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This is about one type of difficult morning I get over pain and I get some over sleep and others over memory issues.

At the very end of this post is that I allude to in the title of this post … The Everything, Everywhere That Ever Was ... list. At the time of writing that is and no doubt has things … missing! I already thought of a whole list of things after I completed it and then annoyingly forgot what it was I had only just recalled! FECK IT?!?! LMAO!

A right fecking pain in the arse (hmm so that's two then … no, wait?! Lol) the memory thing is constantly. God you have no idea what its like...well unless you have Fibrofog that is? Err or Alzeimer's Disease? Of indeed anything else that scrambles your memory when you least expect on a fairly regular basis?

Now remember I about 'Master Plans., 'Clues', 'manipulating events' and other such things?! Lol, well I just did! Now this added little fore-note is finished now we can get on with the post I typed out while waiting for the ability to move again. Just for the record it is currently 11.52am and time is mentioned once again beyond this point … err I THINK?! Lol...

Pain, Pain Go Away, Come Again Another … YEAR!

My issues are always full of surprises and despite stating that they should not be and yet will be once again in the future. Sometimes not that distant either.

This morning I awoke in a state I have been in before but have often forgotten. I have absolutely no idea if I have explained these mornings on my blogs previously.

They truly are the mornings from hell and then some. Oddly this morning happened on a night after I started looking up cheekbone pain on the Internet. Yeah well I did not even think bones could hurt but as they are cheekbones they are damn close to the sinuses I have asked so many Doctors about and gotten nowhere.

I have wondered in the past couple of days that maybe this has turned out to be something they picked up on in the blood tests? Ooh I should not have mentioned that?!

Oooh well it wont hurt at this juncture to state that I had a phone-call from my GP Surgery to come in. Would you like to be confused even more? I made an appointment for a date I was going to make an appointment for anyway and have even stated as much on here. “Next month as usual” he stated the last time I see him and because some blood tests take a couple of weeks. As it was Christmas too I thought it pointless to make an appointment any sooner that the usual month anyway.

Not confusing? Well how about being asked “What Doctor would you like to see?”

Umm. Well it was not MY GP that requested I go in then and therefore had not seen the test results?! This much was plainly obvious. Well I have never met any of the other GPs at the practice at all and I could not even tell you what any of them looked like! There is a rather attractive woman who happens to be smartly dressed I see from time to time but I had her down as the practise manager. This would invariably be the head GP who would use a PA of sorts to run things, or carry out their...instructions. Solicitors can work the same way and I know because I worked within a legal firm who also happened to be friends … for a time. Then we fell out because of the various public services making me look like a liar and then he died without knowing I was telling the truth. Extremely lucky for them that he did die as he would have been livid that our friendship was lost over their lying, especially when I had spent a few years theorizing to both him and his wife that they were. The knew the local MP, Joan...someone of Labour, who years later was named in the expenses scandal. I often wondered whether the solicitors sat there open mouthed when that broke stating that my theories were intricately precise like I had some inside knowledge?

Once the process is figured out and your up high enough in the … hierarchy to know how they pull it off it all become rather … elementary.

I digress.

So I have an appointment in a couple of days whereby I am going to be told something has come back...positive.

Now I also stated when I alluded to this previously that this could be … 'A BIGGY'?!

Well it could be something they missed, which also carries the danger that after being told I was not dying at Barnet Hospital that … well I could be. IF they missed something?

As to this morning I wok up in a sort of chilled fever and have had this before and this was combined with a really bad back-pain.

I literally struggled slowly out of bed and took me ten minutes to get to my lavatory! I was bent over too looking like a vision of an old timer in a comic book caper of some sort! It was way over an hour by the time I had managed to get my socks, long-johns and robe on to venture downstairs to put the kettle on! So it was after 8am I woke up and now I sit on my sofa typing this out IN my robe and it is currently at the time of typing 10.57am and I am wondering whether I should get up to put the kettle on or leave it a bit longer.

Around ten minutes ago, just prior to typing this out to let some time go by, I had taken all my pills but with 50mg extra Tramadol than usual. After all as I was informed by a pain specialist who knew nothing about any of my complaints Tramadol are the only things that will work with my back-pain?! Strangely he never let too many cats out of the bag by mentioning my knee pain at the time. That would have been catastrophic for him as I realised half way home that they KNEW what was wrong with me and had been quite literally keeping it from me, recording as ever on here. Mentioning my knee pain at the time would have had me realise immediately and I would have exploded! Oddly he was accompanied by two people?! Do you think maybe he insisted that if he was going to lie to me he had some … BACK UP?!

