Monday, 5 January 2015


Or rather I am feeling rough!

I walked home feeling like I had drunk five or six pints of beer but without the feeling of wanting to be sick, which is somewhat unusual for me.

The journey felt like I was going nowhere and seems to take forever. Now I have been indoors for an hour and I feel really rough. Been playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms which was an online game and we had two kids on our side decided to use the talk function to chat about rubbish and they were loud.

People in their own team started to have a go at them and they simply ignored them. Then I had a moan at them and they ignored me. So I got louder and louder until I was name calling them and then told the to speak effing English. That is when one, trying to remember their names now and can't, piped up and said "speak Polish!" I knew the bait would wortk so I said "listen here you dumb arse, why would anyone on here want to speak Polish, your speaking enough for the whole of Poland, your dumb and selfish and runing this game for everyone, so bugger off!"

Suddenly it went quiet, at long bloody last and for some strange reason the game seemed to run forver and I was feeling like crap. I have a sore throat and a headache and really, really light headed. Weird I have not thrown up or even wanted to.

Then in the same game suddenly what sounded like a young guy and a youg girl started talking over their microphones. This continued on like the kids and was also in a foreign language but I know not which! I asked them to be quiet but ther was no reaction from them and I was trying to get over the fact that after fifty hours of play time in this game this was the first time anyone had been rude and I laughed because it happened in the same game and all four were foreign! It got better still as they got louder and louder until they were arguing?!

It is fucking idiotic to do that. WHy go on a fecking game and then use the coms to chat shit?! Why not use some other background program while the game is running to talk?! Like Skype, that is what it is there for and Viber, Tango and a whole list of others.

The odd thing is I am waiting for the day when my team are all chatting tactics and hellpiong each other out and all I have had in 50 hours is two kids being idiots, rude and thoughtless and runing the game for everyone else and then a coouple that started arguing like their marriage was breaking up?!

My good God how bloody annoying it was when some kid who was clearly a selfish idiot then triesd to talk down to me like I am the idiot? Well, son you was ther one not only not using the correct software you were loud over a game and screwing up your own teams play.

I got killed a great deal and I dare say others did.

I say that because at least two others were speaking and telling them to 'shut the fuck up' and a couple were typing it in our chat room. We only have eight people on each team!
Thats how bloody dumb they were! Five of us were telling two to shut the hell up for around ten minutes. The two chatterboxes without a clue made another two and that only left one.

Umm it is a team game? Did you miss that bit?! Here is a clue, when your out in a war Poland, you dont sit in the corner with your guns talking loudly about what fucking film you just see at the cinema and what fucking food you ate?! All the time you would be, in a real situation, letting your enemies know WHERE you are so they can the pop off all your mates and then you two gasbags!

I have some really big issues with this game and I have paid them some money and it has not made a blind bit of difference to the play. My kill to being killed ration is exactly the same despite going up a tier with my sniper rifle, going up TWO TIERS with my sub-machine gun and several with a handgun I found in a game, picked up a box after killing someone. Was a bit shocked at that and wondered why in fifty hours and going from level ONE to level THIRTY THREE this has only happened ONCE?!

Also why am I still being shot through walls when it states my connection is healthy and added to this...why is it you cannot get anything, not even half of the gear when you level up?!

Actyually I just remmebered a major one ... why....I repeat WHY do I have to buy each gun in a tier before I can buy the one I want?! I do not mean one of a higher level I have yet to reach. No! I want a sniper rifle and I am on say tier 4 and I have a tier two, say for arguments sake. The game will not let me skip a gun and get the more powerful one?! I have to spend a fucking shed load of game coins on a gun I do not want I then can only sell at a bloody tiny fraction of what I paid?!

This in itself is a gross and most obvious example of how game companies are becoming thieves. Yup thieves, that is what I said. This is why I would like to find out what the bodies are for games and in all honesty if I kjnew what they were, and probably did, I have bloody forgotten like I had forgotten everything else, lol.

