Friday, 23 January 2015



I have not been on here and posted much.

I do have good reason.. err reasons... lots of reasons!! Lol!

I started something big had happened and was happening and... well it did! Since it did... (Tuesday) I have been very busy and one hell of a rush for the days and today being the third day I had to show it down... a lot.

Now I did buy some shoes at the start of the week I've had my eye on fit a fair old while. These have a trademarked name of 'Ortholite' in them and well... in case your not aware I have issues with both my feet which is a bloody hindrance especially when you have hip and knee pains too, throw in a thoracic pain and singer now and then and it's... well can be drastic at times. However... sometimes new shoes can have a very good effect. And sometimes a very bad one. These ones have had about the best effect I have known and being made by Hi-Tech and buying them in TK Maxx instead of getting shoes in my favorite store of Millets is something of a gamble.

So the rare occasion occurred, or instances occurred together where I was rarely busy for a few days. Not all days every day, far from it but a great deal busier than usual. Doing things. Exciting things.
Do not worry I have already prepared a reply letter I will post up and I have already typed out the post about it. It will need a couple of edits and I need to take a series of pictures as will add videos for YouTube.

I need to film several things as well as a few more over the coming days.

There will also be a while series of things being filmed and photographed over the next 6 to 8 months. In fact if I have the right sort of Spring and Summer weather this year will rocket for sure.
I can't do some of the things I am now able to because there is a... temperature restriction. Quite literally.

However the busy times took their toll and within 24 hours I found myself out of it and falling asleep earlier than usual. 48 hits in and I did not even get to finish seeing Family Guy and American Dad!! Then 72 hours in and I'm flaking out on a friends sofa and I'm in pain and I several areas too. Getting up and sitting down now hurts and had done for... well awhile at any rate and over 24 hours, likely 36.

So I tried to slow I did slow down.

Slowing down is something I wish I was good at but am not. In fact my extremely short explanation I give when asking about my Fibromyalgia is "My head goes a million miles an hour and my body wants to do a few feet an hour! They literally pull in opposite directions!"

I have also been meaning to drop in a note to my GP Surgery as I did not seen to get any Tramadol?! I did, however, get a phone call from Boots chemist which I thought was a local friend until I rand the number. I then thought I must have been told that I had Tramadol waiting for me I had forgotten to go back for? So in between two different tasks I popped in and it seems they were eager to surah to me because of my raised blood pressure and the Ramipril I was on.

In the conversation I mentioned a few things about the NHS and this blog. She became the second person within a chemist to show a keen interest. Many times I have raised eyebrows in the past.
Any hoot, I was soon back on my way.

Even my orchids and fish have been neglected among the furore that had lasted several days. Me being hyped up with my head spinning from it all had not helped, lol. Even others have noticed I have not behaved as I normally would with the things going on with me right now! "I thought you would be round here showing off..." was what I was told today while chortling with laughter. I laughed too and told him that desire it being just three days I am absolutely shattered and in pain.

Doing is all I have done and playing I have yet to do!

Hence if it is like this then it's easy to see that it's been difficult due me to do everything?

A Fibromyalgia sufferer may have issues... shopping? I have read this with some sufferers and I too have had this deteriorating memory for a few years now. Lucky it's deteriorating slowly and hopefully it will cease deteriorating at some point? Fingers crossed!

Being forgetful while shopping just happens and no matter what it is you so for! However... one of the things I did, yeah I can divulge this little nugget for now, was blow up my PC. My computer I mean and yes it blew up... well OK it popped. Due to adding... done thingssss and some stufffff! Lol! Well I guessed that it had to be the power supply unit though never had one fail before. So while picking up things I... picked up a Corsair 750W PSU which was on special offer in Maplins.

Oddly if you check my computing blog and my YouTube videos of my building my PC Yuh will likely here or read my stating that I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be replacing the power supply unit before very long.

Week it took me a few months longer than I thought to purchase an Sapphire Radeon R9 280 graphics card and I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition for about 20 minutes when the pop and then black. Fiddling around with the internal connections and I was sure the PSU had popped.

Despite the PSU being cheap it came from a famous British company that were seen by my add knowing what they are doing. So I am rather surprised that they sold these. Because at 650 watts I did not even come close to that even with the new graphics card! The leads were crap too and both not long enough as well add not enough connectors.

The manufacturer of the PSU is Ace and I bought it from Scan who also sold me a PC case with a dent in the back! This was the first thing I bought that was non-electrical to be...questionable in its sourcing. Well a friend did buy a Barbecue from Argos that had several screws and a shelf missing. Lol.

Anyway the PC is back online and I only have a couple mite things to do over the next three days. I also have to send off a letter in the post before I publish the letter.

I really don't like publishing things off I have not posted or better still not been received by its intended recipient.

I typed out the letter on Monday 19th January, so for days ago and I have not even printed it out just yet. Hopefully I will do it over the weekend?

When I have done this I will upload some pictures, videos and some  documentation that will enlighten and hopefully help others?

I just need to get some household items to help me with keeping the house clean and stop my from poisoning myself as I assume now that's what has been going on with me. What with the tests not showing anything up, other than my cholesterol and blood pressure being high yet again.

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