate not allowed to record?! How about an audio recording on the day of my blog pressure being up, I.e. pre XMas, and then telling me it's because I'm anxious and me telling them I am not and then sending me home?!

Yeah about those posters, Barnet Hospital, you can shove them up your arse! Lol!

I could have so easily played on many things that have happened and trusted things around to make them look far worse than they are? But I could have done.

At the exact same time it also made may turn out that things are far worse than I thought they were?
No you know yet another facet of this blog. I cannot by ignored and upon death due to someone's incompetence, carelessness or malpractice..hellooo!

I said I made a lot of predictions on this blog, some I have previously that have come to pass, others I have yet to make. Some I kind of do without actually ... explaining them.

For all my fancy tricks already exposed and the many to come... I am but a mere mortal myself.
I never claimed to be anything more. Lol. I merely tried to explain and still do that I am ... higher up the ladder than most. I don't mean that in a career sense either. But in a view point sense, yes. I happen to be in the very good position of knowing all the approaching routes before climbing the ladder.

Along the way this would make me look...untouchable. There was always going to be one or two that got through... or at least thought they had until they once against realised I could still not be touched.
So a new year is here and I am preparing for it to be the whirliest or dervishes in more ways than one.
Whether I am successful in this redirect remained to be seen.

But then the ape did not get left with enough to keep him occupied. It is also hard to see anything else being anywhere near add important at this?!

Umm I did say I wanted to change the world, right? Ooh did I forget to mention? Or maybe I just forgot to mention that one I changed one world in accuracy meaning one country... maybe the rest might seem.. suddenly easy to achieve?

But then maybe not?! Who knows?



Sit is becoming clear while at the same time staggering not just the number but the actual high level of idiocy of people that have... on the face of it, impressive careers.

Even that of advisers to  government.

I cannot think of anyone more if an idiot that an Arab looking man with an Arab sounding name who was soaking in the media today? He speaks about how... no moans about how people are focusing on these sections of communities that terrorists sitting from? Well of course they fecking do you bloody idiot!

He also talks about how we should all just keep doing nothing to show these terrorists that multi cultural societies work? Yes until that is that they have bred like fecking flies on free money and houses while everyone else has not because they can't afford it?! I don't know where you have been Mr Bespectacled Jerk-Off by you have been nowhere to be seen while the true members of the countries in question have been cast aside while the lives of both themselves, their families and friends have been destroyed and turned into a living hell so that we can create your version or idea of a multi cultural society that has been allowed to become extensively lop-sided?

Come to think of it Farooq, his exactly did you get your job as former  government adviser? I presume this was under Tony Blair? I wonder if your idea of appearing on TV today was a wise one now that angry Europeans are trying to figure out the names of those responsible for making their lives or this if their loved ones a living nightmare while your own people have been taking the benefits they do not deserve while respond our children and still using that which was given to them to commit ever more crimes including selling drugs and fake cigarettes in shops my idiot governments handed to them on a plate?!

Ooh wait?! Note where was I?! Lol!

My cold has gotten a great deal worse and not better. Fecking annoying and I keep returning home almost passing out and then within ten minutes start shaking violently.

Started to wonder if I am developing pneumonia? The blood pressure pills do not seen to have had any effect. Even the very first one, which they tell you will and to take at night even stating as much on the leaflet, his not have an effect I could detect in the two hours before I feel asleep.

He did say though it might take a few days. Today, shortly anyway, will be the fourth day of taking them so I how it's soon. I was getting nausea in the afternoons before the onset of this flu so probably why it seems so bad each day in the late afternoons and me wondering about pneumonia? Hmm wonder if you can detect pneumonia from your body temperature? Would save me wondering until it passes which it seems to not want to do which is strange due to it's intensity. I have always find myself and it's a rule that the more intense the flu is the shorter the duration. The less intense the longer. Now then odd thing is that when it's intense... very intense there is no getting out your house, getting out your bedroom is hard enough. This is probably what women nicknamed 'Man-Flu' which to be honest I burst out laughing at when the term was described to me.