My word, my eyes hurt, light hitting them hurts, my face feels all hot and my headache a ... distracting one. I have this annoying little cough which causes my headache to increase ten fold immediately before dying down again, lol.

I need to get wrapped up warm as I now feel a little like I did this morning when I woke up which feels a bit weird as I am wide awake. Yes I need my robe ... oh crap my wawshing machine!! DAMMIT!!

I am also sure there is a lot of cheating going on, in which case they should be on this and not sitting on their arses asking you to give them cash every time you log on, its like a beggar on the street?! In fact its exactly the same and he or she would get moved on by the Police. The beggar might show you his skinny dog and maybe even his skinny belly? These twats at UBI Soft just show you their fat backsides after you pay them and then relaise not a fucking thing in the game has changed except cosmetically!

Now oddly enough I remembered something about Tom Clancy's games while I was playing. One of the sub machine guns I have is a P90. This is a Tier V (5) Sub Machine gun and yet I seem to do even worse than I did with the Tier II gun? Even the Tier II gun one below this I seem to do better with?!

Odd? Not that odd?

OK well how about this ... in their other Tom Clancy Game called Ghost Recon Future Soldier, note only two words difference in the title, the P90 Sub Machine Gun in that game handles very differently and was a favourite of mine! Shame you only got it towards the latter part of the game?! But in the Phantoms game I almost cringer whenever I go to use it!


Same gun, same game series and totally different. Yet I had to buy a Tier IV Gun before I could buy it and it was a waste if I am honest. I could have added armor to my Tactical BackPack?!

What I love abouyt all this is they are almost in your face about it, we can do this and we dont care becase there is nothing you can do and you wilkl queue up around the block for them! Does not matter, in the case of an iPhone, that some poor Chinese workers were forced to work with little sleep while building them and were falling asleep at their workstations?!

No as long as you can show off your phone to your family and friends and then go on to only use about 5 to 10% of its abilities.

Even a frined of mine the other day said a women he knew with an iPhone who had an accident in a car and they then tried to rip her off. He said, well your OK as you had an iPhone, you took a picture of the cars, right? "No!" was her reply aslmost confused that he would suggest such a thing? Lol.

I said "You have GOT to be joking and he said no. Oddly he never recorded any of the meetings and appointments I told him to in the last two years, lol. So he could hardly talk, lol.

Oh one of my other friends, that had The Enfield Independent Newspaper around her flat over her damp, called me today and she is all packed up and ready to move! That was absolutely record timing!

She went on to say she had a boyfriend and said some things that were sexist and thigs about him that was just plain odd. As ever she talks up this new one but ... he sounds very ... odd.

EDIT: I could not have anymore and the very idea of bombing around a road in a car was... off putting! So I decided I was going to get in bed as I was a  bit shivery anyway. A bit shivery?!

I got up of my sofa, stood motionless fur a few moments to let the muscle and joint pain die down when suddenly I started shaking violently! That was was weird and strangely involuntary.

I put the heater on in my bedroom and have my robe in an and am under my quilt. My eyes hurt something terrible.

Just heard a guy with glasses on talking about doing his job to help Ebola victims. What am idiot as from what I can see and hear everyone in the UK is pissed off with Doctors swanning off to Sierra Leone to tea treat a load of people who do not appreciate it and there is nothing you can do to fight Ebola any anyway. There is no cure and after stating that the experimental drug works no one else is surviving the disease.

Also they see seem to give a shit about people they can cannot help and have even stated they do not want them out there who the they have repeatedly shown to me, which I have recorded, logged and placed on here that they do not give a shit about people here!

Two-faced is what everyone thinks this is and the media sewing them up nicely to look good and they also think that people go out there going something would happen so they could return and sell their story to the papers or write and sign a book deal?

I have to admit to many actually having very good points regardless of how cynical it sounds.

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