The funny thing is that one of the nicknames of my main condition of Fibromyalgia Syndrome being 'The Invisible Disease' would become immediately obvious to anyone that kept this in mind whenever they meet me. If you need further detail about what it is I refer to then I will first state I have all four limbs, not good with the average person who expects to possess X-Ray vision like some GPs have, and go on my YouTube account and out of the 1,300 videos or so I have you will find a couple with me using both a Bo Staff and Nunchaku. One with two of the latter in fact. I am 6 feet tall, look at the videos and ask yourself...'does he look disabled?' your answer will be NO. Hence the name of 'The Invisible Disease'. However if you was here now and I donned a grey wig, which I DO OWN (long story involving some radical Muslims) you would think me a 90 year old man! Well if you had seen me an hour or so ago!

I also remembered that I forgot to take pills yesterday as I first stayed in and then had a friend arrive here for the first time in awhile. Normally only staying an hour and in the mornings he was here last night around 4pm and two hours later I said “So what have you rowed about this time?!” He simply answered “Tom!”

He is one of three people I know that have had issues with public services not only lying but falsely accusing them and in all honesty out of the three lots of people I know they have the worst case scenario of the three. In more ways than one! They have had a special needs son who both he and his parents have been refused help with on every front for over ten years. They have also had a situation, also involving schools, whereby a teacher did the most depraved and treacherous act of all to another of their children. He is in jail, now!

There are not many people I could say have had truly bad things done to them approaching that of my own experiences but they are one that do. I am not entirely sure they are aware that I think this but I have done in a long time.

However, and as I explained to him when he was here, he was the only one of the three that not only would not allow me to post on here about what they had been through, even prior to the depraved act by a teacher that openly came to light recently, but also did not do any of the things I told them to do. So I explained how important it was that they do as I have said and also that the two other people, which was unknown to me when they did it, started to do as I suggested. One is appearing in a local newspaper soon, The Enfield Independent I believe, and offered the move she has been after for over 5 years now and the other just proved a headmaster and a deputy headmaster of their associated school, again in Enfield I believe, to be liars and falsely accusing in court and after denying uttering the statements claimed a series of recordings were then played in court done oin your average smartphone and it was stated to the deputy head “So...this is not your voice making those statements you have just denied?!”

After half a dozen recordings or so being played back to them and knowing the jig was up she simply stood up, stated she was going back to her job at the school and walked out of court! Remember the Headmaster had not even turned up and as I have stated to many friends since....there was curiously not even the slightest concern that any of them would lose their job?!

Now ask yourself one simple question...WHY?

Immediately you have to say that they do not think that they will and did not do anything wrong?

Simple enough.

But, WHY?

Because they were expected to lie. Because they were TOLD to lie.

By WHOM? Where are OFSTED in all this?!

Head of the schooling authority? Head of the Local Council? Higher up than this? Someone in the cabinet? In other words government? But they made all these promises that it is now obvious that they not only have gone back on but actually put into place the exact opposite to that which they promised?!


Who told them to do this?

Now start thinking that all this actually comes down to money at the end of the day, start thinking of public services as businesses, run as businesses, that someone somewhere is making money from and then find the common factor between all these services which now lie and the uncivil servants who think its the birthright to be paid vast sums of your money to lie?!

I did not look into this in great deal in all honesty. It was not important at all to me or this blog and all I was interested in is first single handedly narrowing it down for the tabloids, TV News and journalists to report on. Because they were being tested too!

Yes, I was testing the media too as I had suspected them for well over a decade.

During my...research someone did come to me with a name. Looking at their web-page and especially their 'About Us' page they do tend to show off that they seem to run everything in the UK. I have the good fortune to state that I had never heard of this company before but do seem to recall seeing vans with the name on. This way I cannot be accused of being some bitter, felt hard done by or an injustice performed against ex-employee.

The company is SERCO.

Unfortunately the person who told me about them later went on to accuse me of being a 'Shill' and yet another term I had never heard of. This likely came about because I refrained from doing or saying certain things. Plus agreeing to meet somewhere to meet up with a group.

But the one thing that I KNEW, that people thought mad to begin with who now realise would have been na├»ve to NOT think of the possibility of, me being watched by those I expose. Or a party that combined they hired to … meddle in what I do.

I had no choice but to work alone and even IF I had met a genuine group and … intermingled with them there was nothing to assure me that they did not have someone … within their group that was indeed not a member of another … dastardly group with ulterior motives based on a fee paid by one or more of the groups I had been attacking?

