Thursday, 8 January 2015


I was listening to a middle of the night report about the evil goings on in France and hoping the two desciples of Scarab get shot on live TV for all their culture to see.

I was trying to imagine what it must be like for the families, relatives and friends of the victims coming to terms with their awful murders when something occured to me.

This happened as there was mention of it by the news media in passing and I was so annoyed I had missed the deliberate mistake?! But then there was so much to absorb with what happened but the atrocity has actually exposed a previous revelation exposed in the news media as being... well bullshit and just as I had predicted when it came out at the time.

Now I called this earlier exposed story and the excuses as bullshit because it actually involved me and things that I did. If you have ended up here because your a scummy radicalised Muslim I am afraid that simply running you down, showing and stating how you are disciples of Satan is only a fraction of the headache I am to you.

Because I have had direct contact with your disciples of Satan and I completely wrecked your attempts to attack the biggest global event to take place in the UK for a long time, London in 2012 to be precise.

I am afraid you were easily predictable and had so many onbvioys weaknesses it was child's play to stop you.

Only what I did and how I did it would be embarrassing to certain...groups and organisations in the UK. Embarrassing enough for them to try to claim that they did it on their own, bizarrely helped by the news media. Especially when a certain... activity they were getting up to became exposed and that... spy came in from the cold... Damn my memory! Edward... Edward... something, lol.

Utterly predictable!

Now if you recall a certain NSA and CIA along with help from none other than their now finger puppets of MI5 and GCHQ were exposed for recording all phone calls, emails, texts along with other digital correspondence because they can detect and prevent terrorist atrocities?!

I called it bullshit because it was I that handed them two terrorist cells on a plate and a fracture cell of a small number of idiots easily played and caught. What the security services received were one exact address, half a dozen names, two rough whereabouts of large terror cells in both Manchester and Birmingham. Photographs of two of them, bodily marks like Arabic writing burned into the forearms of one by way of a cigarette. Self-inflicted I might add. Also every last one of them who thought they had me totally summed up and where they wanted me actually chasing their tails as the got nobbled left and right and could not work out who it was.

Until one tried to cover up his intended murder if my daughter by telling me on the phone she was sleeping around when she was not so I told him exactly who had been screwing them. I explained why his Arabic wound bearing friend that everyone was scared of packed his bags one day and left. One of the many of them I know lied to be here but actually hated British people and their culture. I told him how I had explained to his friend that should a hair on my daughters head ever found to be so much as out of place that I would do whatever it took to get out to the middle east, find out where his family resided and wipe out every living blood relative so that there was absolutely no genetic trace if him left. I then had him arrested after they followed him in an unregistered car to and from Manchester and Birmingham for several months.

I then explained how his own fate would be far, far worse than his friends because I know his enraged sex crazed, immature personality had him wanting to rage out and beat my daughter when his friends so much as spoke to her and that he had no fucking balls to stand up to a man, only be at on a woman whose bank card and benefits he kept to himself as she was not allowed any of her own and that he thought I did not give a shit about my daughter because for the last 18 months he thought exactly what I wanted him to.

Yes well the secret services claim that the cells found and guys arrested... Manchester, Birmingham and Dinghy of explosives in Waltham Abbey near my location, where as a result of listening in on everyone around Europe?!

Well... no, actually! Nice people the secret services and they must so love the James Bond films making them look way smarter than they actually are?!

Remember all that? Well it is all on here and I did not start my first blog, on corruption, until August 2012? But I stated I had been at my... stuff for several years? But started publishing in August 2012?!
Ask yourself if that is purely coincidence.

Ask yourself if I could prove it along with what of that I might have published online?
Are you with me on this? Up to speed? Good!

Remember I always encourage anyone to do what I do to remain calm, collected, be patient and confident?

Well now, then...

If they found out so much in 2012 because they were listening in on everyone, which I knew was actually on those they claim to be friends of for money over business, then how come they totally missed what took place in France?!

So I will be awaiting a journalist actually coming up with a good idea of asking this of any of the NSA, CIA, MI5 and GCHQ?

Oh and remember what I have always said about journalists being either dumb or deliberately dumb?

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