Friday, 9 January 2015


I am confused.

A Welsh NO posted his reaction to the Paris murders, I'm assuming its along the lines of my 'evil, murderous twats and disciples of Satan', well give or take a level of...colour?

Then someone called JeSuisCharlie1 or something similar threaten to pipe bomb his office?


No sooner have I heard this and that the evil twats are all dead,  GOOD , then there is talk of yet another hostage situation and another gunman elsewhere in France, in the south I think they stated?

Glad I was not stuck in front of a TV all day having every single event that unfolded then followed by a whizz around the globe too see what each leader was going to say about each one?!

Yes I did say that this year was going to be eventful as well as 2016 and I cannot believe all that has happened in France in the last three days or so!!

MP receives Twitter pipe bomb threat

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