Easier to avoid unlikely scenarios than to be caught....well with your pants well and truly down?!

This is of course much less of an issue these days and during the first half of 2015 will become far less of an issue. In the latter half of 2015 it will cease to be an some point in time.

I would also like to emphasize that my posts are very … changeable. But then my target audiences are made up a very, very wide variety of people.

That brings me on neatly to a … LIST!!

Had something happen to you? Is it or are THEY in the list below? If they are they are on here!

I have a bad memeory from something called Fibrofog...if they are not listed below they are still likely on here?! I think I did almost all the ombudsman for instance.

So my list of my enemies that I not only attacked but have evidence on this blog,,,scattered about bu you can SEARCH!

But that I had to keep in mind that I had to speak to not just this group or that group but to all! After all you can't change anything without first explaining the wrongdoings of the wrongdoers!

Then you simply have to wait and see who actually gives a hit for the monies they receive? On that respect it is YOU than can work that out for yourselves?!

One or little money and a bloody list of pains and embarrassing symptoms longer than BOTH your arms, lol! …


Different Levels of Intellect
Different Levels of Compassion
Different Races
Different Cultures
Different Religions
Stubborn People
Politically Stubborn People (Hi DAVIIIIIDDD!! Hi EDDDDDD!! LOL)
Different areas of the World even and all their differences!
Disabled People
Homeless People
Rich People
Lazy and Jobless even, though this is a tiny fraction admittedly
Criminals of Different areas
Civil Servants
Local Councils Front Line Staff
DWP Front Line Staff
Atos Staff
NHS Front Line Staff
Argos Staff
PC World Staff
B&Q Staff
Shop Direct Staff at Littlewoods, Very & Isme
Merseyside Police
Advertising Standards Authority
Debt Collectors
Court Staff
Hospital Staff
Consumer Rights
Legal Community Advice
Citizen's Advice
Metropolitan Police
House Of Commons
Jeremy Kyle
Michael Meacher MP
Which? Magazine

What next for 2015 and 2016? Well I can tell you that there are, or will be by today as I forgot one, no less than one dozen letters in the post!!


Oh yes and the cheekbone pain?

AN example then of ehy GP's and the NHS are idiots and the pitfalls of Fibromyalgia …

I have Fibromylagia and I have over 120 symptoms. Yes folks that is indeed one hundred and twenty symptoms but I fight it every single day of my life.

Oh and there are a possible 200 plus in total that they know about! I know of one that they do not! Lol.

But HOW do I know that all symptoms I experience are in fact down to Fibromyalgia Syndrome? Well you don't and you will otherwise have to rely on tests which they falsify I am afraid.

So yeah cheekbone pain?

Well if you...recall...complaining to GP's about blocked sinuses, headaches, decongestants only given and I am meant to do a saltwater sinus rinse? Well that is how I found this list …

Common Ailments Causing Cheek Bone Pain

Cellulitis (possible - skin redness and skin swelling, tenderness, and warmth, fever and nausea)
    Facial Contusion (unlikely)
    Nose Injury (Hit on the nose … oh feck it see below)
    Periodontal Disease (I previously suspected)

Somewhat Common Conditions

Dental Abscess
(not likely as always at Dentists and Orthodontists)
Dental Injury (nope)
Facial Fracture (not likely)
Facial Injury (not likely … ooh yeah hit on the nose with double vision … see below, lol)
Gum Injury (Not likely)
Jaw Injury (Not likely)
Nasal Bone Fracture (hmm was hit on the nose and suffered double vision by an idiot)

Uncommon Conditions
Jaw Fracture (out of the question)
Osteomyelitis (outside possibility - bone pain, bone tenderness, fever, and chills, may include redness and swelling of the skin that lies over the infected bone)
Parotitis (outside possibility – facial pain, facial swelling (no?), swelling over the angle of the jaw, facial tenderness, jaw pain, inability to open the mouth, dental pain mouth or tongue swelling I do not think I have had)
Sialadenitis (facial pain or jaw pain, tenderness and swelling over the salivary glands)

Rare Conditions (Rare just means rare)

Blowout Fracture Orbit (Eye Socket Fracture - Not likely)
Erysipelas (Tends to fit well especially if poorly functioning immune system (likely FMS), skin redness (Yep), skin tenderness(yep), skin swelling (Rarely), and skin blisters (Yep), headache (Rarely but Yep), fever (Yup This morning), joint pains (Yup), muscle aches (err FMS?! Lol!), fatigue, (Yup) and nausea (Yup))
Jaw Dislocation (NO)
Periorbital Cellulitis (Poosible – eye pain, eye redness, facial pain, blurry vision, fever, double vision, headache, and vomiting(err YEAH, all the above, lol))
Sjogren's Syndrome (Outside Possibility, eye dryness, eye pain, eye redness,dry mouth, mouth ulcers, dry nose, dry throat, dry skin, vaginal dryness, joint pains, joint swelling, parotid gland swelling (err all except … ONE!! LMAO!))

