Friday, 9 January 2015


I picked up my blood pressure pills today. 

I had planned to take one when I got them but the nice girls in the pharmacy said take the first one at night as it will make me quite light headed. 

I thought I had better do as she explained as I get nauseous in the afternoons anyway. One of my friends was a bit surprised at the outcome of the appointment a the pills. Another mate appeared a while later and in his seventies I knew he had issues with high cholesterol. So I took my pills out and asked "do you take these by any chance?" to which he was a bit confused by the question and then his eyes opened wide and he said 'Ramipril! YES!!' 

'Thought you might'. 

Feeling somewhat better today. Thank the stars. 

Oh yeah and remembered my GP asking me if I was stressed out over anything. I said no, not outside this blog and the issues with the DWP. I said "oh.. You may well be hearing from them." 

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