This one I currently have is unlike any flu I have ever contacted in that you start of the day not feeling that bad but get home feeling dreadful and then it nose dives into worse, lol! Could be dangerous with some people if they were old and got caught out not being able to get home and in bad weather?

I am kind of hoping that when it disappears I will feel like I have been turbo charged and full of energy?! I have been thinking about getting an early start on 2015 because there are so many things I want to do! I should have gotten a good start last year but the entire year kind of ran away from me. So much I wanted to do never got done and it was mad. I could not even begin to describe what went wrong and why, well other than the weather seeming to be against me all the time. Proof positive if ever anyone needed it that even when an extremely fit cyclist you simply cannot expert everyone to get things done on a bike that they do in a car, not even close!

I am praying hard, metaphorically speaking, that this doors not occur again this year.

I don't know how much of a factor my health was in the last year but would be to some degree. The same is true of the public services trying ever so hard to not do their jobs to save money when they have actually been costing the British taxpayer far more money than they have claimed in parliament that they save.

There no doubt would be other factors I have not thought of, off the top of my head so to speak.
So yes hopefully the waning flu will be accompanied with a new vitality and energy? With a little luck?

This way I can spend far more time on my other blogs while coming up with new films to get my YouTube account over 2,000 videos and get my, ever so slowly to get started, podcasting ... err show off the ground?!

Fingers crossed!

Oh and I do not know about you but I wish the leaders could stop doing things on TV that are so cringe worthy?! Not speaking after a catastrophe just when everyone expects them to would be a start! Maybe then they coyly come up with things that do bit have my body tense up and want to vomit?

My ears and body are an alarm system...

Sunday, 11 January 2015


I have said many things many times and so has just about everyone I know.

One thing that is mentioned a great deal I am going to mention within this blog. To show the problem is a problem and will only get worse and not dissappear like the thoroughly thick and idiotic Politically Correct brigade have not just wanted but worked towards.

Let me tell you know I thoroughly loathe the politically correct brigade and seeking a showdown with them in the not too distant future. A show down is exactly what it says it is.

The funny thing is with this Politically Correct Brigade is that they have in fact become one if the things they claim to hate and destroyed something that they claim to champion.

Freedom of speech!

No, you read that correctly they destroyed freedom of speech by limiting it to those belonging to certain ethnic minorities. Minorities that claim to be the same as the rest of us but are not.

Now I cannot state this is the same in all countries and only know about what has occurred in the UK. Err...that which I use is straight from France and in an interview with the fully fledged Muslim woman.

Now I warn you now that the one thing you can guarantee that guilty people only interested in is the progression, huh that is a laugh, of their own culture and nobody else's.

This will also show you how utterly useless the press have become and before anyone wonders what I will say about why the press are so naive and stupid... I don't know. Or more accurately I don't know yet.

I must get it into the reader's mindset first that I see that fully covering up tour body as stupid, wrong and only appeases men with ego/jealousy/possessive issues. If God had not intended you to be seen, if there was a God which of course there is not, he would have covered you in hair. Pretty simple.
There IS NO GOD and I find it both insulting, morally twisted and a suggestion I am fucking dimwitted to have it insisted upon me that there is!! So my feelings of being insulted and enraged should be treated with greater respect, Mr PC and Mr Human Rights, because not believing in some super powered deity makes me far more intelligent than those that do purely because a mountain of evidence the size of Mount Everest proving me correct!

That should be remembered when I first state that...

This fully covered Muslim woman in Paris stated that she was totally against the Muslims killing those people. Now remember I said you always get a queue of people ready to rubbish it. I said it is so those around them don't know the truth?! So think then why would this lady say they were wrong and championed free speech but then run down the cartoonists for what they printed?!