Now I must give a little advice here....yes its likely that many have searched online to diagnose themselves, read the damn blog lol, but it is not without its … pitfalls!

Pitfalls you purely and simply do not want to do, because if your just … looking for something to have and this counts whether you have something or have something else that causes you to … manufacture conditions that do not exist you will get found out. In the case of the NHS and its GP's and Doctor being evil and not wanting to diagnose or deal with you … well do NOT I repeat DO NOT give them the ammunition!
Because then you most certainly will go many years without finding out answers they full do have and if they do not … well someone somewhere that had half a brain and stuck to the hippocratic oath would in House MD fashion and as surely as I would become not only fascinated with something new but would want to be the Doctor that wrote the article on it that is then published in a medical journal! It might even be names after me?!

So of they do not want to deal without and without diagnosing you ask yourself why they do not want to do as I described here? The only genuine reasons would be they already know, they are incompetent as Doctors or even are FAKES?!
Also because you find a number of symptoms you have this does not then conclude, read prove, that you have this condition.
I have some pretty awful and often embarrassing skin conditions and I have mentioned plenty of times on here and to others that pure Tea Tree Oil is good at dealing with it. The worse your infection, or deeper into the epidermis or skin, the more that Pure Tea Tree Oil will … sting, I am afraid. You will get some flakiness after but apply around 2 or 3 times a week and and at the end of the first or second week you will notice a huge difference. Way, way more than any crappy steroid cream your GP gives you. Never once has a GP suggested Tea Tree Oil in twenty years.

Of course I have the blocked sinuses problem at night.
I have the issue with my ears too and more so the right side which will lose hearing to the tune of around 40% if I place a silicone tip earphone in that ear! This has been effing annoying for years and I have spent a great deal of money trying to cure it. I had thought it was wax but now I know there is something up with my sinuses and for bloody years did not occur to me that the sinuses are connected to the ears by the Eustachian Tube!
Yeah well I don't know everything and am not correct 100% of the time and there is lies your proof. I just am most of the time, lol.

So based on my own symptoms centred around my head I could have the following …

Nasal Bone Fracture (Due to an idiot)
Periorbital Cellulitis
Sjogren's Syndrome

Everything is a process of elimination that you either not always cannot reach the end of or simply do not have the time because that is given towards someone else, like family or a career?

Do not ever read a few lines and think you have found what your looking for, not just in the area of health either. As someone with a high amount if knowledge in a list os sciences that include three in zoology to in astronomy and one in each computer science, orchidaceae along with a list of others you can take it from me...

I do not bullshit and no not like dishonesty. Yes I am well aware that many would have read my blogs and simply had a hard time believing? Nothing I can do about that and just have to wait until they have been back here enough and heard enough of my secretly recorded audio to know that I speak the truth.

However...a great many on the Internet do not and it is filled to the brim with people that so much want to be right about things. Or seen as an expert without any qualification. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this if you do indeed know your stuff and do absolutely not fill in the blanks you do not know with bullshit. There is a humongous amount of animal experts that do this. By no means restricted to these areas of science. Indeed it is not even restricted to science, even. There are even books I could quote that contain made up facts not even close to the truth and even photographs of things which were not what they were claimed to be and other not where they were claimed to be. Well, taken at any rate. In books, I might add?!

Me?! How do I even begin to explain that one?! I am a stickler for the truth and the facts and have spent twenty years coming across … lets say staff that quote protocols like mantra that are based on lies, tricky and to leave you to rot in a living hell.

Me in that situation? Not good! Destined to end and a long way down the road and end badly. An understatement if ever there was one uttered.

My ailments for instance? I have always know they are there and I have collected new ones along the way and I purely and simply wanted to know what they was so that I knew the best way to deal with them. Twenty years across hundreds of appointments across way over three dozen health professionals, six hospitals plus, five GP Surgeries and I end up diagnosing myself. In that time I have missed out with help finding a career and many other things about my personal life have suffered.

