Monday, 12 January 2015


Sit is becoming clear while at the same time staggering not just the number but the actual high level of idiocy of people that have... on the face of it, impressive careers.

Even that of advisers to  government.

I cannot think of anyone more if an idiot that an Arab looking man with an Arab sounding name who was soaking in the media today? He speaks about how... no moans about how people are focusing on these sections of communities that terrorists sitting from? Well of course they fecking do you bloody idiot!

He also talks about how we should all just keep doing nothing to show these terrorists that multi cultural societies work? Yes until that is that they have bred like fecking flies on free money and houses while everyone else has not because they can't afford it?! I don't know where you have been Mr Bespectacled Jerk-Off by you have been nowhere to be seen while the true members of the countries in question have been cast aside while the lives of both themselves, their families and friends have been destroyed and turned into a living hell so that we can create your version or idea of a multi cultural society that has been allowed to become extensively lop-sided?

Come to think of it Farooq, his exactly did you get your job as former  government adviser? I presume this was under Tony Blair? I wonder if your idea of appearing on TV today was a wise one now that angry Europeans are trying to figure out the names of those responsible for making their lives or this if their loved ones a living nightmare while your own people have been taking the benefits they do not deserve while respond our children and still using that which was given to them to commit ever more crimes including selling drugs and fake cigarettes in shops my idiot governments handed to them on a plate?!

Ooh wait?! Note where was I?! Lol!

My cold has gotten a great deal worse and not better. Fecking annoying and I keep returning home almost passing out and then within ten minutes start shaking violently.

Started to wonder if I am developing pneumonia? The blood pressure pills do not seen to have had any effect. Even the very first one, which they tell you will and to take at night even stating as much on the leaflet, his not have an effect I could detect in the two hours before I feel asleep.

He did say though it might take a few days. Today, shortly anyway, will be the fourth day of taking them so I how it's soon. I was getting nausea in the afternoons before the onset of this flu so probably why it seems so bad each day in the late afternoons and me wondering about pneumonia? Hmm wonder if you can detect pneumonia from your body temperature? Would save me wondering until it passes which it seems to not want to do which is strange due to it's intensity. I have always find myself and it's a rule that the more intense the flu is the shorter the duration. The less intense the longer. Now then odd thing is that when it's intense... very intense there is no getting out your house, getting out your bedroom is hard enough. This is probably what women nicknamed 'Man-Flu' which to be honest I burst out laughing at when the term was described to me.

This one I currently have is unlike any flu I have ever contacted in that you start of the day not feeling that bad but get home feeling dreadful and then it nose dives into worse, lol! Could be dangerous with some people if they were old and got caught out not being able to get home and in bad weather?

I am kind of hoping that when it disappears I will feel like I have been turbo charged and full of energy?! I have been thinking about getting an early start on 2015 because there are so many things I want to do! I should have gotten a good start last year but the entire year kind of ran away from me. So much I wanted to do never got done and it was mad. I could not even begin to describe what went wrong and why, well other than the weather seeming to be against me all the time. Proof positive if ever anyone needed it that even when an extremely fit cyclist you simply cannot expert everyone to get things done on a bike that they do in a car, not even close!

I am praying hard, metaphorically speaking, that this doors not occur again this year.

I don't know how much of a factor my health was in the last year but would be to some degree. The same is true of the public services trying ever so hard to not do their jobs to save money when they have actually been costing the British taxpayer far more money than they have claimed in parliament that they save.

There no doubt would be other factors I have not thought of, off the top of my head so to speak.
So yes hopefully the waning flu will be accompanied with a new vitality and energy? With a little luck?

This way I can spend far more time on my other blogs while coming up with new films to get my YouTube account over 2,000 videos and get my, ever so slowly to get started, podcasting ... err show off the ground?!

Fingers crossed!

Oh and I do not know about you but I wish the leaders could stop doing things on TV that are so cringe worthy?! Not speaking after a catastrophe just when everyone expects them to would be a start! Maybe then they coyly come up with things that do bit have my body tense up and want to vomit?

My ears and body are an alarm system...

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