Well that's a let us simply look at the possible underlying meanings? Here we go...
1 So it's OK to say what you want as long as it is not about your culture or religion?
2 Or perhaps your suggesting they got what they deserve?

3 Maybe you fail to realise that as soon as you restrict speech it is no longer free speech?
4 Perhaps you fail to understand that by allowing free speech against everything else in the world but your own your telling the world your better than everyone else on he world?
Now let me tell you that from my own experience this is the attitude they all have, well over 95% of them. That number is a guess as its more 99% in my case.

So which is it? I can probably scrape out more possibilities but none will be in. Heir favour because there are none.

Now here is my problem with the... QUEUE! Hmm yes 'The Queue' sounds good...I will call them this from now on. The problem I have with the queue of Muslims that love to appear in the media to condemn these acts is not just the simple fact this is the only time you ever hear from them, oh no. The fact is these facts I show, speak out about and report on have been around and widely known for a fecking long time.

Yet even in the aftermath of some dreadful murders this issue with their attitudes is not addressed?
I find this simply staggering.

This fully fledged Muslim lady insisted she was both French and a Muslim. can't be can you? Not when you have just said it's OK to speak about everything else in the world except Muslims.

Do you know what that is? The holier than thou attitude. The master race complex!

You are the new Nazis.

You think that it's perfectly acceptable to lie and cheat people if they are not Muslim because we are a lower life form.

I have shown this over and over in my posts and there are no 'ifs' and 'buts' about it. The whole world knows you see women like this so really for us to see you a as seeing the rest of the world like this too? No not much of a stretch, is it now?

You thought you had the whole restriction of speech all yourselves? No, sorry. You probably also thought you were really clever and the rest of the world is thick? Yeaaah...about that? Wrong too!
Your mistake was in thinking that because you were not spotted this makes you smarter? No. I am afraid you misinterpreted a whole bunch of things as a lack of intellect. At best it is a drain on the intellect, yes maybe.

Those in the west are not perfect. They might claim they are but their are not...

1 Obsessed with careers based on lying and cheating 

2 Obsessed with doing questionable jobs that eat their lives away 

3 Obsessed with wild parties, alcohol and depraved sex as reward for the job

4 More powerful and rich obsessed with under age sex along with cheating others on your level in foreign countries by getting spies mean to protect the people into corporate/industrial espionage.

5 Obsessed with sticking our noses into the affairs of others and then scolded when we don't. 

Well just DON'T and I would tell anyone who disagrees to FUCK OFF and mind your own business or better still go and be the fucking naive do-gooders like in that last Ran I film who will simply not accept it until they see those they love the most being riddled with bullet holes or worse?!
So I have been here all along a time period which I knew was coming a long time ago and knew would be the best time to get across a message. No a load of messages in fact.

Within minutes if having this Muslim woman tell a lie and contradict herself on TV was a Jewish lady explaining that the French Jewish community are now scared and she stated that many were talking about leaving?!

Funny that because I hear a lot of people say that about a lot of people of certain...cultures.
In fact I think it's safe to say that they would be entirely shocked to find out just how large the number is that want then to pack their bags.  I know this will become more and more of a factor of the news bulletins later in 2015 and into 2016 and I would like to day that I am sure that the fingers of certain attributable blame will be cocked and ready to be pointed but I say... don't. It's your own fault.

You were so happy to see more and nitre of the fecking idiot politically correct brigade rule more and more in your favor that you made a number of mistakes that prove your not as smart add you like to think you are.

You never once stopped and thought what it was like for true British people to deal with, having further and further restrictions on one of what could be claimed to be God's gift, that of language. While at the same time you were just waltzing right past us white with fear and rushed with riddled with health conditions that left you disabled while your fat wives surrounded with myriads of kids and no ailments got given social housing and were the only ones to be given them, the rest of us being told that there were no homes and that it was not their obligation to house us?!