But this is all nothing compared to not being believed by your friends and even your family! Not even close! I cannot...pure and simply cannot even begin to explain what that was like. I am sure that to many I would not have to?!

It is these people that I reached out to first of all and most of all throughout my musings. I dare say I missed a great many that went on to commit suicide? A shame! But I am here now. I have done much and will do much more. I know what it is like and I have exposed a great deal. When it comes to being ignored, left for dead, cast into limbo I can tell you that this will not continue on much longer. With luck this has likely changed with many GP surgeries already.

Ignore the signs stating you cannot record audio or video in the hospital grounds...because you can and its a public building at the end of the day! Besides … Robbie Williams can do it as can anyone else rich famous or powerful so, so can we! Or has the ghost of one Jimmy Savile not quite been cast out as yet?

Of the things I discovered and one I did not suspect was the BBC paedophile ring and cover up! Little did I know as I read facts in disbelief that it went high up and even included the Royal Family?! Now that something has been uttered in the media it is not even the Prince that everyone suspects/knows is guilty of depravities and little did I know that it would lead back to the deaths of both Princess Diana and Jill Dando!!

I used...well I would state I well overused a statement to all friends and family and that was that the corruption is everywhere and in everything. This was a throw away line that was not nor never meant to be literal. However it turned out to be exactly that!

Now when I see the public flocking somewhere to see the Royals I wonder to their … state of mind or indeed intelligence. I do not know if its just naivety but I see it a great deal and everywhere. It is rife and frightening and the fact that there is the public that refuse to accept it or even simply do not care is simply incredible.

As I have told many I know now I believe this is about to change and 2015 will be a truly historic year for a great many reasons. Many of which the wider public thought would never be sorted, fixed or allowed to be named in the media. I believe that beyond 2016 many history books will quote both 2015 and 2016 a great deal and will speak of our blindness or simply naivety to what was really going on right under our noses and how vast sums of money we were forced to part with was used to do these things. Something long been strictly illegal and with a punishment that has a prison sentence the money taken was not only completely wasted but used to allow lavish and overly luxurious lifestyles and indeed worst of all prey on innocent children not in the dozens but in the hundreds. Many, many hundreds.

But, hell yeah … go out in the freezing cold and stand there on a street corner for hours with the chance of seeing someone you idolize and start to cheer...maybe they may even touch your hand or speak to you? Get a selfie?! How cool would that be. Ignore the fact they have done all these horrid and depraved things. As long as you can tell your friends you met someone famous and put a picture on Facebook or Twitter?! After all that is all that matters right? Along with what is going on in the soap operas that many seem addicted to like a drug and have a breakdown should they ever miss an episode?

The most prominent question on my mind is that I know there will be trouble, a breakdown of sorts and it is becoming ever more obvious all the time, though the news media are curiously and as fashionably late as ever. No I ask myself this following question because now enough people know. At least those that need to know are now quickly learning …

How much more content this blog will receive will depend a great deal on the question above.

Indeed my...meeting... no appointment on Thursday my be the former rather than the latter? I may have been asked in because someone at the NHS picked up the phone to my surgery? I may be asked about the recordings, which I already told them about, and asked not to do it at their surgery? But I have already made this very clear on this blog over and over again.

People simply do not read enough and nor do they ask the right questions. They should do for far more than the simple fact that I have a real problem with short term memory. But they do not, deeming it unimportant until it is too late.
Right I am able to move so must change the subject and finish this post and … well post it up!

Just like the colour of this font is currently blue and for some reason Open Office wont change it to black and when I do click on the black option in font colour I get the fill area bucket icon and it does nothing. Closing Open Office and restarting it makes no difference.

Now I could dive into that but time is in my case much of the time of the essence. I have no help nor support in anyway so everything is always a go. Even as a type this I remember now by washing machine packed up yesterday by pumping the water going into it straight out of the bottom onto my kitchen floor.

Now luckily I noted a difference in the sound of the water filling up. I nearly thought I was imagining it but stayed for a few moments. I did not see the water reaching a pair of jeans so pulled out the kick-board beneath. There I see a pool of water lying over an area that did not have tiling which was keeping the water at bay.

I text my landlord yesterday and indeed when my friend Jeff turned up, a guy I used to go shooting with and did hold a shotgun licence, I thought it was my landlord when I heard the knock at the door.

I am pretty sure I have not heard from my landlord so I might need to buy a pair of jeans and a third pair of long-johns today?!


Now exactly where did I put that Maid Service business card of an A5 size?!

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