Err YES IT WAS but even so.... what about those wearing the beer tents and loads of kids?! Don't fucking lie to me and goose then wankers because your too fucking blind with your rose tinted beer goggles on!

You also never once stopped to wonder that if their ever came a day when your plan to slowly take over everything backfired... would the politically correct brigade be able to come down on those didn't finding themselves dispondent with a whip or axe, as you now fully promote and champion the very things you claim you ran away from because your lives were threatened by?!

You want a reason to deport families?! Well there you are! If they start claiming they want the same lives as you would get in their country of origin? Then they need to be reacquainted with their country most obviously and by their own admittance.

Also those that helps anyone stay so was clearly here for evil reasons can go with them.

Their is, quite simply, far too many people willing to help others stay here and abuse the system we have, will they can go too! This way you will have a long list already to get the numbers down when your voted in power? Lol! Get the numbers going up quickly, leaves a good impression. Could get voted in a second time with impressive numbers?!

Don't think about what is said on TV or the papers. First of, yes I know people are fickle and have been for sometime now. They will read the same politicallly leaned paper every day for years and if asked don't even know why. Because their Dad or Mum did? Because they always (read thick) vote for the same party as for those that swing ( read almost as think) between the big two and the then those that want to ram their beliefs down your throats desire the fact you think it's wrong and even some find physically repulsive and physically makes you sick (read Liberals lol).

That last point leaves me onto the third and lady mistake and some night eventually call it as your biggest mistake oooh feck it, I forgot... well their is a third and obvious mistake and I am sure that many know what it is.

Orally restricting people was not the way to go. Orally restricting people and still claiming you have free speech is both wrong, a deception or lie (so wrong, morally wrong and fecking incompetent too...hmm you didn't talk down to people too did you? Because if you did you proved yourself quite removed from that you were promoting)!

That last little detail is something you really, really don't want to get wrong.

You had better be practising what you preach. Because if you don't and I come along... well, lol, let me tell you now that I will spend months and months in your face, blowing off steam, ranting and raving b like mad and swearing my fucking head off but the while time you will be watching my right hand extremely closely. While what you should be doing is watching my left hand too!

Everything I say I say in different ways on different days and no not the side of the bed I got out of. I sometimes let things fly that I think, our flash through my mind, at the time. Sometimes I remember thoughts I had previously and let fly over this or that issue. The simple fact is everything I think and I say I have a God damn right to. So I do. But these are different things that have occurred to me at many different times, sometimes quite a length of time apart!

They are all relevant.

Because any one of them I should have a right to express but that is not that which is most important here.

No, that would be that everyone I state something there will be readers of my posts that thought the exact same thing?! Maybe too scared to say as so many have been for so long?

Each time I explain something like this I do a number of things...

I reach those who have been scared

I reach those that thought these things themselves

I get messages to my enemies

I make it obvious that I have yet again made it extremely hard to shut me down!

However I am actually planning to have each of my enemies that I have attacked on here take me to court!

Yes many, many people would come out to explain how they got threatened by lawyers of those I have attacked before even reaching 100, yes one hundred, viewers.

Of those I know you got closed down were threatened with legal action by the NHS on two occasions and the DWP. I really do hate it when people do that I have to admit. If your going to start something then start it! Don't start something up claiming a public office acts like Lucifer towards victims then bottle out when they were always going to call their lawyers?! What did you think they were just going to sit their and let you do that?!

I want them to take me to court!

But they are too fucking scared to do that!

Imagine what I could be capable of doing with a while series of court cases?! Look at what I have already? I have already explained that even lawyers are issues and fail to see the wood door the trees! With each and every case you can imagine the documentation would build up? Rather rapidly too?! Lots for me to pick apart and reveal some gems plus I would be reopening lives of communication between the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) The Law Society and myself and I have already shown these and dozens like them to all be pretty useless.

When one process useful I will let you know... but don't hold your breath. You will die!


I got past that milestone easily enough until I reached a six see

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